While the much-talked-about Galaxy S III will be conspicuously absent from MWC this year, BGR has received an exclusive tip relaying some of the handset's juicy details. To start with, BGR reports that Samsung is holding off the S III's big reveal in order to "shorten the gap" between announcement and official release. Samsung is evidently planning to release the S III in over 50 global markets simultaneously.


The S III is also rumored (according to BGR's "trusted source") to be packing a 4.8" display (thought to be Super AMOLED Plus HD), a quad-core processor, Android Ice Cream Sandwich, 4G LTE connectivity, and a stylish back piece made entirely of a ceramic material.

While these claims sound reasonable, none of them can exactly be substantiated yet, and should be taken with a grain of salt. Of course we'll be here to fill you in on any official details that roll out in the future.

Source: BGR

Liam Spradlin
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  • Rahul Kadukar

    Ceramic and Samsung :)

  • andddlay

    Specs that I would have expected before their "leak". I'm super excited :) I love my e4gt, and i'm sure I'll love the s3! hotels glass 2 also seems like a great possibility.

  • The next big thing

    I'd like to see this phone move beyond just specs and offer something new like high speed video capture or something and truely have something unique

    • Jon Garrett

      High Speed Video Capture? what are you filming, Cheetahs?

  • devilEYE

    ...it will be my 3rd Galaxy S smartphone :D

    • Jon Garrett

      It would be my 5th Galaxy device;

      Galaxy Tab 10.1
      Galaxy Note
      Galaxy S II
      Galaxy Player 4.

  • David Lee

    Any idea if this is likely to have a 2012 release date or if we won't be likely to see it until next year?

  • Michael Berrios

    just the fact there theres like almost no bezel i pray the s3 looks just like that

  • http://rmathur.com Rohan

    If the actual SIII looks anything close to the fake image up there, I would buy it in a heart beat.

    • Lou

      +1 with you there, bro.

  • Tim

    My body is ready

  • Luly

    Damn that screen.

    Sammy, you are the king of display.

  • L boogie

    If exynos and Lte are working together when it comes to the states, I'm sold. 4.8 inch screen (hopefully edge to edge), super AMOLED hd plus, maybe Lotus glass display, 1.5/2gb RAM and at least, 2500 mah battery AND available at verizon, I'm buying what's sure to be one of the best phones of the year.

    • Brendon

      Curved display as well please
      Love this feature on the Galaxy Nexus

    • chris

      I'll buy one too and I just got the nexus!

    • http://www.statsprofessor.blogspot.com/ StatsProfessor

      Very little chance it will have a 2500 mah battery. You'll be lucky to get 2000.

      Samsung likes to keep their phones thin, no idea why, thiness is overrated.

      Be nice to see 2gb ram but for some reason that's slower coming than most thought. We've been stuck on 1gb ram for a long time.

      • Nick Coad

        Samsung did announce a couple months ago that they intended to drastically improve battery performance in their phones this year, so we may get a nice surprise in this department!

        We can hope anyway... :)

  • Awesome Sauce

    This looks amazing if its real. This needs to come out on Sprint ASAP. Im tired of the total iPhone craps.

  • Jimla

    Samgasm! Cannot wait. S2 feeling old just with the thought of this.

  • Idle Time

    The real estate on the phone is amazing and ideal.

  • Eric

    waww.. that fake screen is just.. waaww

  • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody Toombs

    That would be a pretty sexy screen in the faked image...is that dual LED flash on the front (every nightclubbing girl's DREAM, I used to date one, she would have loved that)?

    The specs are basically obvious and predictable given the likely timing of the release. The ceramic back probably makes sense if it's a poly-mix of some type (ceramic that thin is pretty easy to crack). I truly hope the RAM is no less than 1.5 gig, and 2 would make more sense and extend the usable life of the phone by a year.

    I must make the classic point though...Samsung (and anybody else listening), I don't care if the phone is thin enough to use as a straight razor in the morning and a weapon in a to-the-death televised blood sport, I want it thick enough to put in a real battery. If the battery isn't big enough to last 2 days under moderate use, it's not good enough. If you announce less than a 3000 mah, I may look to pass this one up too.

