Bringing a taste of truth to age-old rumblings of an LG Nexus device, the head of LG's Smartphone division, Ramchan Woo, has stated (in an interview with Cnet) that the manufacturer is "heavily in discussions" over a possible Nexus device, adding "we're working on it." While this quote is compelling, Cnet rightly highlights a few sticking points in the deal.

On one hand, while there is no evidence that Google will give Motorola preferential treatment following its acquisition, concerns have manifested, and partnering with any manufacturer (why not LG?) would quash any rumblings.


On the other hand, LG is decidedly pro-customization when it comes to Android's interface. Woo went so far as to say "we know the customer data better than Google." Indeed, LG does extensive consumer research, but as history has shown, Nexus devices exclusively feature a pure Android experience. Woo added that some users may be uncomfortable with a pure Android interface.

With all of that said, LG producing a Nexus device wouldn't be the first time a manufacturer had forsaken its custom interface in favor of faster updates and an engineering relationship with Google. Whatever the case may be, we'll be here when and if further details develop.

Via Cnet

Liam Spradlin
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  • Paulo

    Google should make a Nexus with each manufacturer per year. So the brand will learn directly from google tips for their entire line of products.

    • Eggo

      That's way too many manufacturers for Google to work with, and way too much hardware to have the same experience across the board.

      • E.Graul

        How about they take the best from every manufacturer and put it all together with Google as the manufacturer and named Nexus and what ever the name of the OS. The Google Nexus Jellybean... :)

    • Freak4Dell

      No way. The Nexus is all about having one phone that has software and hardware paired perfectly, delivering the pure Android experience. More manufacturers would kill the exclusivity of it and make things harder on Google.

      Now, if manufacturers would just take it up on their own to produce better phones, I wouldn't complain one bit. They shouldn't need Google's hand on their shoulder to do so, though.

  • Rob

    I'm pretty sure that would ruin the Nexus line. I'd rather see Samsung make yet another Nexus than LG D=

    • New_Guy

      I'm 100% with you on that one.

      • http://www.thepixelpuse.com aj

        As am I. I'm a much bigger fan of the strides Samsung is taking in the mobile space. The Galaxy S II set a benchmark for all other smartphones this year, and if the rumors of the Galaxy S III are even remotely close to reality, the benchmark will be set for 2012/2013. LG has yet to make a handset that's received as much universal praise as Samsung has. Also, I've been spoiled by Super AMOLED. I don't think I'll ever buy a phone that wasn't equipped with some sort of AMOLED tech.

        • Rits

          Although I agree with most of what you said, I have to disagree with the AMOLED part. Have you seen the SLCD2? Its phenomenal! Moreover, LG's NOVA has been pretty darn good too. The iPhone never had an AMOLED but that display always gets rave reviews. I actually like the natural tones of NOVA and SLCD much better than AMOLED (even the sAMOLED Plus) and the SLCD2 is just too good!

  • Omar

    or better one Nexus for every big company xD

  • Sebastian

    Samsung for the win. And forsake about Motorola and their locked bootloader.

  • New_Guy

    I sure hope this is only rumor and nothing more, because this would be a Nexus I think I'd have to pass on.

    • https://twitter.com/#!/psycho_maniac_ Jerry Lange

      I agree. I don't like LG when it comes to phones. Saw a review on there first "big" android smartphone and it sucked big time. I hope we can get samsung to make another

  • Alex

    LGay. No one likes skins they're stupid. Would never like to see a Nexus with them. Samsung builds solid sexy devices. Galaxy nexus is by far the sexiest phone with its black slate and solid construction....and stock freking android...

  • Dr. Shenanigans

    God, as much as I want the Nexus spread around between manufacturers I'd even rather see Samsung get it a THIRD time before I'd want an LG Nexus.

  • alex

    They are the last on my list

  • sgtguthrie

    I don't know about Samsung. I think they may have handicapped the G-nex so as not to steal the thunder of their Touchwiz products they stand to make more money from. Just a thought. Whether they did or not, they've had the last two Nexus devices, it's certainly someone else's turn. I was thinking moto maybe, but now with the google acquisition that won't likely happen. It would look bad and send the wrong message to other oem's. So my guess is lg or htc. How awesome would htc's new camera technology be with a NEXUS!

