Last week, we found out that Apple was bringing a fresh suit against Samsung - specifically, seeking a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus over four patents. Now the official complaint document has been posted by the court, and it turns out the suit is aimed at a lot more than just the beloved GNex, and involves more than the four patents initially mentioned. In fact, Apple explicitly names seventeen Samsung devices and cites eight of its patents.

The patents in question:

2012-02-16 08h42_36

Or, for those of you that prefer things in text (also, so that you can copy and paste them elsewhere for the purpose of mockery):

  • System and method for performing an action on a structure in computer-generated data
  • Universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system
  • Unlocking a device by performing gestures on an unlock image
  • Method, system, and graphical user interface for providing word recommendations
  • Missed telephone call management for a portable multifunction device
  • Graphical user interface using historical lists with field classes
  • Asynchronous data synchronization amongst devices
  • Universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system

The 17(+) devices in question:

2012-02-16 08h52_52

  • Phones
    • US SGSII series: Galaxy S II Skyrocket, Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, Galaxy S II - T-Mobile, Galaxy S II - AT&T
    • Galaxy Nexus
    • Illusion
    • Captivate Glide
    • Exhibit II 4G
    • Stratosphere
    • Transform Ultra
    • Admire
    • Conquer 4G
    • Dart
  • Media Players/Tablets
    • Galaxy Player 4.0 and 5.0
    • Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus and Galaxy Tab 8.9



It's also worth noting Apple also leaves room for other infringing devices ("... at least 17 new infringing smartphones, media players, and tablets.")

So, what does it all mean? Well, for starters (and rather obviously), should Apple succeed on its motion for a preliminary injunction (extremely unlikely), the Samsung products in question couldn't be sold in the US until things were sorted. Then again, if Apple does win, Samsung would undoubtedly appeal the decision, just like Apple did when European courts found that the company infringed on Motorola's 3G patents, thereby gaining some additional breathing room.

But hey, let's hope the suit doesn't really make it anywhere, because let's be honest... the whole lawsuit spaghetti thing is getting old, and is just atrociously bad for innovation and competition.

[Source: Engadget (complaint PDF: mirror 1, mirror 2), FOSS Patents]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • http://androidosc.webs.com/ Milos

    you can patent THAT????

  • http://androidosc.webs.com/ Milos

    Can I patent letter M? ITS MINE NOW, you can choose another one. No one will ever be able to use letter M anymore...buahahahah

    • chrispix

      I am going to patent the letter, i and a and p, l, and e they can't be used in any combination.

      • Drew Nusser

        Dude, you used his letter twice. Better be careful. In other news, I ate an apple for breakfast, so I guess I'd better watch out too.

        • Madoc

          Guys, I patented the pateting of letters. I'm gonna sue your asses off!

    • Sam

      Please can you un-patent that letter! I want to use it and i don't want you to sue... I.

      • http://androidosc.webs.com/ Milos

        Ok you can use it. You asked nice, but others grrrrr

        • Sam

          How about we start a partnership? We can have the only Monopoly, as we'll have all the Ms!


    • http://androidosc.webs.com/ Milos

      And letter M must be removed from all the books.

    • http://sketaful.se Sketaful

      But... But... My name is Ehm... Mikael... :(

      • http://androidosc.webs.com/ Milos

        sorry...my layers will contact yours.. I give you 5 days to change it, and I am in good mood today so I am not going to sue you for using letter M 4 times in your sentence.

  • Rob W

    Wow... 2 questions spring to mind. Don't all android devices do these things because of the OS? If that's the case... Then why is Samsung (the phone manufacture, and only certain phones) the only ones getting hit with patent infringement?
    I have an Infuse, a Samsung product, which was a target at one time, but not anymore... I'm confused by this ordeal, what does Apple truly hope to gain by any of this nonsense, I happen to respect the iPhone for it's advancements in smartphone technology, but even it was built on previous versions and of technology. This, to me, seems to be very petty and a step backwards in the realm of improving the smartphone technology world.

    • kederaji

      They're suing the deep pockets. It's pure, unadultered greed.

    • E.Graul

      How u think Kodak feels? Going bankrupt and still has to feel the wrath of the all mighty " i " that's sees all sues all...

  • Kyle F

    I guess Apple feels like "If you can't beat em', sue them" maybe Apple should spend more time joining the android take over and just switch there OS to ANDROID

  • Finaldeath

    Ok, this shit really needs to stop. Whoever in their right mind let them have patents that makes a phone a phone needs to lose their job and all patents they allowed should be revoked.

    • E.Graul

      All tho i agree about bullshit patents that have wide rang over basic or standard formats or designs... People are going to try to make money in anyway they can! And there's really no way of stopping it.

  • http://www.twitter.com/Mordat Dominick

    The next Apple lawsuit?

    Against an apple tree.


    • http://androidosc.webs.com/ Milos

      I already patent apple tree...so I can only sue them.

  • Ahmad Nadeem

    Unlocking a device by performing gestures on an unlock image............ WTF!!!! I think there will be another patent coming which will Target not only android but everyone else

    "Creating a smartphone"

    • Andrew Burton

      HP have that patent

  • Anubis

    Well, at least we all know what they are going to do with their $90 billion. They are going to pay lawyers.

