Over the weekend, Acer started pushing the Android 4.0 update to the Iconia Tab A200. Yesterday, Acer ANZ announced that the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Iconia Tab A500 would be rolling out in April in Australia and New Zealand. Today, in an attempt to roll a turkey, Acer America followed suit and announced the ICS update for not only the A500, but the A100 along with it:

It's good to see Acer providing a [somewhat] timely update, especially to the seemingly forgotten 7-inch A100. Here's to hoping that this update arrives delay-free!

Update: Acer just sent out an official presser that provides a few more details about the ICS update for both the A100 and A500. For starters, the update will include Acer's new Acer Ring feature (which is already on the A200) that allows quick access to apps, the ability to quickly post update to social networks, grab a screenshot, and a lot more just b simple tapping the center of the notification bar.

As for Acer's other modifications to Android 4.0, users will also be able to "enjoy an improved weather widget" and "access their favorite apps even when the screen is locked."

Sounds good, Acer. Bring it.


Acer Transitions Popular Iconia™ Tab Line to Android 4.0 to Give Customers More Features and Capabilities

SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 17, 2012 – Acer America is now updating its award-winning Acer Iconia™ Tab line of tablets with the latest version of Android 4.0 OS (Ice Cream Sandwich).
The update is being pushed to Acer Iconia Tab A200 customers over-the-air now in the United States and will be completed over the following week. The Acer Iconia Tab A100 7-inch tablet and Acer Iconia Tab A500 10-inch tablet will both be updated in April.

With Android 4.0, the Acer Iconia Tab line will provide new features to give customers more usability and enjoyment from their tablets. Customers will notice the improvements right away – including the faster browser, enhanced app and folder management options, more intuitive navigation, and a completely reimaged design that is more polished with enhanced holographic effects. Plus, customers can more easily customize their Acer tablet and will enjoy improved multitasking and switching between tasks. They will also appreciate improved integration with Gmail's email and calendar functions.
“The many enhancements in Android 4.0 OS complement the sleek, powerful and well-designed Acer Iconia Tab tablets to give customers an all-around first-rate experience,” said Paul Tayar, Director Product Marketing – Connected Devices, Acer America. “Customers will experience greater entertainment and productivity with the new capabilities and features on their tablets.”

Features and Enhancements Unique to Acer Tablets
The new update of Android 4.0 also includes several new features that are unique to Acer tablets. The updated tablets will now feature the highly-customizable Acer Ring, making it incredibly natural and easy to get instant access to favorite apps and features. The Acer Ring  can be launched with a single touch and lets customers have quick and easy access to apps, surf the web, capture screen images, post photos and status updates to their social networks, and more.
Customers will also enjoy an improved weather widget and will be able to access their favorite apps even when the screen is locked.

Photos and Video Enhance Memories
Acer Iconia Tab customers will be able to do more with their photos and video thanks to the Android 4.0 update, including improved zoom and the ability to take snapshots while recording video. Customers will also be able to capture better still images and do more with them due to greater image stabilization and improved integration with third party apps.  Both video clips and photos can be enhanced on the fly, stored and searched for based on various tags, and conveniently stored on Google+.


Cameron Summerson
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  • Tim KH

    OMG Cant wait, this wil be so cool.

  • Koehler

    Cool! So the rooted version will be available before June.

  • mitchs

    Got the a100 for under $200 on black Friday. Love it. Glad to hear this.

  • http://twitter.com/jonpeng Jon

    There is already an unofficial ICS rom for the A500, and it runs very well.


    • Koehler

      Have to give that a shot.

  • RichC

    Gee, I only HAVE TO wait 2 months and twiddle my thumbs and keep blowing the dust off my A100 till I can possibly try it again for another week.

  • JAf

    Anything about Packard bell liberty tab g100? It is practicly the same device.

  • chrisarto

    I live in Australia, and own a Acer a200. I can confirm that Acer haven't pushed the new I cs update to Acer a200 user yet. I called Acer today and I cs isn't coming out until April in Australia, however the u.s users are greeting theirs now.
    I was also shocked and confused that when I asked Acer that if I loaded the u.s rom onto my Australian build tab and it didn't function correctly that I would void my warrenty and that they would charge me $229 to flash the original rom back onto it. I asked would they supply me with the original rom and can I download it from a sever considering that I believe I payed for it when I brought the tablet? They said no and said it was because its a OEM version, but still !!! As if I'm going to pay them $229 when I can buy a new one for $350 with $50 cash back, and its not like its hard to do, I would just need the rom.

  • http://www.yermom.com Yermom

    Love my A100 -- HC or ICS. But ICS will be nice :)

  • Azoth

    Thank you Acer for remembering your A50x tablets. I honestly didn't think the A500 would get Ice Cream Sandwich, like my Samsung Galaxy S i9000 (I know it can run ICS, i'm using AOKP and it's nearly perfect)
    Cheers to acer!

  • Kevin

    I upgraded my A200 to ICS and now it doesn't play flash. I bought it to show virtual tours for my work, but need flash to show it. I hate it. I wish I knew how to go back to Gingerbread.

  • DaveW

    Picked up an A100. My first tablet. Overall I like it.
    Disappointed that it restricts Flash Player so I cannot use it on any of my sites to watch video lectures for instance.
    Seems strange since it can purchase movies and watch them.
    Also, Like linux. On my netbook, because it was XP, I can utilize Ubuntu 10.10. (too lazy to upgrade it to 11.10. Probably wait for 12.4. Erase the partition and start over. The point is Ubuntu can utilize Flash. Will this new OS be able to utilize Flash?

  • Cynthia Avey

    I have the Acer Iconia Tab A100 how do I get this update when it comes? TY

  • Lito Santos

    Hello Acer ! good news