Today has been a busy day in the world of rooting – we've already seen root access given to the Xoom Family Edition and the LG Spectrum. The Galaxy Note, slated for official release tomorrow (but already in the hands of some eager pre-order customers) has also been granted root today, thanks to Da_G over at XDA. The method appears to be similar to the Epic 4G Touch's original root procedure, and requires just a couple of quick Odin commands.


For detailed instructions on rooting AT&T's new phablet, and to download the necessary files, just click through the source link below, and start enjoying the power of root access on your new Galaxy Note.

Source: XDA Forums

Liam Spradlin
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  • Stephen

    Well, that was fast.

    • http://gadgetstip.com/root-motorola-xyboardxoom-2-method-by-dan-rosenberg/ aatif

      It was really really fast !!


    Hadn't these been rooted for months? My friend rooted his the day he got it.

  • Henkel5

    Hi! I'm having a problem, I "rooted" my galaxy note, and odin said it passed! but when I try using Titanium backup it says "root access failed", what do I do???

  • jobmichael

    make sure you install superuser after the boot so you can give titanium backup super user authority. I just rooted mine this morning and is working fine with titanium backup