    Too bad they simply can't compete on the open market with a better product. That requires innovation and since all Apple products are derivative....

    • E.Graul

      I dare you to go to itechnobuffalo and say that...lol You'll get ripped a new one for telling the truth...

      • Anubis

        Exactly..... for telling the truth. Sort of takes the sting out of it for me and explains why they have to react like a rabid dog.

  • bigguy132

    Apple patented the cell phone so therefore any cell phone maker will get sued and apple will make everyone carry an iPhone.

  • http://none Ferwin Gunawan

    Looks like this poisonous apple is trying to safe their own face. imagine android phones selling beats iphone in the US market, which is apple's home base. they'll lose their face terribly. apple is afraid US been hit severly by "a new tornado named Android" hehehehe

  • Deltaechoe

    Universal interface for retrieving data in a computer system? Seriously? That's the broadest patent I have ever seen. That covers every computer ever made ever. All the patent offices need to be sackef

  • glenns

    Anyone remember when Apple sued the Beatles ??

    Apple Corps was founded in 1967 and owned by the Beatles, its was 10 years before Apple Computers was founded.

    Apple successfully sued the Beatles for trademark infringement.

    This is a crazy crazy world, and Apple seem to know how to play the system. I hope for all of us consumers weather we be MS fans, Android fans or just general tech consumers they are stopped and the system fixed.

    • Duffin

      It reminds me about how the World Wildlife Fund sued the World Wrestling Federation for using the acronym WWF even though the World Wrestling Federation had been around ten years prior.

    • Hiram Lester

      Actually it was the other way around: Apple Records (now owned by John Lennon's widow and George Harrison's widow) sued Apple Computers. It was settled because Apple Computers was not in the music business and part of the settlement was that Apple Computers would NEVER enter the music business. It came up again when Apple opened iTunes. Apple Records claimed that they violated the settlement terms. This was thrown out because iTunes is only a reseller, not a record label.

      • E.Graul

        And that's why i took 10 years for the Beatles albums to be sold on iTunes... Apple Records felt like they did brake the agreement. I think they should have never let them! To prove a point! Apple computers " U CAN'T HAVE EVERYTHING YOU WANT "!


    "Universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system"

    Wait what? What doesn't that cover? Apple owns a patent on computers of every kind , apparently.

  • http://mgamerzproductions.com Mgamerz

    Don't you think the carriers in the US would be getting upset that apple is trying to get injunctions against products they sell (and apple too)?

  • mastermind26

    I'm going to patent the word patent so that apple cannot use the word in patent infringement lawsuit.

    • http://none ferwin gunawan

      You owns "Word". Apple owns "I". Then i think i have to choose "A, U, E, O" for my own hueheuheuehuehueheu

  • http://www.mycellife.net Bradley

    Apple isn't playing fair. This is completely anti competitive and I wish the DOJ steps in on this one. If they don't want Google to rule the information super highway, and AT&T to rule telecommunications, they should definitely not want Apple to rule to mobile space essentially making them a monopoly.

  • Droidfan

    Its time for DOJ to start investigating Apple for monopoly and anti-competitive practice. The obscene amount of cash they have amassed is clearly allowing them to abuse the court system with these questionable patents cases.

    • Mike

      My words exactly.

  • Chris W
  • jeremy

    screw apple. this is getting way too old now. sick of this shit.

  • Ronnie

    I don't understand how Apple can patent tech that was on smartphones long before the iPhone. They are just mad because the iPhone 4S sucks ass compared to the Galaxy S2 and Nexus.

    • Froeman

      And I can't imagine the next iPhone is going to be any better aside from hardware (which probably still wouldn't be on par with Android devices). The interface hasn't hardly changed from the first one.

      Not to mention the iPad 3 and supposedly no quad-core. Glad nVidia is here with Tegra 3.

      I hear people at work all day talking about how awesome their iDevice is and how Android can't do what iOS does then I show them how the 3D games and apps are just as good if not better especially on the tablets.

      On a side note, I can't wait for ICS on my devices.

  • L boogie

    With those patents, gotta start using my gnex to communicate via smoke signals unless Apple has a patent on that too. Anybody else think patent reform is overdue now? By the way, missed telephone call management on a portable multifunction device, really?? And why is universal interface for retrieval of information on a computer system up there twice? Besides obviously being downright Elmer fudd like

  • SiliconAddict

    If given the chance, and the fact that I would go to jail and most likely be shot by their zealots, I'd burn Apple's HQ to the ground and dance on their ashes.

    Anything positive that Apple has done for the market and industry has long been replaced by their cancerous infection. Be it non removable batteries, turning hardware into cheap commodities to try and get people to buy new hardware once a year, lawsuits, or simply their BS behavior. there is no other company on this planet I hate more then Apple. I still can't believe that I was an Apple user from 2005-2008. Never again. I'd sooner go without a computer or phone then use their crap ever again.

    • SiliconAddict

      Need more caffeine this morning. I meant

      If given the chance, But probably not since I would go to jail and most likely be shot by their zealots, I'd burn Apple's HQ to the ground and dance on their ashes.