    • donnieace

      I agree with Samsung limiting the Nexus line with their last 2 devices. They made something better around the corner after releasing a phone with normal specs.

      Felt cheated by them.

  • J-Dog

    "Woo added that some users may be uncomfortable with a pure Android interface."

    That's the beauty of Android... There's many options, you're not locked into one single phone (unlike a certain other fruity company's phones). So if you don't like a pure Android interface, there are dozens of other phones to chose from... Give those of us who want pure Android (& the accelerated updates that come with it) the chance...

  • mad as hell

    I think a LG device would be a change of pace! Samsung has lost face in my book, especially after screwing the vibrant owners out of getting gingerbread! And if the new LG rummoured device is anything close to the specs leaked...4core 16g ram tegra3 monster by all means let LG make it! Samsung and motorola make too many excuses regarding their hardware!

    • Aleebaan

      The reason is because careers have to test it first and then put on bloatware and then test it again...

  • Glenn Tan

    No, no! Not LG! Kill me please.

  • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody Toombs

    I'll just say it...Screw LG, they make bad phones and they are somehow more arrogant than Apple. The comment about "some users may be uncomfortable with a pure Android interface" is at least short sighted unless it was taken out of context (doubtful).

    I agree with sgtguthrie, I felt like the Galaxy Nexus was at least slightly crippled because Samsung wanted to feature the Galaxy S2.

    My vote, give it to HTC again. First, they need the love this year ;) Second, there's no denying they did not hold back on the Nexus One (considering what was available to them at the time). HTC did good work with their Nexus and they're well suited to deliver another with a great camera, solid internals, solid build quality...As long as the screen is good, I would even consider paying off-contract pricing for it.

    • http://www.toysdiva.com PixelSlave

      I don't want a LG Nexus. I want one Nexus from each top-tier manufacturer every year, available to all carriers. I think this will be the killer strategy for the platform in general.

  • Adam

    Oh god. No. Not LG. No. D:<

  • Jonathan

    Id rather give Sony a try

    • Jim

      Ouch! Now there's a statement!

  • rockingmyevo3d

    Straight like that LG is USELESS plain and simple. Just look at all their USELESS PHONES they are a disgrace to android. I have a GALAXY NEXUS my first stock android device and i love it emensely. NO WAY will i allow myself to purchase the NEXT NEXUS with LG being it's manufacturer NO WAY. For me i will simply enjoy my current GALAXY NEXUS to the fullest knowing the best community exist supporting this device in so many ways my gnex will be fine. Meanwhile if LG is the next maker of the NEXUS LINE I will purchase the GALAXY S3 or the GALAXY NOTE for Verizon later this year. Privately i don't believe GOOGLE WILL GIVE LG THIS OPORTUNITY. Today SAMSUNG is the best makers of android devices plain and simple. I would purchase a MOTOROLA MADE NEXUS before an LG NEXUS....

  • Tim

    LG is the epitome of mediocre. Motorola styling and hardware with the freedom of a Nexus device or HTC if they can learn to make a larger battery.

  • Freak4Dell

    I don't hate LG, but I'd prefer to see HTC or Motorola win this year. I've never owned a Nexus, and probably never will, but I think if I were to have bought any of the Nexus devices so far, it would have been the Nexus One. I have no doubt that HTC would create another awesome Nexus if they were given the chances. Motorola would, too, I believe. They wouldn't be able to keep a tight lock on a Nexus bootloader like they do on their other devices, so that's not an issue.

    On the bright side, at least LG doesn't have some stupid naming policy that they'll try and force Google to comply with, like Samsung.

  • Chris O

    MY first Android phone is the Galaxy Nexus and it's great; I've played with a couple of 'skinned' phones (HTC Rhyme, several others, oh and plenty of iPhones) the pure Android experience is by far the best. I came from BlackBerry and miss a couple of the features but once I get used to how to make good use of the features it is just amazing what this phone can do.

