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Skype, a hugely practical video (and internet) calling solution, got an update today, bringing the app to version and bringing a few key improvements to the table. The most noticeable improvement in this release is an updated (and enhanced) call interface, adding functionality and panache to the screen every user sees when placing or receiving a call.

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Besides an updated call screen, the latest release also adds much-needed video call compatibility with Samsung's Epic 4G Touch (Sprint's version of the Galaxy SII), as well as enhanced call quality. If you haven't already, hit the Market link below and grab the update while it's hot!

Liam Spradlin
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  • Chris O

    Sounds like a good update; but what about support for modern technology - like bluetooth headsets. I want to be able to have a video chat and have the audio go through the bluetooth headset. This really shouldn't be an issue.

  • http://metalchef.com metalchef

    Either I've already got this version (nothing new or exciting), or it's not showing on the Canadian market yet...(thanks for the post, just the same)

  • http://gadgetstip.com aatif

    I have an affordable tablet ( india ) In which skype don't have video option is this normal ? after looking at this image i can see there is video chat option .. App vary device to device ?

  • TTT

    Take a look at settings. There should be enable video.

  • http://soundcloud.com/spriteman Spriteman

    I've had Skype on my E4GT since the day I bought it.

  • djwasel

    this update messed up the bluetooth, had to return back to old version!!

    • peter

      also messed with speaker-phone option no option for hands-free, so I gave it the boot and re-installed previous version.....glad I backed it up

  • griny

    i own a HTC wild fire wich is not able to make call from skype to skype. Is this release bringing any news for us

  • Bennie

    I have a droid bionic and when I call my wife, she will be on her desktop and we only get audio and no video. I purchased this phone to talk to my daughter who is in the airforce. Could you please help.