    • http://twitter.com/mikeGsays GarciaM25

      Yeah, let's get some real specs on a phone for once, please.... It needs LTE, larger than 4.0" display, HD for sure, ICS standard on launch, 2GB RAM without a doubt, 1.5GB quad core processor (I'm all for the Tegra3 on the SGSIII btw), and an insane battery because seriously, 1850mAh isn't even cutting it on a normal phone these days....

    • tookie

      actually i'm very sure they're not LED flashes, but sensors instead for proximity and light

      • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody Toombs

        I was just thinking they are oddly prominent to have been light and prox sensors since those aren't even visible under hard direct light on plenty of phones, yet they are excessively distinctive in the render. It doesn't change that a front flash would be a desired feature for some people and certainly a low cost addition. Given that it's not an actual product render, it's rather irrelevant anyway.

    • Zachary Jacob Zblewski

      The render has a camera, proximity sensor, and notification light on the front. No flash.

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody Toombs

      Oh, I want to add, as part of my "make it thicker" argument. It actually needs to be thicker if the bezel is going to shrink down to the point of being edge to edge. My Desire HD/Inspire has a few millimeters of bezel, but with the edges of the phone being so thin, I pick up the phone by the edges and my fingers still bend around enough to make contact with the capacitive screen. There either needs to be a fairly decent bezel or the phone needs to be thicker. Given that everybody wants less bezel and I've not seen a single person who wanted their phone any thinner, let's start finding a useful balance.

  • Robert

    Why not buy a Note, then?

    This phone makes no sense to me. I know it's the flagship... but come on, 4.5" is more than enough.

  • palmer nyako

    too stupidly big.
    It needs to stay at 4.3 inches at the most it needs to have the same design dimensions as the epic touch, no more than that or it'll be stupidly big like the note.

  • whyzor

    Just because the screen is big doesn't mean the physical phone is bigger, it's about maximizing screen size without bloating the hardware, something currently released phones are trying but still has a ways to go. So the 4.8" may actually be smaller than current 4.3" devices.

  • adam

    This what make me stay with my nexus s everytime i see samsung release galaxy s a new one. It show one thing they wont update your s 2 beyond android 4.0 os. This why if i buy samsung it will for their nexus line not galaxy s line. Smh i bet this wont pass jelly bean or kandy bar update lol.

  • adam

    Thank god i bought nexus s running android 4.0.4 os and loving it.

  • Idle Time

    4.3 is getting a bit "small" and 5.3 is perhaps too big for me. 4.8 might be the perfect answer. As I said before the real estate on the phone is great meaning that the device is not necessarily much bigger than the current 4.3 devices but the screen is maxed out to the edges.

    That's how a phone should be these days. As for OS not being up to date. There's always rooting, right?

  • Cory

    This time last year I would have given myself a drug test for saying this, but if it comes to VZW, ill have 2 Samsung phones (grabbed a Gnex last month)

    • L boogie

      I know what you mean..... Can't wait for the final specs on this beast especially if it also has 10/3 mp camera with dual LED flash, sensors, 2gb RAM, 2500+ mah battery AND quad-core exynos 4 processor.

  • ErOR

    If the phone looks like that in the pic I think I found my next phone :)

    So disappointed by HTC One X, I love my Desire and Desire HD but HTC have really been lacking lately.

  • Jamis0n

    iphones who see this willl be jealous

  • Mark

    4.8" is ridiculously big. It won't fit comfortably in one's hand. Even with the buttons at the bottom gone, allowing for the phone to not be as wide, it'll still be uncomfortable.

  • Gig

    The case of the sg2 has a 5.3" diagonal. It can fit a 4.8" display if they remove the button at the bottom and the Samsung logo at the top. Unfortunately that won't be a 16:9 display. I'm afraid it has to be a little wider but there is no need to make it taller.