In case a CES announcement and a superfluously long Superbowl ad weren't quite enough to grab your attention, allow us to re-re-introduce you to the Galaxy Note. You might think you already know this device. You might think you know it as a gigantic phone or a tiny, tiny tablet. Either too big to be pocketable, or too small to be tablet-y. You're wrong. TheTechBlock is here to illuminate how.


The folks over at TheTechBlock do a far better and more eloquent job than we ever could at explaining just all the ways that the Galaxy Note can and will rock your world if you'll just give the phone with a little extra to love a chance. Hopefully this editorial will help neutralize the stigma in this country against phones that don't necessarily fit with society's idea of what the perfect size for a phone is.


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We don't want to step on any toes here, but the piece does a brilliant job of highlighting all the myriad uses of the Galaxy Note. The convergence trend continues as we see how the Galaxy Note can be used for home entertainment, recreation and fitness, and even as a tasteful addition to household decorum. Check out the source link for the full editorial.

Source: TheTechBlock

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • superkrrk

    Oh no, Samsung will be sued again!!! (Apple has this "Mount a mobile OS driven screen device directly to a wall" patent)

  • edd

    This is my dream phone (but as I've just had my career dreams dashed it's just a day dream!)

  • toshistation

    I'm going to go ahead and coin the term "Tablette," referring to a phone with a screen larger than 5 inches. Me. Coined it. Done. You can credit me when you start proliferating it.

  • DanChi

    But! But! But.. Boy genius report said it was crap! It must be! It's not like he's an apple fanboi!

  • sriracha

    lol, the mini shot clock.. ahahhahahha. great editorial!

  • Dan

    I love this phone. Now, make it 1mm thicker so it can have twice the battery life, call it the NoteMAXX to annoy Googlorola, and it'll be perfect.

    This phone's major bonus to me is the hilarity of watching all of the trolls screaming about how horrible it is. They're so transparently desperate in their pathetic attempts to prevent anyone from liking this phone.

  • justin

    Meh, just some Apple fanboy mocking an obviously superior device to his iphone 4. Cracks me up, if Jobs came out with a 5 inch iphone it would of been "revolutionary!" or "transcendent".

    Oh well, lawsuit incoming because Samsung stole the idea of a rectangular phone from apple who clearly invented it first or something.

  • sriracha

    This phone's major bonus to me is the hilarity of watching all of the owners screaming about how awesome it is. They're so transparently desperate in their insecure attempts to justify ownership.

    for once in your life you have the bigger "unit", yet you can't take a joke. here's some fodder for you; i have a 4" DInc.. run with it.

    • Doods de los Reyes

      I am an owner and it IS awesome. Don't buy it if you don't want to. I just want people to check it out and see if it's for them. Insecurity? No. Great pride and satisfaction? Yes.

  • Manny

    This is pretty funny, especially the shot clock.

    But seriously, I love my Note. People at work admire it and have never noticed funny looks from anyone when talking on it. 2 full days of battery life from a Sheep ROM I installed from XDA. Fits fine in my front pants pocket. Just saying..

  • DücheCanoe

    I'm also an owner of the German version... Been running on it since a week after launch, and I can't go back to my smaller phones now.

    I love it.

    Bluetooth headset, and good to go (although I really don't mind using it in the traditional way - makes people give me "That look" heh).

  • Hub

    I'm happy to hear all the good reports from people who actually own them. I plan on getting one when my contract expires in April. Does anyone notice any lag on the screens? That's all I've heard from some owners so far.