Like clockwork this time, the Ice Cream Sandwich update is now being sent over-the-air to Transformer TF101 owners in the United States and Canada.

ASUS UK, which also promised the OTA today, assured us it's still coming:

To those asking, TF101 ICS update is scheduled to be with you all today. Please be patient, we have a whole world of Tablets to update ;)

Update: Looks like it's rolling out worldwide at this point.

So go ahead, check your Transformer and join the cool kids Android 4.0 club.


Thanks, @denrid0cks, Dude, Bert, and others!

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  • Marc

    Not yet in The Netherlands... I still have to wait! But I can't! :)

  • Dman

    Nothing here in Canada yet.

  • reid

    Found it available in W Kentucky at 6 am Central time. Wah-hoo!

  • Dariomgsilva

    When Portugal?!?

  • MikeA

    Got mine this morning at about 5:15 in Indiana. So far the only problem I am having is that Google+ keeps coming up with an FC. Now if Moto would just update my Razr...

    • Lawliet

      You need to update Google+ with a newer version from the market.

  • SpectroBR

    Finally got it. Seems like a whole new tablet, way snappier. Chrome is amazing. Nice job, Asus!

  • Jake

    Installing now... can't wait to use and get Chrome on it! :-)

  • Ernie

    It's here in Canada now!

  • Andy

    UK available now too

  • joe_va

    Got it @ 7am, East Coast. Installed fine, but it broke the email apps -- none of them (the default or K9) work with my work MS Exchange folder anymore. Keep getting an SSL error.

  • stevo

    Here in the uk as of 14.00 just about to install

  • Benny

    It just finished downloading and it is installing now, WOW, can't wait! Thanks ASUS!

    • Benny

      Sorry, forgot to mention I'm in Canada!

    • Benny

      Update complete successfully. Had to re-install Google+. Also, a few shortcut I had on the desktop, like the File Explorer, were not working. I only re-created the shortcuts and all is fine now. I think it's because there is a new version of File Explorer with ICS.

      Anyway, great experience, install without any problems, only rebooted once!

      • Dale

        How did you reinstall Google+?? It won't let me force update or uninstall it!

      • Dale

        Ah forget that, sorry :) I hadn't rebooted after the update and it all updated after a restart :)

        It's so SMOOTH! :D

  • atonement

    Hungary's just getting it!

  • Daniel

    GOT IT in austria :D

  • Jordan

    Go Settings > About > Firmware Update > JEAAHYA!

  • Per Edman

    Downloading now in Sweden.

  • tom

    I'm in the UK and received the ice cream sandwich update today. I have to say it feels slicker and quicker than honeycomb. Well worth the wait

  • KIllerZed

    It is like the entire world is here...

  • http://techlifeve.tk josu

    i'm getting an error when updating... it stars the installation and the shows a yelloy triangle, anyone knows how to fix it?

    • hoo

      Try to reboot, then check update manually. If the update no response, then wait few hours later (or next day).

      I have ICS on my Motorola Xoom Wifi. You can google ICS upgrades issue in some forums.

  • Rakesh

    Got it in Florida, USA too. have had couple of force-closes after the upgrade though :(

    • Danilo

      I've got none, but I've noticed that after the update u should wait a while until the tablet synchronize everything.

  • Danilo

    Got in Brazil! Early in morning.

  • http://www.joaoluis.co.cc João Luís

    Portugal, the update showed, just waiting fot the Transformer to have the needed 15% of battery.

  • Ninja

    ARGENTINA NOW!!! Can't wait!!! 11% download

  • Dominic

    upgraded mine in India. And yes need to update Google + from market.

  • Dave

    Just got mine this morning and I am both thrilled with Asus for being forthcoming about their updates and with the HUGE improvement of the performance of my Transformer. Chrome is also just amazing. All the other manufacturers could learn a thing or 10 from Asus!

  • Joe Melones

    Updated this morning, having issues. When I long press the desktop, a popover prompts for wallpaper selection, but won't allow me to add apps and widgets. I have also had all of my screens go blank, as if I removed all shortcuts. A reboot brought them back. While some things are snappier, other commands now take longer. Is there a way to roll back the update?

    • fuzzylogic

      I'm having similar issues. Is your scrolling glitchier now, esp when fast scrolling? It's also been freezing randomly a few times today (just shows the asus load up screen, and hangs until I kill power with long-pressing the on button). Not overly impressed so far... I REALLY want to to LOVE it, but it seems like an alpha (even a beta would be great).

  • Phil

    I like the changes. The download and installation were flawless.

  • goreckm

    In ICS, you can't "long press" to add a shortcut, you have to drag it from the App Drawer.

  • wireless201

    Update was flawless and the performance is MUCH smoother.

  • BudakKL

    My Transformer is updated to Ice Cream Sandwich, i am from Malaysia. ASUS update process is the best. No fuss, no hassle. I used several other android devices such as SE Arc X12 and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Updating is quite a hassle with those devices. Now to start enjoying and exploring the new OS :)

  • citoboricua

    Just updated here in Puerto Rico

  • Thomas

    Just got it in Switzerland, holding my breath to see how it looks :D Thank you for looking after your clients Asus.

