Yesterday, HTC dropped a teaser on their Facebook page: a vector outline of a phone with an HTC logo and a big "5" in the center and a caption of "This Sunday you'll discover something fast." With 5 days to go until MWC began, we took a few stabs at what it could mean. Today, the company has followed up with a "4" teaser image on their Facebook, with the caption of "This Sunday, you'll hear something authentic."


I'm going to go out on a limb here and do some speculation, so take everything with a major grain of salt. Yesterday's "fast" caption made sense, and coupled with the 5 total cores in the Tegra 3 and the leaks we've seen in regards to a Tegra 3-powered HTC phone coming to MWC, that bit makes sense. On its own, the "4" teaser could mean two things: either Android 4.0 (duh) or Sense 4.0. Throw in the "authentic" in the caption, though, and... well, I'm not really sure if HTC knows what that word means, because I've never heard it used in regards to a phone as a couple of people pointed out in the comments, likely means Beats audio integration (duh on my part). In any case, I'd also like to point out that the vector image of a phone shown above pretty clearly has room for capacitive buttons, as we're reportedly going to find on the Edge/Endeavor.

My guess: HTC is teasing the Edge/Endeavor. What are your thoughts?

[Source: HTC Singapore's Facebook]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • B.G

    At first I thought that 5 was the number of phones that HTC would release in a year. Only 5 models.

    Silly me.

  • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody Toombs

    Authentic almost certainly means Beats Audio. I'm seeing a Tegra 3 phone with Beats...We'll see what other details are to come.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Good call, that definitely makes sense. But how does it relate to "4"?

      • Dustin Graves

        4 days until MWC?

        • Aaron Gingrich

          Correct. I meant does the 4 relate to the authentic/Beats thing.

      • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody Toombs

        Are we really sure that the numbers matter at all? It could just be a countdown and nothing more. Strictly speaking, "Something Fast" and tying the 5 to the 5 cores of the Tegra 3 could just be coincidence. Hate to say it, but HTC has never had the marketing chops of Apple and subtle hints were never their strong suit.

        If we're really looking for meaning of '4' in this case, possibly it's a reference that we can't understand yet. Maybe a feature or part of the promotion will involve 4 bands, 4 free songs, etc.

        Actually, it occurs to me, they could be planning to announce a high resolution screen at 4". That too would relate to being authentic, and it's really the only magic use of '4' that I can think of. If any number in the countdown is going to relate to screen size (no reason that has to happen), it would be 4 (sure isn't going to be 3, and 5 is still bigger than HTC seems to be interested in going).

  • Brandon

    Authentic to me means a possible new "Nexus" phone being produced by HTC? Although surely Google wouldn't release a new one so soon... or would they?

  • St

    I am also guessing "hear something authentic" has something todo with audio / sound....

  • Dustin Graves

    Aha, ok. I was just seeing the numbers as a countdown not directly related to the captions.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Gotcha. Could be - at this point, who knows? :)

  • Jake Weisz

    Sounds like it's just a countdown to MWC and people are looking for way too much meaning in it.

  • Søren Resbo

    4 inch screen?!

  • L boogie

    Could wonder if sense 4.0 is going to be paired with the new S4 krait chip along with ICS on Htc products being unveiled at mwc

    • Aaron Gingrich


  • Ben

    This is a reference to the number of new entries into the EVO line that are not the EVO 2. HTC will swear that all of these are also flagship phones in case of them turns out to be well received.

    They are as follows:

    EVO Shift 4G 2-
    This will be the first Android powered smartphone to ever have TWO physical qwerty keyboards. Take that Kyocera Echo.

    EVO 5G-
    This is not the EVO 2. It is simply the same EVO 4G that rocked the market two years ago to a new standard of smartphone. They simply have a sticker on the back that says 5G. The phone will actually simply be refurbished EVOs, which will come with pre-cracked screens so you do not need to worry about breaking it.

    EVO 4D 4G-
    This is a refresh of the EVO 3D. It has a small fan on the front which will blow small puffs of air at you like in those horrible 4D movies at theme parks.

    Finally, the EVO Design 4G-
    This phone has actually been available for quite some time now, but it is not selling well so they are going to "relaunch" it using the same name and changing nothing and hoping nobody calls them on it.

    • Samu

      Lmao that was too funny

  • or8it

    And if tomorrow is number 3 I expect we'll have lots of assumptions they mean Tegra 3 and then on Saturday when it reads 2 the disappointment they can only mean a dual core!

    Its simply a countdown, nothing more.