Early last month, it was revealed to much outcry that the Transformer Prime had a locked bootloader. Angry customers took to the forums to vent and started a petition to get Asus to change its stance. And just 24 hours later, that's what happened, with Asus promising an unlock tool down the road.

Today Asus delivered, with the unlock tool hitting the TP's support site:

2012-02-22 08h14_58

TL;DR: Caveat emptor.

The company strongly suggests customers stay away from unlocking the bootloader, stating:

You also acknowledge ASUS does not guarantee service satisfaction to any Revised Product, including events involving paid service requested by you to be performed to the Revised Product.

Furthermore, such repaired Revised Product will not be covered under the warranty of the Original Product; the software of the repaired Revised Product will not be deemed the software of the Original Product and will not receive ASUS software updates.

It is strongly advised that you avoid activating this App unless you fully understand and accept the risks that may arise.

Still interested even though you can't go to Asus if you make an oopsie? Hit up the source link below to download the unlocker, and get modding!

[Source: Asus Support. Thanks for the tip, Daniel M.!]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBY6GY8G5lg&hd=1&list=PLFA87501087653A16 wwjoshdew

    I'm very tempted to do this! And I made a video pretty much talking about what you did in the post.

  • Drewskeetz


    The link above is for CWM Recovery for the Asus PRIME. It's almost FLASHING TIME!! =D

  • Citrus Rain

    That moment when you kick yourself harder because they announced the new model right after you got the old model.

    Feels bad, android.

    • Drewskeetz


      You have the OG Transformer? No worries I have the OG Evo while upgraded versions flew right over me. Everyones Prime time is different, now that my contract is almost up its about time to upgrade though I love the Evo since day 1. I'll keep it for tethering or something..=)

  • Drewskeetz


    Cyanogenmod 9 for the TFP!!! This is my kind of Wednesday +1

    • Drewskeetz

      Not out yet but within a couple days we will see CM9 on our Primes.

  • Sorian

    Correct me if I am wrong, but all this is is an APK. Unless this app installs into a protected section on the OS, how would they know if you used it after a system wipe?

    • AC

      The .apk runs tools that modify the bootloader, which is independent from the installed OS.

  • AC

    ASUS is handling this exactly how it should be: perfectly. Lock it down for common users so nothing goes bonkers, and let modders mod to their hearts' content.

    Other manufacturers are doing this as well, but many aren't.

  • http://www.iwriteaboutit.com Tom

    PLEASE ASUS unlock our TF101!!!!

  • http://portablepirates.com marc

    and my TF101 still locked down
    no CM9 for it and they already working for prime oh i dont even wanna roll my eyes

  • Deltaechoe

    I haven't had the chance to take an in depth look at this apk, but hopefully this is a real unlock and not like the stupid HTC dev bullshit where it's not anywhere close to a true unlock, just slightly (very slightly) elevated permissions and a voided warranty

  • Drewskeetz

    Oh wow I thought the OG TF was unlocked already...jeez