Well, that didn't take long. Not hours after ASUS released a tool to unlock the Transformer Prime's bootloader, we get word that ClockworkMod Recovery is available for the quad-core tablet. According to the source link, the team has been working on CWM for the Prime for a while but without an unlocked bootloader, they couldn't test it. Now that the device is wide open, it's time to get your custom recovery on.


As if that wasn't enough, though, the team behind the custom recovery is also teasing CyanogenMod 9 on the tablet. No downloads are available for this one, yet, but we get a nice two-minute demonstration of the tablet running the custom ROM. It doesn't look finished quite yet, but definitely promising. Check the video out below.

Check out the source link for downloads and instructions for CWM, and stay tuned for more info on CM9 for the Transformer Prime.

Sources: Androidroot.mobi (1), (2)

Thanks IEF!

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Sweet! My TP is finally growing up.

  • Drewskeetz

    About time. This is what ive been waiting for =)

  • Deltaechoe

    Hey look that guy has a galaxy nexus also /offtopic

  • klasdjflaksdjfla

    how come they never released an official cwm for the OG transformer? All we have is an unofficial port that doesn't have rom manger support and it pretty much sucks.

    • Dandmcd

      No Honeycomb source meant no ROM's like CM or MIUI I believe was the main reason.

      If the dev's haven't already returned their Prime's, I hope to see some progress within the next few days, this is simply incredible. I'm sure the first KANG alpha for CM9 will be pushed out in a day or 2 knowing how crazy fast these guys work!

      Please give me Cornerstone, dev's, I'll be happy to donate to get this amazing new software!

  • cramleir

    Don't forget Lilstevie is already teasing ubuntu :)