Shortly after the announcement from HTC CEO Peter Chou at Mobile World Congress that AT&T would be a launch partner for the new One X, the US's number two carrier let fly a press release confirming the statement. What's there to take from it? Not much.

HTC_One_X_Front_Left HTC_One_X_Back_Right

The primary differentiating features of AT&T's version will be a dual-core Snapdragon S4 (as opposed to quad-core Tegra 3) processor, as well as LTE connectivity. If you're wondering why AT&T is getting stuck with half the cores of the international GSM version of the device, you can look to LTE as the culprit. Basically, NVIDIA's Tegra 3 processor doesn't have any currently available radio configurations that will support LTE (though it will in the future), while Qualcomm and Texas Instruments have been the go-to choices for devices utilizing the new network technology. This is why AT&T's Galaxy Note is packing a Qualcomm chip instead of Samsung's in-house Exynos.

Pricing and availability have yet to be announced. However, based on the launch-partner status AT&T has received, we're expecting it in the next couples of months, and with a price tag at or around $300 with a 2 year agreement.

Exclusively from AT&T, 4G LTE Entertainment Superphone features Beats Audio, Runs on Android 4.0

DALLAS and Bellevue, Wash., Feb. 26, 2012 –

Key Facts

  • Available exclusively from AT&T* in the coming months, the HTC One™ X will be the first new smartphone from AT&T to feature the latest version of the Android operating system (4.0) paired with the

    power of AT&T’s 4G LTE network.

  • HTC One X will be one of the first phones in the U.S. to feature HTC Sense™ 4, the new version of HTC’s branded user experience that introduces ImageSense, a suite of camera and imaging features with improvements to every part of the camera.

  • HTC One X will also be AT&T’s first smartphone with Beats By Dr. Dre™ Audio built-in to the hardware and software.  Beats Audio on the HTC One X is enabled across the entire multimedia audio experience including apps, offering richer, more authentic sound on music, games, videos and movies.

  • AT&T stores will soon carry Beats By Dr. Dre accessories for the first time.

  • For more information, visit http://www.att.com/aboutus.

      AT&T customers will immediately recognize HTC One X as the latest in smartphone superiority.  The combination of 4G LTE, the nation’s largest 4G network and an unsurpassed user experience in audio and imaging, HTC’s leading design and plenty of power under the hood, will make this superphone a hit with customers of all types.  Customers interested in learning more can visithttp://www.att.com/htconex.

      HD Entertainment

      Customers who enjoy watching TV shows or movies on their smartphone will be amazed by the 4.7-inch 720p HD screen on the HTC One X which provides sharp screen images that appear detailed and visible from every angle – even angled up to 80 degrees – or connect the device to any TV using HTC’s wireless HDMI Media Link HD adapter** to enjoy content on a larger screen.

      The laminated cover glass and touch layer eliminates light reflection for superior sharpness and clarity, and is protected with Corning® Gorilla® Glass.  HTC One X also features a beautifully crafted polycarbonate unibody design that showcases its clean lines and seamless construction.

      Authentic Sound

      HTC One X is the first device from AT&T with Beats Audio integration built into the hardware and software, offering rich, full sounds with professional-grade sound engineering to play the music how the artist intended.  Beats Audio By Dr. Dre provides a distortion-free sound at higher volume and rich bass at all levels for video, gaming and music.  HTC One X is custom tuned for the best audio performance when used with Beats By Dr. Dre accessories**.

      With built-in software on the HTC One X, customers can connect it to a computer and HTC’s Sync Manager software automatically installs to your computer and once connected, makes it easy to transfer songs, artists and playlists from a music library.  The new HTC Music Hub is also customizable to include customers’ favorite streaming radio services and music apps, making them easily accessible all in one location. 

      Additionally, an enhanced audio experience will soon be available to HTC Vivid™ customers in the coming weeks.  Sound engineers at Beats Dr. Dre and software engineers at HTC have teamed up to bring an improved audio experience to the HTC Vivid through an upcoming software update that will provide Android 4.0, an updated HTC Sense experience and Beats By Dr. Dre audio profiles.

      AT&T will begin carrying Beats By Dr. Dre accessories this spring.

      Amazing Camera

      With ImageSense, HTC One X’s 8MP HD camera rivals traditional digital cameras with improvements to every part of the camera including the lens, sensor and software, while integrating the new HTC ImageChip.  The combination reduces noise, removes color bias and enhances picture quality in photos and videos.  More than just megapixels, its best-in-class f-2.0 lens with a backside illuminated sensor takes amazing pictures in low light and its quick launch feature makes sure you never miss an important moment.