    Love my tf101

  • http://www.ross-jones.com KeithRJ

    Just downloaded in Perth Australia!

  • Florida Billy

    ASUS ... U da man!

    What a magnificent piece of hardware
    supported by a great company.

    ASUS is the only company that loads their products with the most features and then supports that product so their customers remain happy. Are you listening Samsung?

    Every time I open my Transformer I can't believe the value and performance.

  • Fab

    Updated in Sydney Australia this morning. Update was flawless but flash no longer works. I just geta cube displaying. Cannot watch live stream movies on Veetle. Does anyone haveth the same problem and overcome it?

  • Fab

    latest flash update fixed the issue.

  • Matt

    Its available in Australia and it rocks .....

  • DaHarder

    Just got it and It's Awesome!

  • http://pixel-dream.net Pixel Dream

    Got it here in Egypt this morning : )

    downloading the firmware file, can't wait : D

  • r3w1NNNd

    Got the update also in the Middle East (Qatar) yesterday.
    Working like a charm, no bugs or anything ! :)
    Cool kids club now :))

  • winnie

    I got my update last night!!! I am in Canada, update went smooth and was quick! Thanks Asus....but Flash won't work:-( what now

    • winnie

      Oops just updated Flash to 11.1 put out to fix bugs with this and all is great! THANKS ASUS LUV IT! You stand high and above all others :-)

  • alan

    Still waiting here in Maryland. Is there a target completion date?

  • Ahmed

    Got it in Egypt

  • jim

    Got mine in Venezuela! Looking forward to better virtual keyboarding...

  • jays473

    Got it plus already rooted also with cwm installed check the link for info http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1517216

  • Jason

    I did the update earlier today. I've been having issues ever since. I keep getting messages saying that Launcher is not responding. Most of the apps freeze or don't start. It's restarted twice.

    So other than not working properly anymore, it looks great. :-)

    Anyone else having issues?

  • TC

    Since the update I can't leave my tablet in sleep mode for hours like I used to. Now I either get a black screen or Eee Pad start up screen just flashes on and off. I can only resolve by doing a long press on the power button. I've noticed in the forums that others are having the same issues. I hope an update goes out soon that fixes this!!

    • jim

      YES! This problem with crashes while sleeping exists and you can't use VPN anymore either. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Don't they test. Plus, there are still some text fields (like this one) where trying to edit your text produces weird results! Very disappointed, would like to roll back to Gingerbread to get VPN and zero crashes. Can we roll back? This is unusable for me.

  • marv

    If anyone is having major problems I would suggest a factory reset. I was having issues when I first updated. After the reset the transformer works flawlessly.

    • jim

      And lose all our data and installed apps?

  • http://sdfddf hugostozo

    ics already installed pretty much since the 24/02 in Brazil

  • RCS

    help !! please
    no firmware notification appears.
    check it manualy , no more notification,
    master account ok in gtalk
    asus tf101 in france
    android market app with main account and cache cleared
    cold boot done twice
    android service restarted ..

    help please

  • ultimo

    Panorama pictures doesn't work. Screen flickers every now and then. Locks up sometimes, have to force power off. Also battery meter per app doesn't work. And no, I'm not going to factory reset without knowing that's the real solution to all of these problems.

    Otherwise,I like the update.

  • Lureon

    Anybody heard anything more about the Slider update? Code can't be too different to Transformer.

  • Javier

    I updated yesterday. looks realy nice but i restarted few time.I believe it will need some bugs correction.

  • Esteban

    I thought ICS had face recognition to unlock screen? If that's the case I can't find it anywhere in the OG transformed ICS update.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      It's disabled on all ASUS tablets I believe. Wouldn't be the first ICS device without it, unfortunately.

  • Esteban

    That sucks. What else is disabled? I know I read that it could be bypassed with a pic but still would have been cool for the hell of it.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Don't think anything else is disabled really. Can't think of anything.

      • Esteban

        Do you know if there are any good alternatives to the face recognition available from 3rd party?

  • Caryson

    Updated to ICS 4.03 in California, USA runs much better!

  • Esteban

    Is anyone else having problems with their calendar? Every time i try to use it as soon as i touch it it disappears. it wont stay open.

  • Jim

    worked fine for the first day or so...

    Since then, I'd walk away for a couple hours and when I return it would be cyclically rebooting itself...

    So I've decided to power off when done... at least until some sort of fix is published...

  • Marc

    As noted by others, since the Ics update my transformer shut it self down and wouldn't reboot, had to hold the power button for 30 seconds then press again to get it to start up. Now the top left corner of the screen is flickering with a black triangle every 45 Secs or so. Completely stock device, not rooted or anything.

  • Jens

    Still no update for my device! Should I worry? I'm impatient, I know ;-)!

