Welcome to the weekly roundup of the best new Android applications, games, and live wallpapers that went live in the Market or were spotted by us in the previous 2 weeks or so.

This edition focuses only on new tablet apps or ones that added tablet support. Regular apps and games are coming soon.

As was the case with the previous tablet edition, tablet-only apps are a dying breed, as almost every app works on tablets to a degree and with ICS, this distinction is now even further washed out. I will likely stop the tablet series in the future and go back to apps/games as it's becoming superfluous.

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For Tablets


While redditmag+ supports both tablets and phones, it really shines on tablets.


Discover the all new redditmag! redditmag+ lets you browse reddit visually, with large preview images for the posts and an almost endless stream of content.


Mint.com Personal Finance

Mint has been on Android for a while, but the latest update introduced a nice tablet UI.


Track, budget, and manage your money with Mint.com for Android.

Mint pulls in all your personal finance accounts into one place, so you can manage your money from anywhere. Track your spending, create a budget, and save more.

• See all your personal finance accounts—checking, savings, and credit cards.
• Automatically categorizes transactions.
• Charts and graphs show you at a glance where you’re spending. (tablet only)
• Track your budget.
• Track your cash spending.
• View finances offline. The app stores information from your latest download. (tablet only)
• Get email or text alerts that notify you of upcoming bills, fees, low balances, unusual activity and more.


Rhapsody also got a tablet UI in the latest update.


Get unlimited music with our Android tablet app and our Android smartphone app. The tablet app isn’t just a resized app; it’s a re-imagined experience. More touchable, more engaging, with loads of content and new paths to music discovery. The Android tablet app is supported on screens sized 9” or larger and Honeycomb (3.0) OS.


AI FloatNSplit Tablet Keyboard

Interesting concept I've never seen before. I've seen split designs, but never split AND floating.


A.I.type's revolutionary keyboard will help you type faster and better. The new standard for Tablet keyboards. An intelligent floating split-keyboard for Tablets with revolutionary context-sensitive text prediction. The split-keyboard "floats" above the screen and can be located anywhere on your Tablet. It’s small, elegant and occupies almost no screen space, and it gets even better: you can move it and resize it with intuitive drag and drop. 2-day refund guarantee.


Helicon Remote (beta)

Sure, we have Chainfire's marvelous DSLR Controller, but unfortunately it only supports Canon cameras. Helicon Remote, however, supports Nikon as well. I'm not a knowledgeable photographer, so perhaps it offers some features DSLR Controller doesn't.

The beta is free, and all those who participate will receive a 50% off code good for the final version.


Helicon Remote is a utility for tethered shooting compatible with all recent Nikon and Canon DSLRs.

Key features:
- Automated focus bracketing
- Advanced exposure bracketing
- Full screen Live View
- Focus areas highlighting
- Time lapse shooting*
- Control over StackShot macro rails*
(*not yet available in this beta version)
Please see more information at http://heliconsoft.com/heliconremote.html about desktop version of Helicon Remote

Android 3.1+
USB host

Cameras compatibility:
Canon: 1Ds Mark III,1D Mark IV, 50D,5D Mark II,7D, REBELXsi/450D/Kiss X2, EOS Kiss X3/EOS REBEL T1i /EOS 500D, 550D, REBEL XS/1000D and later cameras.
Nikon: D3, D3X, D300, D5000, D90, D700 and later cameras.

LectureNotes (Trial Version)

LectureNotes is an Android app for note-taking by handwriting on the screen, in particular with a stylus. It is designed having a user at university (or at school) in mind, for instance a lecturer who is using it for preparing her/his lecture or even for actual teaching (by writing on the device and projecting the screen content for the audience) or a student who is using it for taking handwritten notes during a lecture. Its major target devices are tablets running Android 3.1 or later (the actual development is done on a Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet with an N-trig stylus).

Amazon MP3

The Amazon MP3 app received an update that boasted tablet optimizations recently. Unfortunately, I wouldn't call the new tablet UI fully optimized, as it still lacks the Action Bar and instead contains the old and deprecated menu button.


The Amazon MP3 includes both the Amazon MP3 store and Amazon Cloud Player (US-only). Shop for music and play music stored on your device. In the US version, play or download music stored in Amazon Cloud Drive.

wm_Screenshot_2012-02-16-16-46-35 wm_Screenshot_2012-02-16-16-48-23 wm_Screenshot_2012-02-16-16-47-24


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  • the app's launch date has to be no longer than 2 weeks ago
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Now, if and only if the above requirements have been satisfied, fire up an email to this address: [email protected].

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  • Chris Bozsik

    Interesting keyboard, other than that nothing too interesting.

  • Bo

    RedditMag looks nice for tablets. Gonna test it out on my Touchpad. Recently tried out Reddit News and it has a lot of great functions. I'm interested to see how RedditMag works posts that aren't picture-based.

  • Chris

    LectureNotes is a great app and the dev writes you back and incorporates changes almost overnight. Incredible product and service. A+++

  • quantumrider

    I'm a tablet keyboard junkie.... I hate you for showing me a shiny, pricey new one

  • Laurence

    Nooo! Please don't cancel this feature. There's a big difference between apps that merely "works on tablets to a degree", and apps that have been optimised for larger screen sizes using fragments and so on. Please keep highlighting apps that fall into the latter category; they're still comparatively rare on Android.