      It takes less than one second to launch the camera from the lock screen and the camera’s autofocus locks in on your subject in under a second, to take nearly unlimited continuous shots simply by holding the shutter button. To ensure the best shot is captured, HTC ImageSense also introduces autoburst which will automatically take a burst of shots if the subject moves while you press the shutter button.

      For those torn between whether a moment would be better captured via video or in photos, HTC One X includes Video Pic so you never have to choose again – the device can capture pictures while recording video in HD and has the ability to capture a still image from previously recorded video.

      A high dynamic range (HDR) feature presents more contrast in captured photos and enables the camera to capture multiple photos from one instance, each with a different exposure level, layering the images together to create a single photo that combines the best parts of each for a more accurate range of light across the image.

      The 1080p HD video camera automatically removes jitters and lets you lock the focus on a moving object.  Slow motion video recording is also possible at a maximum of 108 frames per second.

      The HTC One X smartphone’s next-generation 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon™ S4 dual-core processor allows customers to run heavy duty tasks such as creating and editing homemade videos smoothly without any lag, while the 1,800 mAh embedded battery offers hours of uninterrupted entertainment time.

      HTC Sense 4

      HTC One X will be one of the first devices in the U.S. with the simple and intuitive HTC Sense 4 user experience.  It helps make the Beats Audio experience possible while listening to any audio component and features camera enhancements including a quick launch feature for the camera on the HTC One X – dramatically cutting down the time needed to move from the lock screen to snapping a picture.


      “Of course HTC One X is an outstanding device with the hottest specs,” said David Christopher, chief marketing officer, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets.  “This device takes the power of those parts and creates a customer experience like no other, bringing superior hardware and sights and sounds to life.”

      “HTC One X is a true showcase for HTC’s heritage of innovation providing our fastest camera, our best images even in the worst conditions and the ability to take video and photos at the same time,” said Jason Mackenzie, president, global sales and marketing, HTC Corporation. “I’m proud to bring these remarkable new experiences to AT&T customers with the HTC One X.”

    • David Ruddock
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      • HTSee

        FAIL... It looked like a super phone... Now it is just an above average phone. Was really hoping they had figured out a way to do a Tegra 3 with LTE. Oh well... I will wait.

        • Brandon

          The S4 actually has better benchmarks than the Tegra 3, so you might want to give it a look. Nvidia has between so obsessed with making moves before the competition, that they may have put themselves into a corner, as far as performance and optimization is concerned

          • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody Toombs

            I may have missed it, but I haven't seen any signs that the S4 has anywhere near the idle/non-peak power efficiency of the Tegra 3. Assuming that the S4 is more of a power hog in idle states, combined with nVidia's almost certainly better GPU performance, I just couldn't care less that the Krait achieves higher benchmarks in processing.

            A non-removable battery (not strictly a bad thing if it were at least in excess of 2000 mah) on a 4.7" display makes me far more concerned about getting through a day on a charge.

            • ssj4Gogeta

              Why do you think so? Krait is made on a process a full-node smaller than Tegra 3. And while that isn't everything, I'd expect that to give it at least some advantage.

            • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody Toombs

              It helps...it helps a lot...but if that were any way to measure then Intel would be leading the pack in power efficiency. Architecture is a 100 times more important than the manufacturing process, and in certain cases a few features can be even more important...for example, the ability to run the more power hungry cores one-by-one only as long as needed and then run the core that was designed from day one to be extremely power conscious during the rest of the time.

              Again, I don't know if the S4 has been designed to have great power efficiency, but I do know it wasn't designed with a very low power core that was intended for the exact purpose of minimal power consumption during 95% of the time we have our phones powered on. I'm certainly reserving judgement until there is a fair and reasonable comparison, but an educated guess tells me that the Tegra 3 will have better graphical performance and battery life while the S4 will have more processing muscle.

            • Eggcake

              Let's just wait for actual tests. There is no way a Tegra 3 with 4 cores lasts longer under load than a dualcore with a full process shrink.
              Secondly, there will also be power saving features on the S4. And again: it's 28nm.

              And it's not unreasonable to think that a downclocked dual core at 28nm is more powerefficient than a single core at 40nm.

            • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody Toombs

              @Eggcake, none of us were talking about running under load, and while I can't speak for anybody else, I know I certainly don't spend much time taxing my phone. The majority of people don't stress the hardware in their phones for more than a few minutes a day which means that the most relevant question remains how power efficient it is when either idle or at least running at low load (for example, when the screen is on or only doing simple operations).

              ...And are you really going to start making comparisons based on the need to change clock speeds?

            • ssj4Gogeta

              While the S4 doesn't have a low-power core, it does have the ability to power-gate unused cores as well as clock-gating.

