Earlier today, Canonical announced Ubuntu for Android, an incredible new system that will put a full desktop OS on your Android-powered phone. Now, one employee has taken the time to show us just a little bit of what Ubuntu for Android is capable of, and it's nothing short of awesome. Check it out:


As if we weren't excited enough after the initial announcement, seeing it in action really makes us want to get our hands on this and give it a whirl. Anyone at Canonical ready to hook Android Police up with some beta software?

On a side note, anyone happen to notice that all of the screenshots on the official Ubuntu for Android page display 12:04 as the time? Could mean something big for Precise Pangolin...

[via OMG! Ubuntu!; Thanks, CVR!]

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://www.swehes.com Hans-Erik (@swehes)

    I wished it didn't have the requirement of dual core. My Vibrant would really want to take this for a spin!

    • Brando212

      I'm sure it wouldn't run very good at all on a single core, which is probably why there is a dual-core minimum requirement

  • Brando212

    Oh man this is awesome, I WANT IT, and I don't even have an android phone yet lol

  • George C

    It's essentially dual booting... While cool, I'd rather an actual Android Desktop experience that'd it go into, not another OS. I want a desktop for my phone... but android, not Ubuntu.

    • Ray

      Get yourself an HD2 and then head here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=983. Problem solved.

    • http://www.efetech.com.ar Federico

      You need Jelly bean, you will have to wait from 4 to 10 moths

    • Jon

      Not dual booting in ym opinion. Once you plug it in, it instantly goes to Ubuntu. If you take it off again, it goes right back to Android. They are running alongside each other so its not like one OS shuts down and stops while thge other runs. It will probably jsut tone down and slow down to the background.

      • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

        Agreed, this isn't a dual boot at all. Ubuntu has a background service running that simply detects when it's been docked. This is definitely a good idea, I've thought many times that this is something that should exist, and it's a lot better than the speculation running around that Ubuntu was creating a completely separate Mobile OS. As long as it doesn't chew up battery life while not in use and if they can optimize it a bit more, this COULD be the first step to truly throwing away a desktop/laptop and just relying on your phone for everything (disclaimer: not for everybody, ymmv, you are the exception...ie, don't flame me, I'm talking about casual users, not geeks or gamers).

    • Uwe

      It's not dual booting at all. Just like Webtop, there is a separate X server and window manager that uses an HDMI video driver to display its interface on the TV. You could theoretically run Android on the phone display and X on the TV at the same time, unless there are some hardware limitations on various phones. Android itself is essentially an X server and WM combination running on top of Linux, with all Android apps written against the API of this specific "WM" if you will.

  • Kree Terry

    Shut up and take my money, oh wait itll prob (fingers crossed) be free. Id still pay for this though.

  • Kevin

    Looks cool but I dont think I would ever have a need for it. Good for people without a PC

    • Paulo

      Think about this: My computer at work is locked to everything that is no related to my job, but my monitor has a hdmi port free! And i secretely discovery the guest's wifi password. Sum all this with my Razr and this news and i had free acess to youtube and 9gag!!!

  • strra

    lol applanet in his dock

  • http://gadgetstip.com/iwatch-2-concept-design-looks-amazing/ aatif

    This looks Awesome !! I want one :)

  • memememe

    This with the phone working as a touchpad, with keyboard. Me want!

  • Hussain Al-Khalaf


    (This video is private)

  • http://androlib.blog.hu Yarner

    Hey, the video's gone! It was made "private" after I first watched it... Heck, just when I was about to share it...

  • Adam


    If someone doesn't like it/think it's useful...then why would anyone take the time to comment on it?

    Either you are saying it IS worth your time or your time is worthless and so it doesn't matter what you do. :)

  • http://brianglewis.com Brian

    I understand that you need HDMI out. Any word on if this will work with a Galaxy Nexus via an MHL adapter?