As the Mobile World Congress approaches, it's about that time for companies to start spreading the word about what they'll be showing off this year. Google is taking the "We'll let our past work speak for itself" approach to building hype. "For a taste of what's in store," Google says on Twitter, "check out this video from last year:"

This booth was so incredible last year it got its own round of coverage. Slides, smoothies, games, giant Androids, and demos of everything Google had to offer in 2011. If Google's booth is even half as amazing this year as it was last year, it should be the highlight of the show. We don't normally get excited by twelve-month-old news, but as we gear up to cover the year's biggest mobile gathering, it's hard to not get a little enthusiastic after seeing last year's attractions again.

Google's been pretty quiet since the release of Ice Cream Sandwich. We haven't heard much about Google's plans for tablets lately, nor do we know much about Jellybean, the first version of Android after the unification of tablets and phones. What do you expect/hope to see at MWC 2012?

Source: @Android

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Alex Morgan

    I hope to hear Google X ideas, as well as Android&Home ;)

  • Micah Madru

    I would kill to get access to MWC! It's like a dream vacation for me lol.

    [In case any government agency is monitoring me, the term "would kill" is used very loosely.]

    • J-Dog

      love the "PS" :)

      And yes, I'd love to go to MWC as well... CES and i/o too!

      Heck, I'd prob' get a geekgasm if I got to go to Apple's WWDC... Though hopefully I don't get any texts during causing my beloved Droid phone to shout out "DROID!" NO I DO NOT WANT TO DRINK YOUR KOOL-AID!

    • reala

      I know right that would be the bomb.

      [In case any government agency is monitoring me, the term "bomb" is used very loosely.]

  • Simon Belmont

    Project Majel! I really want to hear about that.

    I know we probably won't see it until Google I/O 2012 in June. A sneak peak would be awesome though!

  • reala

    They should just call it Google/Android World Congress.