My favorite gallery replacement app QuickPic, which is notorious for its speed and simplicity, just got updated with a brand new spiffy UI based on the new Android design guidelines that were published at the time of the Ice Cream Sandwich release.

The new UI in v2.0 is now much cleaner and more fluid, with action buttons at the top right and context buttons showing up dynamically on the bottom when they're needed. QuickPic did have to rebuild all the thumbnails, but once it's done so, it loads faster than it ever has.

v2.0 beta

  • New clean UI like Android 4.0(ICS), lots of UI optimizations
  • Replace list mode to explorer mode, support hierarchical folders
  • Bigger square thumbnails without border
  • Fix some minor bugs
  • App2SD for Android 2.2+
  • SC20120225-164134 SC20120225-164208 SC20120225-164245

    Check out the new 2.0 beta in the Market, and if you've never tried QuickPic before, I strongly encourage you give it a go. After all, it's free and uber fast, and has a slideshow mode - what more can you ask?

    Artem Russakovskii
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    • pachi72

      this is def the best gallery.

    • http://bepo.fr nemolivier

      Have you tested JustPicture ? Sync with numerous acount (flickr, picasa, youtube) with autentication. Slideshow, share, background.

    • Joris

      Love Quickpic! Best gallery ever!

    • scott

      This is one of the first apps I ever downloaded, and still the best. New update is everything an update should be. If only more devs followed in their footsteps.

    • SHADOW

      Same here, love QuickPic, using it for months now

    • Vilkku

      For me, the biggest problem with QuickPic in ICS is that you can't replace the default gallery - i.e. if you go to camera, click the preview of the image in the corner and then click the gallery shortcut, it still goes to the default Galllery app. In Gingerbread it would first ask me what app I would want to set as default and then just keep using QuickPic in place of the default Gallery app.

      I rarely primarily open the Gallery app itself - instead, I access it via other apps, and at the moment it seems like I will be stuck with the default Gallery when doing so. If anyone knows of a solution which doesn't require root I would be extremely grateful, as this indeed is one of the better apps out there.

      • Cory

        Tried clearing defaults under Gallery yet??? If so, sorry, no more ideas bc my brain tends to take the day off on Sundays

        • Vilkku

          Yep, it simply says there are no defaults set for Gallery =( Seems like in ICS it's just hardcoded in in the Camera app.

    • Adam

      Agreed. This is one of the first apps I put on any phone. It's fantastic and really liking the new ui!

      there's no reason to not use this over stock gallery, in my opinion.

    • Kaustubh Ghanekar

      This is one of the apps that I restore immediately after installing new ROM! This is awesome app! I love it! Trying new version now. I have disabled default gallery app in my ICS, and using this one. works perfect with camera too.

    • Rob

      Am I the only person who sticks with the stock Gallery? ^^;

      • koolkat

        I love Quickpic! As far as stock gallery, it force closes my phone every single time I open or try to use it. Everytime. T-Mobile/HTC G2

      • TwilitSky

        The dealbreaker in the stock gallery app for me is that I discovered it doesn't display high definition pictures at their full resolution. Quickpic remedies that very nicely.

      • http://www.pretentiousname.com Leo Davidson

        The stock gallery, even in ICS, still gets confused if programs add or remove images.

        e.g. Download or delete a JPG then go into the stock gallery and the stupid thing won't show the new files or will still show the deleted files.

        It's utterly ridiculous that it can't get such a basic thing right, and even more ridiculous that Google still haven't fixed it in ICS. (I first noticed the bug in Gingerbread when I got my first Android phone over a year ago. It's probably older than that.)

        Other than that, I don't mind the stock gallery, but that one problem drives me to use QuickPic instead.

    • Adam

      My fav feature is still the max brightness setting when viewing an image

    • manlisten

      This was my go to gallery app prior to ICS. But I really like the ICS gallery app and have pretty much stuck with it. Still, a nice looking update to a great app.

    • Anthony

      I still use the stock app and its more than fine and i never had a problem with old photos showing after theyve been removed also picture show at full resolution sooo.....? Anyway use what you want but nothing is wrong with the stock app in 4.0 other than i cant stop it from syncing Google+ photos

    • http://digg.com/users/OmegaWolf Silver Fang

      My experience has been the opposite of everyone else's. After upgrading to ICS, the My Gallery app is horrible, refusing to update and show new pictures even after unmounting and remounting the microSD card, or moving the pictures to the internal storage partition. QuickPic quickly found and displayed everything on both internal and external storage. What a shame I have to use a third party app to do what Android had always done so well natively.