Sprint's list of 2012 LTE rollout markets (confirmed or otherwise) seems to be growing by the minute. Last week, it was revealed that construction was beginning in the San Francisco Bay Area, headed for official activation by the end of 2012. Today, S4GRU revealed that NYC may also be on the list of 2012 markets, explaining that Sprint is not likely to announce second or third-round markets because there is no way to accurately determine when activations will occur.

Currently, Sprint's NYC market spans all the city's boroughs, plus Westchester, and the Hudson Valley, extending up to Saugerties. S4GRU explains that Long Island and southern Connecticut are in separate markets, set to deploy later.


Including NYC, S4GRU's count of Sprint's predicted 2012 LTE markets is up to eleven. Of course, with all the variables involved in constructing and activating individual markets, it's likely that the final tally will vary once rollout begins. We'll be here, as always, to keep you updated as the Now Network moves forward with its LTE plans.

Source: S4GRU

Liam Spradlin
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  • Freak4Dell

    I would freaking hope so. I mean, I gotta assume that NYC is a pretty big market, so to not make it one of the initial markets would be foolish.

    • https://williamting.com William

      Expanding into a smaller market first would let them work out possible kinks in the system.

      If they initially expand into NYC immediately and fail disastrously, the poor reputation may be hard to live down.

      It's like how everyone still thinks AT&T's network is crap because of the iPhone launch, despite AT&T upgrading network and coming first in 3rd party testing 4-5 years later. They're still trying to recover from that reputation of a poor performance network.

      • Freak4Dell

        Yes, I understand all that, but launching and testing are two different things. For a mid-2012 launch, testing should already be taking place (and apparently it is). Launch markets should not be considered test markets. With stuff like this, the biggest markets should launch first, with smaller markets coming later.

  • WatcherFive

    Unfortunately that's one of it's greatest strengths and weaknesses. Because it's such a dense area it requires so much more planning and construction before they can get the network up to speed.

  • Calvin

    The thing I want to know is who are they partner up with for there lte, because they can't still be on track with LightSquared's failed attempt at lte, also when is NV going to make the move to 800mhz 3g data?

    • Liam Vain

      They were making their own LTE the whole time. LightSquared was just going to be a backbone so they could piggy back their signal further. They are using their own 1900mhz. It's been their plan the whole time.

  • http://www.s4gru.com S4GRU

    Thanks for the write up Liam. I always appreciate when someone who covers my stories gets it right. Good job!

    Robert, S4GRU

  • stock1281

    I live in Lincoln Nebraska and they promised us 4g by last year and nothing.. now they better get us LTE soon, I mean we are only 2 1/2 hours away from Kansas City.