Out of all the fun things going on today at the big Android booth Google set up at MWC, one cute little guy stood out from the pack. Want a custom-made Galaxy Nexus battery door while you ogle suspicious-looking jelly beans and scarf down free ice cream sandwiches and delicious smoothies? No problem - just walk up to a conveniently located tablet, order up a design, and watch it make one for you live with utmost precision of a true Android. You know you want this bad boy cooking you breakfast every morning:

Sure, they're sparkly and possibly girly, but how cool is this? I'll take one... for my wife. Yeah, that's who it's for...


Artem Russakovskii
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  • http://www.arzbhatia.com Arz Bhatia

    I wish I could be there :(

  • Mike

    Ah yeah! An android robot BeDazzler! I'd put a unicorn on my Gnex (right over the FREAK'N Verizon symbol)!

  • Lazarus Dark

    Bejeweled... er, yay?
    (I'm looking forward to getting that laser etched CM logo battery cover)

  • Seth Muscarella

    I heard a GNex snapping pics in the background!

  • NCX

    I'd go for the NEXUS logo pictured above, except since this is MWC its only for the GSM version

  • YMR

    True, but if you break off two of the tabs, it will fit the 4G version just fine.