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Update: Here's the Market changelog, which brings a few more tweaks in the update to light:

  1. Swipe shortcut
  2. Improved scrolling and network performance
  3. Improved support for devices running Ice Cream Sandwich devices
  4. Confirmation dialog for Find Friends
  5. Security improvements
  6. New languages: Filipino, Simplified Chinese
  7. Many other bug fixes, improvements, and polish

The official Twitter for Android app just received a substantial update, and you can download it from the web Market now, or wait until it's available on the device Market in the next hour. Twitter posted a changelog on its blog, but here are the excerpts you'll be interested in:

  • Swipe shortcut: Swipe a Tweet in your home timeline to reply to, retweet, favorite or share it, or view the Twitter user’s profile, without leaving your timeline.
  • “Find friends”: We’ve added a confirmation alert when you select “Find friends”. This notification more clearly and explicitly messages the fact that when you upload your contacts’ email addresses and phone numbers, you can quickly find which of your friends are on Twitter (that is, if they’ve chosen to be discoverable by email or phone number).
  • New devices: Twitter for Android is now optimized to run on Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich, as well as on the Kindle Fire (available today through the Amazon Appstore) and the Barnes & Noble NOOK Color and NOOK Tablet (available February 23 though the Barnes & Noble NOOK Store).

Basically, global changes include a minor gesture feature, plus a disclosure that Twitter will be uploading your contacts to their servers if you use the "Find friends" option.


But if you're on Android 4.0, something much more important has changed: hardware acceleration. Oh yes indeed - if you're on Ice Cream Sandwich, you'll notice the Twitter app is now buttery smooth, just as it always should have been. In addition, Robot font support has been added, so it's a whole lot more readable now.

Kindle Fire owners can now use the official Twitter app as well, downloadable via the Amazon Appstore.

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  • http://orvtech.com orvtech

    there are also bug fixes that will translate in prolonging battery juice on the long run.

    • David Ruddock

      Do you have a source for that? Twitter's official changelog says nothing about improved battery life.

      • http://orvtech.com orvtech

        most of the time bugs waist CPU cycles and extra I/Os that tend to be expensive for the battery.

        PD: all this is my personal opinion.

  • Leif

    To bad it still doesn't have an own Android UI. The Bar on the top is such a waste of space for just one button and it's still not using Androids fragments to offer a good ui on tablets.

    Will keep using Tweetcaster

  • Jose

    Didn't they have the swipe gesture a few months ago?

    • Kree Terry

      yea but when they did the last major overhaul they got rid of it. Still might just got back to tweetdark, gonna try it any way though lol

      • Jose

        Oh ok. I thought so but wasn't sure since there's been a few updates since the first time I swiped and nothing happened....that is to say that I've long since given up on the gesture and thought I had hallucinated it.

  • http://zerp.ly/blairward Blair

    hm... doesn't look like the update is available in the web market quite yet either. definitely interested in trying out the new processing on the Gnex once it's available, though.

  • http://Twitter.com/Dr_MBambi DarknesSx

    Buttery SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTH on my Nexus at last!!!!!!!!!

    My life is now complete.. xD

    Thank you for reporting.. it didn't notify me with an update for some reason.

    (Since we're in the subject, follow me (click the name) if you like.. :D not promising anything WOWy but it's fun to get new real people to talk to :D)

  • Danny

    No 4.0 contacts-api support yet?

  • will

    still cant get my contacts to sync on my gnex ;_;

  • http://twitter.com/jd092 jd092

    Until it's tablet optimized I have no use for it, I will stay with Tweetcaster which is buttery smooth and uses the whole screen efficiently.

  • Nick

    This is still one of the worst Twitter apps.

  • Scott Oldfield

    Sooooo nice on ICS! Smooth scrolling and and "pull to refresh". Now if they could only integrate features from TweetDeck...

  • Umberto

    Finally it's a bit more usable! Had been waiting for this. Shame it's still laggy in the 'Discover' section...at least I can view my tweets smoothly

  • http://idante.ro Dan P.

    Yes. Finally! With this update Twitter is running smooth.

    Still is the only Twitter app who instantly delivers the mentions without the pain of refresh interval shit!

    Now is more usable!

  • SiliconAddict

    Nope. No fragmentation problems here. *closes the hood* carry on.

    • SiliconAddict

      PS- For those who actually need it to tell. ;P

  • http://twitter.com/MKChris MKChris

    Has it broken anyone else's notifications? Mine have stopped since I updated...

  • raul

    I don't seem to get any notifications after the update. Any reason for this?

  • KB

    how do you switch between profiles on ICS?

    I don't see the menu button to select the option anymore.

  • Rehan Ahmed

    Having problem with Twitter for Android, I am not able to upload a pic cause their is no options menu to set the pic uploading service as before!