I have to apologize. For what, you're asking? For not publishing this video 15 minutes sooner, mostly due to being incapacitated by convulsive laughter that resulted from watching it.

What we have here today is probably the most hysterical unofficial review of the Galaxy Note any phone, ever. Of course, I welcome you to beat it (just leave a link in the comments), but my memory does not have a record of a performance that could rival this one by ELPRESADOR.

I won't spoil it for you further. Just watch. It's pure gold.

In Eric's words: "I want to hear this guy do football commentary."

Via Reddit

Artem Russakovskii
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  • Caleb B



    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      That was the best part.

      • Rob

        Nu-uh, did you hear his laugh?! I laughed at him laughing!

        • New_Guy

          How about him actually throwing the 4S =D!!!

  • http://justreboot.wordpress.com deidein

    finally lost it when he started cackling swiping through the app drawer... oh god lol

  • http://www.mycellife.net Bradley

    Loved it. Guy is hilarious. The future is here, brought to you by Samsung.

  • Adam

    (mad cackling)

    Pure gold is right!

  • Jason Kennedy Watson

    Some one give this man a job. I want my tech news from this guy

  • http://Www.bitmovil.com Ed_Marin

    My god lollolololol is like a modern Steve Ballerina xD
    I almost cry laughing is a genius! Now I surely want to update my galaxy S II with a galaxy note!

    I mean, is the iPhone killer's killer!

    • http://Www.bitmovil.com Ed_Marin

      Steve Ballmer I meant :P fraking swype

      • Devin

        Steve Ballerina is way funnier anyhow :P

  • http://www.theandroidsite.com Ben Marvin

    "Look at dat, look at it, look at dis thing, look at it, look at it, look at this thing, look at it"

  • Glenn

    Lol! I'm gonna go pick myself a Note and become the next Leonardo da Vinci.

    • http://Www.bitmovil.com Ed_Marin

      XD lol best comment xD

  • OldChicagoPete

    Hire. This. Man.

  • Freak4Dell

    That's it. AndroidPolice must hire him.

  • Mike

    "Here's the iPhone 4 right here so you can't call me an Apple racist."


  • Juan

    Lol this guy should be a commentator on next year's Madden

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    I'd like to point out that nobody yet contested this entry for the best phone video review. I win.

  • Randy

    He mentions that he could start his car with it... I actually do have an app for that.

  • http://www.grantbarker.com Grant Barker

    Good Stuff! Rock `n' Roll brother!

  • Noreen

    I love this guy's enthusiasm for the Samsung Galaxy Note! (Also, I'm happy for him.) Can you imagine him as a customer service representative??? I hope he does more reviews.

  • Mr.SoloDolo

    Done like a BOSS !

  • chris31jct

    When he said the "squirt... the screen"! That's what she said? LOL

  • http://facebook.com/mikeiscore MikeIsCore

    El PRESADOR is the shit!? Watch is COD and Battlefield videos... HILARIOUS!

  • http://twitter.com/Ramsteinrig Rammstein

    Welcome to Elpresador's fanclub. You guys missed the best of El Pres, which was the console war where he championed the PS3. Now he games exclusively on Xbox, as it was revealed that he was playing both sides against each other. If you like this, you should see his game commentary!

  • Dzenan Palavra

    He never mentioned anything about bottom line

  • dudicus maximus

    Did someone say football?

    ELPRESADOR brings it!


  • Jim Thomson

    Well damn, I'm sold! lol

  • Nick D

    That's hilarious. Reminded me of another funny phone review video. Not as funny as this one, but still well worth a watch.

  • ABN6176

    Concentrated Awesomeness...

    An epic review, indeed. Job well done!

  • Heywud Jabloomeh

    LOLLLLLLL I saw the picture, and immediately recognized who it was. So glad you posted this, I love watchin elpresador videos, he's hilarious.

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com PixelSlave

    Now, let's stop laughing for a second. Then, look at that guy's hand ... the Galaxy Note actually does fit quite nicely on his hand. That makes me think, wouldn't a phone about the size like an iPhone 4/4S look funny inside that guy's hand? Wouldn't it be too girly?

    Why isn't he the person holding the Galaxy Note in the Samsung commercial?

  • reala

    Elpresador will stop at nothing to get his opinion all over the internet. This is nothing compared to his reviews on the Trey Brother Hood vs the Xbox 360 weebles in the console war.

    He also did a review on the old HTC Evo 4g

  • reala

    Ironically the same reason he hates Apples Iphone is the same reason he defends his call of duty fanboyism. Just had to through that out there.

  • snapper

    I can't help but feel like this is meant to be a parody of Flossy Carter's phone reviews.

  • James

    I need a nap after watching that!!

  • Jigabits

    The guy was annoying. He spent over 6 minutes repeating over and over what he said in the first minute. He's loud and excited, I get it. The Note is a cool phone. If I didn't legally marry my Galaxy Nexus, the Note would be my babe.

  • funk

    Hahaha... holly. Sh!t that was amazing. I already own the Note otherwise I would go buy one after watching this. Lol this guys vids always crack me up. With that said... seriously, the note IS badass. Get one.

  • hugobosslives

    made my day. cheers AP

  • Widget21

    hahaha...that Note must have cost him a few bobs...you can tell he can't afford central heating anymore!

  • haragog

    He does have a point... The iPhone has one of the best mobile OS, best in some aspects, second best in another. But the hardware is laughably stagnant...
    Though on the Note, it's for farmers hands... Sorry about that! :P

  • Brian



  • Cole

    IS he sponsored by Under Armour? If not, he should be.

  • DavidR

    Man, y'all are easily amused. Watched 2:30 of it, not a chuckle. Didn't waste any more time. To each his own, I guess.

  • jam

    Guess you have to be an American to get this. Its a fat bloke in a hat shouting. Why's he wearing a hat indoors, maybe if he spent less money on gadgets he have money to pay his heating bill.

    • Dan

      This. Hilarious? Only if you like laughing at mentals or poor people.

  • Carol

    Great phone with an extremely old/updated OS.
    Sorry... I don't buy things based *ONLY* on screen size alone.

  • William N.

    Well its ELPRESADOR. what did you guys really expect? you must have never seen him on the net. this is only 1 of many many videos he has. almost all of them are worth watching if you never seen him before.

  • Wil Alarcon



  • Josh

    he should review every phone from now on! LOL!!!

  • L

    I am not at all humor-impaired, but I don't to the slightest degree understand why this review is funny.

  • http://www.peanutbrittlesatellite.com Shawn

    "That is my review on the Samsung Galaxy Note album." actually made me ROFL. Gold.

  • {JPM}

    Ben Roethlisberger really likes that phone