The Galaxy Nexus launched with rather little accessory support from Samsung. Recently, they (finally) released a GPS mount, and now the pogo desktop dock has hit the store and is available for purchase. What's special about a pogo dock compared to a normal dock? This dock uses pogo pins - which match up to the three metal dots on the side of the GNexus - to charge the phone, rather than a normal charging port. You can simply drop your phone in, and when the metal dots touch, the phone charges - it's that easy.


Other than the simplicity offered by the pogo dock, it also includes a 3.5mm stereo audio port. It's available to purchase now, and costs a whopping $90.

[Source: Samsung]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Chris

    That's downright offensive.

  • Scott Oldfield

    I think I'll wait for it to be sold by a retailer. I'll be we'll see the price drop to $50-ish.

  • http://twitter.com/mikeGsays GarciaM25

    That's Samsung saying to us "hey, check this out, buy this dock that uses a different way of charging your device for 10 times as much as the ones you'll find on eBay because...... this one's that much cooler!"

    This isn't even worth it at HALF the asking price!

    • Kevin

      Agreed. I'd pay 45-50 if it also included HDMI out. It would be nice to have something like that for Ubuntu in the future.

      • Icefreez

        A 3pin connector dock will never have HDMI because that would defeat the purpose of having a quick drop in and pull out 3 pin connector.

        That being said $90 for the convenience of dropping your phone in with out connecting it is ridiculous.

        • anon

          Actually, you are incorrect, sir. Samsung already announced the multimedia dock that is a portrait orientation with HDMI, audio, etc. Oh, and you can just drop it in.

        • Kevin

          I think Icefreez is right as far "Dropping in" goes. I think the portrait one would obviously require you to hook up the charge port at the bottom of the phone. I would like something in landscape that will hook into the phone to charge and supply an HDMI signal. I could careless if I have to plug it in versus just laying it on the contact pins.

        • Deltaechoe

          my dock cost me only the price of an mhl adapter, shipping box cardboard cut out in such a way that it makes a cradle with the mhl adapter in the side. Woohoo my dock is active, it charges, has hdmi out AND cost me about 10 dollars

  • https://twitter.com/#!/psycho_maniac_ Jerry Lange

    I like that dock a lot, but i'm short on cash... wait even if i wasn't i still wouldnt pay that much. im afraid to see what the gps dock costs.

  • Baris Bicer

    $90!? You wish. Samsung, I love you, but no.

  • stompsfrogs

    There's no way to reach the power button with this dock? Does it force the screen to stay on the whole time it's charging, or can you not use the phone while it's docked? Since it's only got a wimpy 3.5 mm jack I guess they assumed you wouldn't be using this dock for anything other than charging.
    Yup, way over priced.

    • https://profiles.google.com/ISantop Ian

      I'm fairly certain that the s teen will stay on while the phone is in the dock.

    • Icefreez

      I use a makeshift dock to just set my phone in. If the phone is sitting in a dock you can press down on the phone and it presses the power button. So in theory you should be able to set it in the dock and if the screen is on, press down on the top of the phone to put some pressure on the power button and turn off the screen.

    • Mike

      The power button is on the opposite side of the pogo pins, silly.

      • Mike

        Wait, no it's not. Fuuuuuuuu

        • Will

          I was thinking the same thing too.

          Then I saw your second post and had to pick up my phone to check.


  • Brian

    I think it's going to take someone sinking the absurd $90 on this thing to test it to be sure, but I suspect the dock settings in 4.0.4 will allow one to specify whether the screen remains on while docked. Right now, there's only an option for dock audio and a toggle for a sound when the phone is placed into or removed from the dock, but I expect that we'll see more robust functionality there at some point.

    This is a questionable buy at $90, and it's an even more questionable buy at $90 + uncertainty. I won't be the one to answer the questions above, that's for sure.

  • Lorenzo in a Benzo

    Wait, when did they release the GPS Mount? Are you talking about the real one with pogo pins?? And lastly is this GSM only?

  • Nicholas

    I loved the multimedia dock with both my OG Droid and my Droid X (I even had one at home and the office), so I've been waiting patiently for a pogo dock for my GNex. I even sent a number of emails to Samsung.