    Developers that do the hard work of optimising their apps for tablets deserve to get some exposure for their efforts. And Android tablet users benefit from having a resource for app discovery; especially since Google doesn't exactly make it easy to discover tablet-optimised apps on the Android Market. This series does a good thing, and I hope it stays.

    PS: I was surprised to see that Google Chrome isn't on this list. I guess you guys thought it already had sufficient exposure on this blog; but that hasn't stopped you from including high-profile apps on these lists in the past.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      I hear you, but it's getting increasingly hard to differentiate from tablet-only apps from apps that run on both Honeycomb and ICS, in which case they're no longer tablet-only.

      Such was the case with Chrome, actually. It's ICS+ and works on phones just as well as on tablets.

      • Asphyx

        I see where you may have problems in the future hell I have them now just looking for apps to get! LOL

        Perhaps it's time to create a set of small graphics that could indicate the supported OS (ICS, GB HC Etc) With maybe some indicator of if there is specific Tablet support (ala Does Landscape or just portrait which is the best indicator for the target unit that I know of) and merge all the roundups into just Apps and Games.

        My biggest pet peeve is getting an APP that only works in portrait (which says to me made for phone) as I tend to leave my Xoom docked.

        Tell me if it does landscape and thats good enough to say it supports tablets to me!

  • http://www.chainfire.eu/ Chainfire

    the app's launch date has to be no longer than 2 weeks ago

    Interesting, Helicon Remote you mention has been on the Android Market for several months.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Appreciate you stopping by, CF.

      Your quote is applicable for app suggestions to us.

      At the top, I mention: "that went live in the Market or were spotted by us in the previous 2 weeks or so".

      HR was spotted by us this time around, and since it wasn't covered by other blogs or us before, it was a good time to bring it up. I know it's a competing app to DSLR Controller, but it deserved a mention due to Nikon support.

      • http://www.chainfire.eu/ Chainfire

        I know I know, I'm just bored waiting to leave on vacation ;)

  • Laurence

    @Artem: But, but... the Chrome interface is wildly different on tablets and phones! It easily meets my personal definition of a "tablet app", which is that if you run it on a tablet, it *looks* like it was designed for a tablet.

    Compare Chrome to something like the Google+ app, or the official Twitter client. Sure, both of these will *run* on a tablet, but they clearly use a smartphone UI that has just been scaled up on a larger screen.

    Like I said before, I really think AP needs to continue this series in order to give exposure and attention to the relatively small subset of apps that have been optimised for tablets, rather than apps which merely run on them.

    • KLAbridge

      @Laurence I agree with you. There is a difference between an app that simply runs on tablets (i.e. stretch to fit the screen) and there are apps that have a tablet UI with fragments that take advantage of the screen real estate. Android user have been brainwashed to think that its okay to run phone apps on a tablet just because it stretches nicer than iPhone apps on the iPad. PSHHH!

      Anyway, even if they cancel these articles you should grab Tablified Market HD from the market. Its basically like AppBrain but for tablets only. Its a pretty badass app but could use some optimization. But hey, until Google brings out their own way of finding apps, I'll stick to tablified.

  • James

    Interesting Tablet app I just found for my wife for university is

    JotterPad HD

    It is the first app I have seen that has spell check, word count, really light weight, doesn't have "strange" ways of doing tasks...

    My wife has been using Google Docs, and Polaris Office and SuperNote on her Transformer Prime... none of them compare to JotterPad HD, I think the app has been out about a month, but I have never actually seen a review or a mention of it.

    Highly highly recommend it if you are using your tablet for simple note taking and writing. You can export as pdf and txt files.

    My wife loves this app! She hasn't stopped talking about it after struggling through all the other apps all week.

  • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

    I'll throw an additional nod towards keeping this series going simply to feature apps that have been well tailored to a tablet. Clearly it's a bad practice to make an app that only functions on tablets (at least now it is), but there are a lot of apps that do WAY more when running on a tablet that it is worth the attention. The one drawback is that it means some apps are probably going to be mentioned almost side-by-side in the Apps feature...either that, or maybe try really hard to make mention of apps with good tablet optimization on the Apps features. I'd hate to see tablet optimized apps not getting the attention they deserve...and at some level I feel like developers will feel encouraged to build out their apps for tablets if they see some level of positive coverage as a side effect.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      That's the thing, it's becoming harder and harder for me to tell whether something is tablet-optimized or not. It used to be easier, especially for apps that run only on tablets, but I can no longer rely on 3.0+ being the indicator due to ICS.

      And then there's the issue of duplication... I'm not sure I want to repeat so many apps, and sometimes I just don't have a way to find out whether an app looks better on tablets or not. There are just too many of them released every day.

      • Asphyx

        Artem I would be happy to act as a tester of apps you find in regards to tablet only support.
        It is pretty easy to tell based on if the app scales up or works only in portrait if it is tablet optimized.

        Truth is all of the Apps that are Tablet optimized should have the HD tag in thier name and Google should insist on this when submitted to the Market.

        Best way to distinguish since both Phones and Tabs will be running the same OS!