              That combined with superior single-threaded performance should allow the cores to finish the task and go to sleep faster. Besides, single-threaded performance is more important to overall experience because not all apps are multithreaded.

        • Smooth3d

          This is what we need to be careful of. The uneducated masses think more cores are always better. The new dual cores from Qualcomm and Texas Instruments are in fact much faster then the Tegra 3 quad cores.

        • ssj4Gogeta

          You might want to look at the Anandtech article I linked to below. You can't compare two different architecture processors on the basis of core count or clock. For example, you wouldn't expect a quad-core Tegra 3 to come even close to a modern Intel dual-core desktop processor even at the same clock.

          Looks like core count is becoming the new "Megahertz myth".

      • ssj4Gogeta

        "Stuck" with half the cores? Dual-core Krait is faster than Tegra 3.


        • xhazyx

          Thank you.... Someone is not just looking at numbers.

          While the S4 might not be necessarily faster in all cases, it does provide maximum performance and efficiency per core. I'm glad Qualcomm didn't just upped the core count, but actually designed an optimized core... I really think that Krait shows that it's unnecessary to pack more than 2 cores in a smartphone, and the focus should now be on radio-chipset integration, power efficiency, and software optimization

        • David Ruddock

          In certain ways, yes it is. The GPU of the first-gen S4's will still probably deliver less real-world performance. It's a figure of speech - I wasn't disparaging the S4, it's quite an impressive chip from what we've seen so far.

      • J Rush

        Will it only be available in white? I want a black one if anything.

      • 22vin

        I'm in Europe and i'll happily trade the quad-thingy for the awesome Krait

      • jjrudey

        The AT&T version is called One XL


      • Pataps

        For the love of gods! Are those pogo pins?! :D I fraking love pogo pins :D

      • sam

        fail no removable battery and its not on verizon

      • Oliver

        isn't the battery only like 1850mah, or similar? And it's not swappable?! Screw that... Next!

        • KC

          Only only it is 1850mAh, it's also EMBEDDED. Looks like my waiting for a new HTC device has been wasted. Will scout around for other non-embedded quadcore+NFC+ICS+std specs devices. Another poor showing year for HTC, 2012 will be.

          • James

            No, 2012 will be a great year for them judging by the lineup announced today. Hardly anyone carries spare batteries around with them. Only hardcore geeks.

            • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody Toombs

              That part is true, only hardcore geeks do carry around batteries...THAT'S WHY IT NEEDS TO LAST :) Nobody would mind the phone being a couple millimeters thicker if it packed 2500 mAh. A removable battery is a crutch for the people who absolutely need their phone to last.

              This race for thinness has severely cost people in battery life and camera quality (and occasionally overheating).

      • http://twitter.com/#!/brandonjnunn bjn714

        I still really want to know how you access the menu button for legacy applications...

        With no menu button and no onscreen navigation bar for it to appear in when needed, are legacy apps just useless?

        • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody Toombs

          It depends on circumstances...but if it's a really legacy app, a 4th button appears on the far right side of the soft buttons. That's where the menu is located.

          • http://twitter.com/#!/brandonjnunn bjn714

            So there is a hidden 4th capacitive button that appears when the menu is necessary?

            • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody Toombs

              Oh, I meant that as part of ICS...you're right, I wasn't paying attention to them using capacitive buttons. Let's hope that the picture is wrong...otherwise they'll have to bring up an entire row of soft buttons just to show the additional menu button.

          • http://twitter.com/#!/brandonjnunn bjn714

            I would like to see a physical light up menu button to the right just like in ICS that only lights up when needed. I would rather not see some sort of onscreen implementation. It could be a small gliding popup or maybe they set a longpress of the recent tasks.

        • ssj4Gogeta

          The picture shows back, home and menu buttons, like the international Galaxy lineup. On a Galaxy S/S2, you long-press the menu button to bring up search.

          • http://twitter.com/#!/brandonjnunn bjn714

            Actually, if you look closely, the picture shows back, home and recent tasks (Android 3.0+), not menu.

      • LordGeek

        Kinda confused here .. I thought nVidia was working with GCT Semiconductor and Renesas Mobile to develop a LTE Modem to go with the Tegra 3 line of processors !!! Did HTC jump the gun here without waiting ??


      • Jaz

        I understand having a non removable battery makes the phone sleeker and more resistant to water and moisture but I like being able to swap a battery most of the time. Maybe if it got the same life as the razr maxx I would do without removable. I really hope if the the evo line comes with a quadcore lte phone its removable. My friends with iphone always get jealous when my battery runs out and I then just take out another batter and pop it in. Its very convenient and at the same time refreshes the cache.