  • haleagirl

    Do we have a choice to download updates? I can't stand the new release - tons of bugs - is there a way to roll back? Next time ASUS suggests an update, I will be saying no thanks (unless it fixes what they just broke). My Transformer worked PERFECT before this update, now it freezes, won't open the keyboard to type, unrecognized icons, etc. ASUS, fix it soon and give us a fix!!!

  • husker

    Dont upgrade if you care about HD video ...my videos dont play smoothly anymore due to the lack of codecs compatible with the new ice cream sandwich the Mx playerI had is not compatible and many software I acquired for free before wont work now... also when you save an entire page from your computer as save the entire page on a folder it won't show offline as it was originally and the feature of saving a page for later on the entire New android it just take a snapshot of the screen not the whole page ...im devastated because I cant go back to honeycomb unless I root it and it too complicated for me ...it won even play 720 video now so I might sell it and get a new tf101 or a used one with honeycomb

  • Dennis

    The update came out a week ago here in Canada.
    I installed the update to ICS a few days ago.
    Now it reboots randomly.
    I also have to do a soft reset to start it in the morning.

  • husker

    Hi everyone its me again I have the tf101 and I wannagobacktohoneycomb but I cant go back unless I try to root it ..(say try cause.. I might fail)
    I think the new android is trying to stop piracy by making my software I acquired for free not compatible or in need to upgrade but I think is the S.O.P.A. implemented into android so people wont share software...anyone know how to go around the rooting to downgrade? Maybe if send it to Asus for repair they might do it?

  • Aaron

    I can't get the ICS update on my Transformer, not sure what im doing wrong. Somebody please let me know how.


  • Curtis

    I can't get the ICS update as well and I'm here in Canada. I was able to last week for a friends tablet. Whats the deal eh.

  • Denbo

    Updated over the weekend and CPU utilization goes through the roof. Had to remove a number of apps (Amazon app store would peg the CPU once in a while).

    The update is 'ok'. Chrome beta is nice but it isn't all that exciting.

  • http://mobilityworlds.com/ shraqs

    Not yet available in Malaysia. :(

  • 773natural

    Still waiting for it in Chicago...

  • Jason

    Update is not coming up. TF101 CANADA

  • Doug

    Updated mine about a week ago and had the constant reboot issues. Did a factory wipe to ultimately correct the issues. reinstalled the apps I had and it runs alot better than it did with honeycomb.

  • Jahan

    can anyone tell me how to update? what do I need to download? Firmware?
    I'm new to the Android world!!

  • Shannon

    Still no ICS update here Cleveland OH. whats the deal? my boyfriend got his on his Galaxy 10.1 kinda BS if u ask me.

  • Randy

    I've heard there is some serious issues with rolling out this update. ASUS Tech is aware of the issue but have yet to resolve it. Bottom line is some Transformers are not updating even when downloading the update to the microSD and putting it in the unit. I know this cause mine is one of them.

  • Onur

    update isn't coming up turkey

  • Connie

    No update for my TF101 either...I`m in Canada West Coast...sounds like I should be happy I am still running 3.2.1

  • srikanth

    No update in I dia

  • Joseph L

    No update in Connecticut for some reason

  • JerryWithaJ

    People, be *thankful* if you can't get the update! I'd *love* to go back to Honeycomb if I could. When I turn off the screen with ICS I can't never be sure if it will turn back on without a reboot!

  • Jens

    I still don't get the update ... not fair :-(

  • http://kh4l3d.t15.org Kh4l3d

    i didn't got any upgrades to ice cream sandwich >.<
    but my nuphew got it ...
    that's not fair :(
    btw we both live in KSA .

  • Chris

    Got mine today: UK

  • Rafael

    Hello, Does anyone has had any problem after upgrading the OS? I just want to know if anyone else had the same experience, I saw that the battery life is shorter, before the upgrade my tablet still on for 3 or 4 days in stand by mode, but now if can I have it 1 day on it's a miracle, for other side it rebooted by it self and some times the OS can't finish the rebooting.

    I was thinking to roll back to HoneyComb.

    Hope hear your comments.

    • rhodobot

      same problem here....

  • winnie

    Same here battery life went way down, charging all the time. Goes into deep deep sleep and have to hold button for 20 to 30 seconds to get it to start, but now it is rebooting and a lot of the time freezes in the loading page,you know the circle thing. Reboots randomly , but quite a few times since ICS.
    Stock tf101 not rooted.

  • Omar

    Does anyone have any idea when the update is coming to the middle east?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1509336296 Samantha Cycles

    Okay kiddies, I see all sorts of glee about ICS, but if I had the chance to do it over again I'd say NO.  It's FULL of bugs, rebooting all the time, trash.  I had 3.3.s or whatever that was new out of the box, and now 4.0.3 is crap. How do I go back?

    • Frank Bales

      I've had no problems. 

    • dwpj65

      I have had nothing but issues with mine since the ICS update. Each subsequent firmware release improves it, but it's still an unreliable device. Worked like a charm fresh out of the box, wish there was a way to revert.

  • Sonufz4eva

    I've not yet received .......from SaudiArabia