GALAXY S WiFi 4.2 Product Image (2)

Android typically makes its bread and butter on phones, with a side order of tablets. Palm-sized media players aren't usually on the menu, save for Samsung's own offerings. Today, the company announced a refresh for its handheld phone-less device. The notPod may not be the most in-demand category of devices, but if Samsung's taught us anything this week, it's that the company isn't one to turn down a niche market.

GALAXY S WiFi 4.2 Product Image (2)

Here's a look at the full specs for the device:

2012-02-27 02h51_40

No word yet on whether this device will see an Ice Cream Sandwich update. It's also worth noting that, while Samsung talks up gaming on this handheld, the spec sheet lists the CPU as a "1GHz Processor." No mention of multiple cores. This could be very bad news for mobile gamers. Single-core 1GHz processors are about as old as the Nexus One. Maybe Samsung's using a more modern processor, but we wouldn't count on this mobile player tackling some of the more graphics-intensive games.

Still, it's always nice to know that there's an option out there for users who want to get their hands on Android without signing their soul over to a carrier.



Source: Samsung Mobile Press

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  • Jayden

    Hopefully it's a lot cheaper than an iPod, considering it looks to be pretty much the same thing. This will give Android a great impression in markets other than the current phone and tablet scene :)

  • http://idogenealogy.com/blog/ Banai Lynn Feldstein

    How exactly is this news? They already released the Galaxy S Wifi 5.0 and 4.0? So it's a slightly different size? I don't see what the big announcement here is.

  • Enchante

    I mean if this costs like $100-$150 that's fine but anything more it should be ice cream sandwich with dual cores with 1gb of ram

  • [TSON]

    No FFC...? This is gonna flop.

    • adam

      It has a VGA front cam. Did you even look at the pictures? Or spec sheet?

  • madaboutandroid

    I have the galaxy s wifi 5.0 and have to say i am very impressed with it. Plays the likes of dead space very well better than my desire hd or my nexus s mainly due to the large screen, but it performs perfectly for other things such as sat nav and of course music and video.

  • http://www.htc.com HTCSucksAss

    Another worthless 2.3 device. Obsolete a year before it's even announced.

  • Freddy

    I used to have the GP5, bought at release, BB had a really sweet deal online.
    performance was ok...
    CPU needs improvement, many games were slow. I ended selling it on craigslist.
    I really hope they upgrade the CPU.

  • BreadedVirus

    I have the iTouch 4 and this Galaxy Player will be a great replacement for surfing the web etc when at home. Bigger screen than the Touch too. No monthly contract, is what the doctor ordered.