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After ASUS's Singapore Facebook stated an Android 4.0 OTA would be hitting the OG Transformer as late as March, it now seems that ASUS UK's Facebook page is indicating that said update will be landing in the next week:

A quick refresher on the TF101 ICS Update that you are all so patiently waiting for. Our engineers are working hard on getting this ready for you as soon as possible and are still aiming for a February release. As always as soon as we hear any further news or a definitive date we will let you know.

ASUS UK Facebook

While different regions do have differing release time frames for various reasons (eg, language support), you'd think ASUS would go about announcing this sort of information in a way that might be slightly, uh, organized. Still, good news for Transformer owners holding out for some Android 4.0 action, given that they've been waiting since CES.

We'll see if ASUS makes good on this promise in the coming week.

ASUS UK Facebook via AndroidCommunity

David Ruddock
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    Keep your fingers crossed

  • jake

    I keep hoping for a release date for the US. I have no issues with hc on my og tf101... but i would like Chrome and some of th little features of ICS.

  • PB

    Any word about those of us with the Slider?

    • reala

      Im willing to bet its the same. They are using the term interchangabley meaning it will be pushed to the slider at the same time as the TF101. If I had to guess. When did you get the last update?

  • Benjamen

    At least it is getting an update. I would take a delay over no update any day.

  • http://www.iwriteaboutit.com Tom

    I don't trust ASUS anymore..

    • Fone_Fanatic

      Really? Yeah they missed their intended release but at least they're keeping there customers informed.

      Take a look at Dell and how they handled the releases for the streak, they did so bad that it makes Asus look like kings!

  • Tim Sheppard

    Gimme Gimme, I have (an unofficial) ICS on my LG Optimus 2x and it is storming (apart from known issues). Can't wait to get the speed increase on my Transformer. However, I won't be going Chrome Browser as it does not support 'User Agents'. I'll stay with Dolphin thanks!

  • https://www.facebook.com/ASUS James Hooper

    ICS update for TF101 now available in Taiwan. Soon for the rest of us

  • Denbo

    Thanks Artem for keeping us up to date.

  • http://thinkspurlove.blogspot.com David

    Facebook page for North America says tomorrow (24th)! Please be true!!!