Just three short weeks ago, we shared news of a major update to Dropbox for Android that, among other things, brought automatic photo/video syncing to the service. At the time, it was still in beta and only available for download directly from Dropbox, but now a final version of the update has hit the Market. The changelog:

  1. Allows you to automatically uploads photos and videos in the background using Wi-Fi or data plan
  2. Up to 3 GB of free space for uploading photos automatically (in 500 MB increments)
  3. Upload files of any size
  4. Various performance improvements & bug fixes
  5. Heads up, Dropbox can no longer be installed on your SD Card due to more secure credential storage.


Once again, the biggest change there is the automatic photo/video uploading. As with the beta, they're offering free storage to those who utilize the feature - 500MB free for your first upload, and then 500MB of storage to match each 500MB of uploads after that, up to 3GB.

[Source: Dropbox Blog, Android Market]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • https://twitter.com/#!/psycho_maniac_ Jerry Lange

    so ic an upload 3gb of pics and then remove them and i get to keep the 3gb i just got for free?

    • Beowulf Bjornson

      At least for the desktop version it worked for me.

    • Kenny O

      Yes, that is exactly what I pretty much did to get my 5 gb from the beta version

      • http://na hyperbolic

        I got 5g via the beta too BUT is that mean i can't get the extra 3gb they are offering now ?

  • https://twitter.com/#!/vargus21 vargus21

    Is it just me or are the new permissions for the app a little sketchy. Not sure that I want to update.

  • http://www.ali.dj Ali

    Works this on top of the 5GB I already got from the desktop image upload?

  • Dustin

    Has anyone verified if you can get the 3 GB in addition to the 5 GB from the beta?

  • http://www.ali.dj Ali

    I already got 5GB of extra space via the desktop upload and uploaded the first pictures automatically via the new Camera Upload and didn't get any free space.

  • Fokas

    No extra space if you have already got the 5gb from the beta.

  • Dan P

    I have heard that ... Future HTC phones will have 50GB of dropbox included free. but not sure if it is 1yr or lifetime.