You may not think of Fashion Week as the best place to announce a new phone, but Acer sure does. The company just showed off its CloudMobile phone—not to be confused with its AcerCloud service—in Milan. Packing a 4.3", 720p display, a dual-core 1.5 GHz processor, NFC and Ice Cream Sandwich, the device actually doesn't look too bad on paper.


Unfortunately, "on paper" is the most reliable information we can get right now. As you'll notice in the photo above, the device still has four capacitive buttons in addition to three on-screen buttons. Either this phone was designed with Gingerbread in mind and got an ICS update mid-development, or Acer believes they can make the seven-button-suit look happen. Most likely, we're looking at an early hardware revision and the actual device will look slightly different.

We're expected to hear more about this phone when MWC gets up and running. In the meantime, what do you think? The specs don't look too bad, and ICS seems to be largely untouched. Is it time to start caring about Acer phones again?

Source: NotebookItalia

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Eric Ravenscraft
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  • http://lgbts.co.cc Christian

    I really do like it... Shame the video isnt in english but oh well nice phone.... Have any idea when its coming out like to the UK?

  • MiKiE

    Mi Gusta !!! I love my Acer Icona .I Cant no wait for a phone to match.

  • Aron G

    What's so bad about hardware buttons, seriously!?

    • Ryan

      IMO nothing, but having two home and two back buttons looks tacky, lazy, and untrustworthy.

  • Kurt

    Nothing really, the phone looks nice

  • Michael

    The controls at the bottom seem redundant. No likey.

    • Dandmcd

      Obviously, that won't be in the final build,or will be toggled on and off depending on preference.

      • John O’Connor

        I don't believe a toggle button will be involved at all.

        Either its has ICS and no redundant "buttons" or it runs a pre-ICS android variant.

        It will be interesting to see how companies handle the ICS implementation on existing handsets

        • jason

          ICS on existing phones (like the Nexus S) just don't have the software buttons.

  • Tyler C

    The one and only gripe I have ever had about capacitive buttons is their random placement from one manufacturer to the next. I always feel weird when I use a friend's Motorola device when I am used to my HTC. Home (seems logical for the home button to be on the far left rather than in the second slot) > Menu > Back > Search.

  • skinien

    if (hardwareButtons) {

  • Golightly

    I have hardware buttons on the Atrix, and I have no software buttons on 4.0.3, it works fine. I like the 4 button layout. I get confused af whenever I have to use my friend's SGS2(2.3.6), I hate the layout of the 3 buttons.