While Box has been offering perks (like additional storage) to particular handset manufacturers for a while now, the majority of Android users have had to settle for what Box offers to the masses for free: 5GB. That changes today, however, because with the latest update, Box decided to throw a bone to every Android user who downloads the app within the next month and give up 50GB of free cloud storage for the duration of the user's account life.

The updated app brings some new features to the scene, including the ability to view and add comments on files, invite others to collaborate on files, an improved uploader, an updated interface with support for ICS, and the addition of German, Spanish, French, and Italian languages.

android-insitu-phone-comment-large android-insitu-phone-invite-collaborators-large android-insitu-phone-upload-confirm-medium

To celebrate this new release and boatloads of free storage, Box has also teamed up with Samsung to give away 20 Galaxy Tabs and Box Enterprise packages to go along with them. For more details on entry requirements, check out this link.

Once you're finished entering to win a new Tab, hit the widget below and grab the updated app to score your free 50GB of storage.

Cameron Summerson
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  • Dan

    Does this have the same 100mb upload limit as the touchpad account version

    • James

      Looks like it. I just registered an account, and in my account settings I see the following line under Account Information:

      Max file size: 100 MB — Upload files up to 2GB, view upgrade options

      I have to agree with the other comments that this is kind of restrictive. But if you're not working with files that large, I suppose this service would be OK. As noted, I just signed up, so I don't have personal experience using the service yet.

  • Eric

    The file size upload limit makes box almost worthless when compared to other similar services.

  • sgtguthrie

    It doesn't really matter though. Without desktop clients like dropbox uses, it's too much of a pain in the ass to use. I've had 50gb since the Touchpad firesale, but used 0! If you go to the box.net support forums, all you see are people saying this same thing, and box.net agents saying the clients are for corporate accounts only. WORTHLESS!!!

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      This. Dropbox isn't going anywhere any time soon for me and anyone who tries Box. Box is good for sharing some files, but it's not a good replacement for a desktop syncing app. Plus with limits, it's quite useless for that. At least in the free version.

    • BK Phil

      Ditto. 50GB that I'm not quite sure what to do with. Have tried to make use of it a few times, but got so frustrated with limitations of web interface that I just gave up.
      If some kind of sync was available, it would be great.
      They are probably shooting themselves in the foot by not offering free sync, as people try it and walk away. Meanwhile, after living with their free products, I am now paying both Dropbox (love love love) and SugarSync (great, but somewhat kludgy setup) for their services.

  • Sam

    50gb is of no use if file upload limit is less and also no point because folders cannot be uploaded.

  • Ben

    Unfortunately it does not look like this adds an additional 50GB if you got the 50GB from the TouchPad promotion. Lame. Come on guys no one will ever use that space with the current size limitation.

    Seriously, this is tantamount to FDIC only applying to funds that were accumulated one dime at a time.

    After getting my 5GB free with the Dropbox beta I have all the cloud storage I need for the time being.

  • Joe C

    Wow...I can't upload folders from my phone. I thought OK, that sucks but whatever...I'll manually check the boxes for all my titanium backups and nandroid backups. Wrong....the 100 mb file limit makes this worthless to me.
    Good concept - too many restrictions

  • JK

    100 mb max upload.....hah. Sorry, already have a no limit upload place to store the mass of my pictures. Google Music takes all of my music no problems. Large files and backups I can goto dropbox for, also with its no limit comes no problems. What does box offer me again? Change your limitations and really watch the masses swarm.

  • Mark L

    Wow, this is great. 50GB for free. I just made a new account right now. Thanks for the tip

  • rnscotch

    Hmmm Can't download saying not compatible with HTC Sensation... wtf??

    • Drew

      Works with my Sensation

  • Warren

    No true desktop solution and a file size cap. Thanks but no thanks... Dropbox is keeping its users... although I'd like to know what Google Drive has in store.

  • Snorski

    Box.net account can be mapped on your computer. I found out about it a while back. Try searching for in on lifehacker.com

  • sriracha

    and the "contest" is based on votes.. lameo. i have 100GB of Box storage and still use Dropbox daily. Box makes cloud storage cumbersome and too involved. at least now i can upload in bulk..

    and if you run multiple Box accounts, your downloaded data gets lost when you sign out/sign in to your other account. make sure you move your data!

  • Ryan B

    Thanks for the tip AP.

    For me, Dropbox is still (far and away) my primary for both cloud repository, as well as collaborating. That being said, this could be handy to have as an overflow.

  • Kyle

    All I use cloud storage for is quick downloads to my phone and tablet instead of using a usb cable. Would be nice if it stacked on top of the 50GB I had already, but alas I knew it wouldn't happen. Nice update to the app though.

  • Robert

    Well, I thought about registering but won't bother. File size limits and other issues won't make me leave Dropbox (which is supported in ES File Explorer making my life a million times simpler).

    • Freak4Dell

      Box is also supported in ES File Explorer.

      But yes...the file size limits ensure that I won't be using my 50GB. Not that I use cloud storage all that much anyway, but I already have DropBox set up for the rare occasions that I do use it, and that's not changing.

  • thecraw

    its nice and everything but if you want to sync it with your desktop you need to upgrade to a PRO version!!

  • Tyler C

    I've been using Dropbox for the past several months and love how convenient it is.
    I have had my box.net account for several weeks too but havent actually made use of it yet, but it's hard to pass up 50GB for mobile devices.

  • Do3in

    Use FolderSync to make backups in Box. Photos, recordings, messages.
    And, Box have an app for desktop: GPdesktopbackup...

  • BC

    50 GB of free, but unencrypted storage - looks like only paid Enterprise accounts fully secure your data.

  • Jaymoon

    Box is so weird. I've had an account for... 3, maybe 4 years now(?), and store files here and there.

    For some reason though, logging in to this app with my account, no 50GB has been credited. Is this offer only for new accounts?

    Also, I know there is a 15MB upload cap through the website, apparently a 100MB upload cap through this app... yet I just uploaded a 250MB ROM, and it completed just fine.