    What Google REALLY should do (IMHO) is require the 'skins' to be 'installed' and most importantly UNINSTALLED. Sure, allow the manufacturer to 'lock' their skin to their own devices, allow developers to make their own skins that they can give away or sell and let people buy any Android phone and get back to STOCK Android if they want to. I REALLY like my phone - but I'm a little concerned what happens in 2-ish+ years when I want to replace it - how much work is it going to be to get into another stock Android device (On my current carrier, or if I'm switching on the carrier I'm switching to?)

    I don't want to be fed someone else's opinion of what a better-than-android interface is, I want to be able to choose myself.

  • DroidBurgundy

    I dont get why the LG hate, they usually drop phones with beef hardware that end up with little to no support after the fact so a Nexus program would ensure that at least one LG phone would be supported long term (read 18 months). As far as MOTO is concerned, I don't care if Google is about to own them or not, until they stop raping customers with locked bootloaders and blur I don't see how they will ever be capable of a Nexus device.

  • ClubX

    Not a big fan of LG at all. Id like to see Sony ( they need it) or HTC get it.

    • Jim

      I think Sony would probably pooch it almost as badly as LG would.

  • Marco

    I think this might be ok - the worst part of the G2x was the software. Custom roms certainly made it much better.

    That said, I want an HTC nexus next. The camera on the one x that was announced today sounds nice. Especially when you compare it to the Galaxy Nexus' mediocre camera.

  • Jim

    "Woo added that some users may be uncomfortable with a pure Android interface."

    Woo should realize that some users may be uncomfortable waiting for updates while they bolt their custom UI onto new Android releases.

    Oh, and I'm sure Motorola felt that some users may have felt uncomfortable without their Moto-turd layer.

  • L boogie

    LG making the next Nexus phone is interesting on paper but they're not ready for that kind of PrimeTime and an example of that would be some of their MWC lineup, abysmal software updates or their recent releases for proof. If given the chance, Htc could redefine the Nexus line again especially with the latest android arsenal at their disposal. Hell, give Huawei a shot at the next nexus or the likes of Motorola, Sony, Acer, Asus or Samsung before LG especially since the thought of a pure android experience might be uncomfortable for the end user.

  • Jesse Jenks

    LG is probably the last manufacturer I would want creating a nexus device. I think HTC should create another device. The Nexus One was a top of the line device when it debuted and I think that they should have another top of the line device for the nexus line instead of somewhat top of the line.

  • Aux

    I think HTC would probably be willing to go the furthest with it if given the opportunity. Samsung cares too much about selling themselves and their touchwiz, LG cant make and support a quality phone to save their ass, and Motorola likes having too much control over the bootloader. Sony wouldnt know what the hell theyre doing, and Huawei may stand a chance, but would be an unrecognized brand to most Americans and likely wouldnt be able to market well to them.

  • acidic-e-

    I seriously hope that LG does not get the next Nesux device. If they do I'd totally lose faith in Google and the Nexus Brand.

  • Carlos Paixao

    This may mean Curve IPS Display!? Yeeess!!!!

  • Jay W.

    An LG Nexus is a Nexis that I will not buy.

  • jeremy

    I would like to see where this goes because, I had an lg spectrum it was impossibly light and thin and had great hardware but it could not be rooted. If it wasn't for that I would have kept it, I traded for a nexus with an extended battery. I love my nexus but I feel it could have been lighter and thinner. And the gpu could have been beefier.

  • toshistation

    Unfortunately, LG always seems late to the game in terms of hardware, and a Nexus needs to be the creme de la creme in terms of hardware. I think it's a bad fit.

    Besides the fact that their phones always look like sh*t.

  • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Aaron

    I saw lots of mentions of "every manufacturer make a Nexus device every year!". That's ignorance at its finest - so many people don't *understand* the point of the Nexus phones! They're *NOT* flagship phones! They're reference devices intended to set the standard for high-end phones for the rest of the year! They usually debut new hardware, and as such they're usually the highest-end phone available at launch time, but that's the only thing that makes them "flagship". Don't dilute the Nexus name. Manufacturers should make phones based on the Nexus *reference* and make it their own thing.

    That said, give me an Asus Nexus. Software is handled by Google in a Nexus phone, whereas the hardware is (obviously) handled by the manufacturer. And historically speaking, Asus knows their hardware (Transformer Prime antenna "oopsies" notwithstanding; everyone makes a mistake once in a while).