    Looks like I need to keep waiting, though. Until it hits a realistic price, that is.

  • Stefan

    LOL @ everyone saying overpriced. They announced these prices like 2 months ago. Don't buy it then, poor-asses. Don't buy so much beer/drugs/fastfood/junk and spend money on things you'll actually use more than once.

    Now I wait for the Car Dock. Hopefully that one is over $100 so that I don't have to worry about it selling out.

    • Nicholas

      lol, dude, you're awesome.

      That being said, I think you stumbled onto this site accidentally. Let me help redirect you: http://store.apple.com/us.

      • http://twitter.com/mikeGsays GarciaM25


        "I like paying more for the exact same thing" is certainly an Apple fanboy motto!

  • Jake Weisz

    Would never buy a Nexus device because of their lack of accessories available at launch. Car dock, home dock, and holster are must-haves.

    • Nicholas

      If you're interested in something for your car that works really well, I actually moved away from the DroidX car dock for this: http://www.tetrax.com/us/products/fixway-line.

      It's much nicer looking, and less bulky, for sure (and there's no suction cup to come loose and fall off). Also, when I moved to my GNex, it worked perfectly.

  • cguella

    For a little more I bought the Philips charging speaker system that has Bluetooth and clock built in. Awesome solution for bedside sounds great. Sounds probably a little better than this dock.

    • Dan

      Another option is to take the crappy car mount and stick an NFC tag in it. Mine is set to launch Car Home, doable Wifi and enable Bluetooth. Works like a charm.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jp.overholser Jay Paul Overholser

    I hope Google is taking notes, between stuff this and the Verizon release mess, take the lesson exclusivity may not be Google's friend. If Nexus 4 Jellybean phone goes as badly, might just have to write off the Nexus line. Especially considering that this might be a phone specifically designed for docking into a laptop and/or Desktop like systems. Keep things open for manufacturers and retailers.

  • Chris

    I'm glad to see Samsung has finally started to roll out i515 3-pin (pogo) accessories. However I agree with everybody statements about price.

    Though I really wish that this would have been the announcement of a 3-pin car dock instead. Come on Sammy the GSM model already has a 3-pin car dock. Quit holding out on us!

  • Jerrold

    mobilecityonline.com has the Samsung multimedia dock available for 49.99 pre-order only.

  • http://www.cricketusers.com Keri Whitney Newsom

    Why does everyone think that people like their phones naked?

  • Tyler C

    In the very least, this dock would have to come with a nice keyboard to be worth anything even remotely close to that price.
    I wouldn't chug out any more than $30 for a dock like this.

  • Lazarus Dark

    Where can I find what they are smoking?

  • Dan

    I had the Nexus one dock with pogo pins from HTC, i remember it being a ridiculous $80 or so as well. Since I upgraded my N1 to a GN I decided that the last one lasted me 2 years (and I loved it) so I might as well get one of these.... buts its been on back order for almost 3 months. I assume that this means my reseller will finally be able to ship one to me. For all the haters of the price, its just one of those things, if you want it bad enough you will pay for it. To be honest, when the NexusS came out without charge pins I never even looked at it, when the first Galaxy nexus shots confirmed that it had the same little pins my NexusOne did I was sold. Its unfortunate that Sammy made me wait so long for this though as I will probably be alot more skeptical about buying anything from them again phone wise now. (plus I hate the flimsy back cover on my GN)

  • Steve0

    Well I agree with Dan - I purchased my N1 years ago now...in fact this is my 2nd as I had to replace one that went into the lake... I paid full boat for 2x the doc stations despite the silly BT audio connection as I want one for the office. The convenience of a 3-pin drop-in connection vs. an iPhone-style plug or micro-USB is worth it. Plus I do like the context-sensitive base-awareness.

  • Dan

    Now that I have the GN I forgot to mention that I use my N1 in my shed as a PMP via the old dock for the reason just mentioned (BT Audio). Nice way to switch tracks while playing a little BBH on a friday night ;)

  • Wltjd1814