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A few months ago, Liam spent some time with 17 mobile security apps, one of which was an app called Cerberus. He came away quite impressed - so impressed, in fact, that he crowned it the winner (and, as a license is just $4, it was also crowned the best for the budget-minded).

The app is always free to download and comes with a 1 week free trial, but a lifetime license is normally $4. I say normally because, as you have likely deduced from the title, the developer is offering free lifetime licenses in celebration of hitting 100,000 users.

To get the license, just download the app and register an account (it requires a username, password, and email address - nothing tricky), then fill out the form and hit Submit. The developers will take care of the rest. The promotion ends with the month (by GMT standards), so better move fast - you only have a few days left!

[Source: Cerberus G+]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Dmitry Pashkevich

    Can somebody please explain me how these apps are actually useful? A thief, if not a complete imbecil, would turn off the phone and remove the battery and/or SIM card immediately and then hard reset the device when he's in a safe place. Seriously, I don't get it.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      If you're out at a bar or a party, your concern isn't going to be professional ransack-your-house style thieves. Your concern is going to be random assholes who swipe your phone when you're not looking; these types of people generally won't remove the battery/SIM card.

    • http://wier.web.elte.hu uw

      It has SIM card change protection. You can set up a few phone numbers that will be alerted if the SIM card was changed in the phone.
      And if you install the app on a rooted phone, you can move it to the system apps, so it even survives a full data wipe.
      You can also hide it from the app drawer, so it's harder to notice for anyone that it is installed, and anytime, when the phone is turned on, you can track it down, send messages to it, take pictures, record audio, play a loud alert sound, lock the phone with a password, wipe all your data from sd card, etc.
      Of course, if the thief knows how to do it, he can get rid of the app, but it's still better than no protection.

    • Stennan

      Doesn't cerberus have root access? Thus any hard reset would have no effect unless the thief reflased the ROM.

    • Jon Garrett

      you'd be surprised how many thieves leave SIM cards in and phones left on.

      here in NYC there's a story on the news every week about some fool snatching a phone and gets caught a day later because he's running around with it still on and the SIM still in it.

  • Stennan

    Is this solution a good one for a ICS wifi tablet, can i send commands via the internet? I'm running avast on my phone since i can use sms commands, but this is a no go for the tablet.

    • Aghnaar

      Yes you can, but the data connection must be enabled at all time for this.

  • ColdEmbrace

    How does this compare against Avasts Theft Aware as this wasn't tested before, if I am correct Theft Aware didn't exist at the time of the previous tests.

  • Zs

    You can flash it into the ROM and hide from app drawer. You have to flash a new rom to delete, but only you know that cerberus is on the phone (becasuse hide)

    Cerberus has not only root access, but it is device administrator, too.
    You can turn wifi on remotely and it will automatically connect to free wifi. So you can acces phone not only with SMS commands. You can completely wipe your data and lock the phone. But before that you can try get as much informations as you can.

    I had purchased it before, and I'm happy.

  • unrealtron

    Awesome app. Thanks for the heads up

  • http://a1heatservices.ie denny power

    why wont it let me enter details this is stupid

    • George

      Lol. I made the same mistake (but in my defense I was still rubbing sleep out of my eyes). Under the picture above, look for "the form" (not in " ") and with a dashed line under it. Click on that. It will take you to the page where you can enter your details.

  • Marc

    Wait so is this a contest for free licenses or does this mean if you enter your info on that form before March 1st you get a license emailed to you?

    • George

      This is NOT a contest. This means you enter your info into that form before March the 1st, and on March 1st, they will email a license to you.

      • Marc

        Thanks, that's what I thought, just wanted to be sure. :)

      • JPR

        I just sent in the form and got back email telling me that "Your free trial will expire on: 03 Mar 2012".
        Don't seem like no permanent permit to me.

        • Mathew

          The free licenses have not yet been applied to you account. Wait a little.

        • George

          Without being rude, I guess the part in my comment where I mentioned March 1st (two times) kind of was ignored by you. No offense, but perhaps we should all try reading everything and comprehending it before leaving silly comments.



  • Andrei

    This certainly looks like an awesome deal. Just one question, will it conflict with the Avast I currently have installed (like multiple security products do when installed at the same time on one pc)? If so, which one would you keep? Thanks!

    • sriracha

      i'm a big fan of avast! mobile security suite, but it does not have a web interface to help recover your lost device making retrieval cumbersome.

      for the time being, i've removed avast! and installed Cerberus, and also reinstalled Droidwall.

      my son and i just had a ball playing with Cerberus' dashboard. he tracked me running about the property, snapping pictures of me and recording video, setting off alarms.. pretty cool if you ask me.

      only complaint, the tracking feature can be easily halted by turning off the GPS from the device. Cerberus doesn't lock GPS on when tracking the device, and the GPS icon is viewable in the notification bar. also the pictures taken via the web dashboard are sent to my email.. easily viewable And deletable from the device. i suppose one should "Lock" the device before issuing any other commands.

      i do like how Cerberus does not run at all unless called upon by the internet. no. battery. drain. looks like avast! has a little catching up to do.

      • Luly

        Avast devs mentioned that the website will be included in their future updates.

        I'm torn. I love Avast for its firewall and call/SMS filters too and I don't want to download 2 more apps to replace Avast! (I disabled anti-virus scans though, never believed in it)

        So I have both Avast and Cerberus on my phone now... Cerberus seems to be working fine and I have noticed any significant battery drain.

  • Devin

    I think i just peed a little

  • Luis

    Which one will be better, Android Lost or Cerberus?


  • fabrizio

    I bought the license some months ago, and I have to say the app is pretty amazing. On top of that, the developer is very supportive and super fast.

  • MIchael Wong

    I just bought this app 2 days ago and now it's free! Damn.. Great APP though!

  • http://www.christiantechsaz.com Aaron

    I'm not seeing anywhere that they are offering "lifetime" licenses, just "free licenses". Anyway, I'll sign up. :)

    • George

      It's up above in the article, "the developer is offering free lifetime licenses in celebration of hitting 100,000 users."

      Basically, they're giving away licenses. The licenses (which are normally about $4, as a one time only fee, for a lifetime license) when you first sign up will be for a limited time trial.

      However, on March 1st, the lifetime license will go into effect for those who registered in time.

  • T7S

    Downloaded the app, tried to register an account but it WILL NOT let me log in. So reset the password from their website and then tried to paste in the new password they sent it and it still says incorrect password. Is this the authentication system down or something?

  • Xamindar

    So did anyone ever get their lifetime license? I didn't.

    • Marc

      Yeah I got mine on the 1st, as they promised. :)

  • Geraldo

    Looks like I missed out... :(

  • dewey1973

    Am I the only one who didn't get an email with their free account?

  • Rose Iara

    Preciso de ajuda, não sei onde tirar dúvidas! Já foi instalado no celular, mas não funciona. Como entrar em contato com a cerbeus? Tenho uma conta no google. 


  • Rose Iara

    Desculpa, saiu algumas palavras erradas. Quero saber se ainda posso usar o programa que foi baixado no celular? Como postado no comentário abaixo, só que não funcionou, somente por 2 dias.Preciso entrar em contato com cerbeus para esclarecer minhas dúvidas e se preciso for comprar outro programa.