OrangePixel (the geniuses behind Meganoid and Stardash) released a new game to the Market today, bringing a retro-inspired side-scrolling shooter to Android with Neoteria.

In the words of OrangePixel, Neoteria is a shmup: a classic horizontal shoot em up. The game relies on a quick thumb, meaning players will need to have plenty of finger strength to shoot through the thousands of aliens and multiple, 80s-inspired environments Neoteria offers.

OrangePixel warns that "100% completion is not for the weak or casual gamer," noting that as players progress, they can unlock new pilots and difficulty modes, or discover hidden worlds.

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Besides being a fun, dynamic time waster, Neoteria is optimized for the Xperia PLAY, making its button-mashing gameplay that much more versatile.

While the full version of Neoteria will cost about $2.64 in the Android Market, OrangePixel offers a free version for those who want to take the nostalgic shooter for a test drive first. If you're looking for a retro-inspired shooter requiring minimal time investment, Neoteria is definitely worth a shot. Just click through the Market link below and grab the download.