The poor, neglected Galaxy S series of phones may have earned Samsung a reputation for being slow to update their devices, especially here in the states. Today, however, a build of Ice Cream Sandwich for the Epic 4G Touch was leaked that suggests Samsung is making decent progress on the ICS front. So, while Sammy may be a touch on the slow side, at last they're working on it! That's something, right?

QBKing77 has put together a 16-minute walkthrough video of the build demonstrating all the major ICS features running on an E4GT including continuous voice-transcription, face-unlock, the new multitasking carousel, and swipe-to-dismiss notifications and apps. We also see that the multitasking carousel appears by long-pressing the Home key, so don't panic about the lack of on-screen buttons.

The build, however, is still not quite ready for prime time. For starters, the big feature that everyone loves most about ICS—its facelift—hasn't been touched at all. Some parts of the UI aren't finished. For example, the network icon changes between two different style icons. Some settings use the ICS-style buttons, while others look exactly like TouchWiz on Gingerbread. It's very likely that Samsung is still working on UI improvements.

If that wasn't enough to convince you this isn't final, the build number here is "FB09 test-keys." Clearly this isn't something Samsung is ready to drop on the public any time soon. It's encouraging, however, that Samsung is not only working on updates for the SGSII line of phones, but also for the typically-neglected US variants. Now if only it can keep the rest of its devices up to date, we'll be golden.

Check out ACSyndicate for more info plus a download if you're feeling bold and want to try out the test build for yourself.

Thanks Shawn!

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • slurms mckenzie

    damn it i want ics for my tmo gs2. hopefully this means the other gs2's arent too far off

  • Tim

    i still hate touchwiz :(

    • E.Graul

      I agree! I love me some vanilla Android! But had to get me the SGSII Epic! I have Go Launcher to ease my pain... :)

  • devilEYE

    This is a test release so its buggy as hell. First ICS leak for original SGS2 (i9100) also was buggy, but now (im on 5th or 6th leak) and it's much better, smoother & faster. Still no blue notification icons or other stuf like on "vanilla ICS" but its ok, i hope they add it sooner or later.

  • Shawn

    No prob AP staff, just glad to see the info and love being spread to the masses. Thought you guys have a great following that deserved to know.
    (surprised I can't "log in" here to comment with G+!)

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      The G+ API is not out yet, so there's no way to attach G+ comments the way you can attach, say, FB comments.

  • LSH

    Touchwiz is terrible. I picked up a Galaxy Tab 10.1 on the cheap (~$320); and though I think it's an ok device, if I had the option to do it over again, I'd gladly pay $200 more for the TPrime just knowing that it doesn't have Touchwiz. Yuck.

    • reala

      Aww comon now it aint that bad. It could be sense and bog the whole system down.