A new beta update for Swype has begun rolling out and will hit tester's handsets over the next 72 hours. The big changes, if you couldn't tell by the title, are Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) support and the integration of Dragon GO! - unsurprising, since Swype was purchased by Nuance and Dragon Dictation support has been rolled in since December. Specifically, the update adds functionality to the "Dragon" key which allows users to dictate speech using the infamous engine, as well as launch the Dragon GO! app.

Other improvements include improved prediction accuracy, and a few bugfixes regarding language modeling and dictionaries. They've also added language downloads for WXGA devices, and "enbaled the EMOTICON key in SMS apps (when the app requests it)."

ICS users are instructed to disable Android 4.0's built-in spell checker, as it conflicts with Swype's. They also caution that there may be some bugs for ICS users; that shouldn't come as a surprise - it is still wearing a beta tag, after all.

[Source: Nuance via @Swype]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • swooosh

    what is this version number?

    • Tim


      yes, that's what it shows in the about screen

  • l

    apk pls? swype isn't finding it for me

  • Jim

    I've had update ...7110ensp for at least a month now which included ics compatibility and dragon dictate.
    Forgive me if I'm wrong,i thought i heard about it from AP! Either way, what happened here, gingrich?

  • http://tamcore.eu Philipp

    Using the version for West Europe and got the update before they published the announcement. Works fine.

  • tekrhino

    Swype is going to have all beta testers hooked when it comes out of beta and finally hits the market.. I know I'm hooked, I'm typing this reply with Swype and would must certainly pay for this app.

  • http://all4us5.net Stu Pidaso

    I don't understand why they are saying ICS support. I have ICS with Swype installed and working. I do notsee anything that is not already "supported".

    • Leonid

      That's probably because you use only English. The "Languages download" option wasn't working since ICS came out.

  • dewey1973

    I feel like Swype has really taken a dive in functionality since the integration of Dragon.

  • Nada

    "the infamous engine". Why infamous?

  • Paul

    I don't understand the dragon key. How can it use the Dragon Speech-to-text engine instead of Google's? Doesn't that key just call on some type of API or shortcut that brings up Google's speech-to-text program, which transmits speech to google's servers and the translation is sent back? So how can Swype use a completely different engine? Is the speech translated in-house or is it sent to Dragon's servers and sent back, like how Google does it?

  • Ryan

    The ongoing continuous voice recognition service built in the ice cream sandwich is incredible. Will Dragon dictation actually use their limited voice recognition software that only transcribes in small bites rather than use the ongoing voice recognition an ice cream sandwich? If so, that is a disappointment.

  • http://Stormdroid.us Jeffrey

    Ok... How about a theme that's not fat and ugly to look at? I don't understand why the custom Samsung and Nokia Ovi Swypes can look decent, but their main APK looks ugly as....Donut compared to ICS. Please! Update the looks of the keyboard... Or at least make it theme- friendly again.