  • Firefly

    Yep apple has patents for absolutely anything and everything that has or will ever be made so I guess we'd better start worshipping them as an almighty god =/

  • Shad0wguy

    At this point Samsung should stop providing Apple the internals for the iPhone. No iPhones, no lawsuit. Sure it may be a ton of money that Samsung would lose, but they are paying lawyers with the money they receive from apple to defend against apple. Ow, my brain hurts!

    • http://pixomania.net galaxyAbstractor

      I would guess they have contracts with Apple to provide them with parts and they can't legally stop until the contract has ran out or somehow got void.

    • E.Graul

      There not the only one's making parts for them... LG, Marvell, etc... I think Samsung and LG make the retina display and flash drives. the A5 chip is all Samsung...

  • anhmel

    Stupidity of the patent system should be obvious to everyone now, accept lawyers, of course.

  • Andrew A.

    Come on guys... the market numbers indicate the judge likely has an Android anyway. We're golden! :-)

  • Damir

    Apple would so their own mother, its mother mother... if it looked like that they get a quick buck... I had nothing but respect for Apples products, no doubt that they have one of the best integration when it comes to all the products they sell... but now it just looks like they are not capable of competing with innovation anymore, and thus trying to shut down their greatest competitors in the smartphone market...

    • Damir

      lol I meant SUE not SO their own mother

  • Perry A

    Patent #Pi: "System and method for forming words and/or phrases with or without meaning from disparate elements that may or may not include letters, numbers, symbols, pictures, holograms, astronomical configurations, and/or other elements that lie within any spectrum of visible or invisible light and/or that may be conveyed through transmission of sound at any frequency, whether audible or inaudible to the human ear, and/or by means of touch, taste, smell, twin sense, or Vulcan mind link."

    I win, give me all of Apple's money.

    Patents and their abuse are beyond ridiculous. The day that the system collapses and is reformed cannot come soon enough.

  • http://www.mycellife.net Bradley

    99% of this crap is on Apple and their childish anti competitive practices, but 1% is on Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Google. Especially Google. While they were hard at work developing the OS and hardware we all love, they never bothered to protect it. Now Apple on the other hand strolled into the patent office and filed for a truck load of patents. Now the patent office has to take blame too, and tell Apple to take their applications and shove it, they didn't. And since nobody already patented what they wanted, their hands were tied.

    But now I think the government need to step in and put a stop to it. It's hurting the industry. They stopped the AT&T and T-Mobile deal, so they can do the same

  • Hiram Lester

    I've patented breathing, so you all need to either send me a license fee or stop breathing... ;)

  • GraveUypo

    well i guess i should dig out my old patent on square pixels and that other one on wavelengths between 380 and 750 nm. time to make some money!

  • Edd

    My tech unsavvy mum wanted to buy an ipad, and while I'm not a fan of them in any way, I wouldn't try to stop her. Except this blatant trolling is too much for me and in the end I convinced her to wait for a decent Android tab (they're almost there! )

  • Freak4Dell

    The media should just start a huge campaign urging people to send in letters to the DOJ to launch an investigation.

    When just one person or a few people send in a concern, the DOJ typically just sends back a form letter saying that no anti-competitive practices are taking place, but if thousands and thousands were to send something, they might actually take notice.

  • blast0id-_-b

    eff you CRAPple, stop swinging your big 'ole dick around, just 'cause you have one, doesn't mean you need to be one to get your point across, you can do that at the market level by putting out a product that is superior, instead of INFERIOR!!!

  • Perry

    Don't innovate......litigate!!!!

    New product from apple called iSue coming soon.

    All jokes aside this is really pathetic. Just make a better phone. What all the other manufacturers should do is team up and bombard them with lawsuits. I mean everyone, HTC, Motorola, IBM, Samsung, Microsoft, Google etc.. All at once.

  • Jon

    Missed telephone call management is patented?! Oh for crying out loud...

  • http://androidosc.webs.com/ Milos

    I will patent USER...so only I can have users :D

  • reala

    Waters not wet. Objects get wet when placed in water.

  • Bonerp

    cos Samsung or Google have never sued apple, have they?!

    Its tit for tat but I do think its time a gentlemans agreement was reached.

    Think folks are bored of this 'apple vs the world' and 'google / samsung vs apple'

  • Asphyx

    Well now that we know the new iPad will have 4G we can expect to see Apple try and sue everyone for using 4G radios next!

  • stormgen

    android is a piece of scrap Jobs threw in the bin of Apple, but stolen by google.

  • bASKOU

    Hahaha, when read it I can't stop laughing. As if it's Apple who created the first tactile phone in the world. They do BS and steal patent from others then claim they created it, worth is that the courts around the world are even more stupid by stopping the sales of the aimed products. Apple is only looking for stop they competitors from selling products only for they can sell their craps. Really pitiful!

  • Emanuele Saltalamacchia

    Phuck Apple.. they should be sued for stealing the name from a fruit. If I were a farmer and said I grow Macintosh Apples, everybody will think I grow computers!!!