A little over a year ago, developer Doug Melton delighted us with Android emulators for three popular TI calculators - TI-83, TI-85, and TI-86. Nostalgic and surprisingly useful, they resonated with many of you, but, unfortunately, TI forced Doug to take them all down a short while after.

You see, Doug actually shipped them with the original ROMs included, which was great for one-click installations, but apparently not so great for intellectual property. Oh, and he did name them TI-83, TI-85, and TI-86 originally, giving Texas Instruments an even simpler reason to have the apps removed.

In addition to all of the above, TI-89, the king among TI calculators and one of my personal favorites, has never (to my knowledge) existed on Android.

Until now.


Enter Graph89 by Dritan Hashorva. You guessed it - it's a TI-89 emulator. Not TI-83, not TI-86 - TI-89.

Except this time, you need your own ROM to make it work, which should circumvent the intellectual rights issue. Got a calculator already? Pull the ROM and load it into Graph89. Don't have one? Tough luck... or so one would think, except I was able to easily find a TI-89 ROM on TI's own website, copy it to my phone, and fire it up.

So did it work? You bet. The app itself is still in alpha, but it works like a charm. Observe:

SC20120215-173723 SC20120215-173735 SC20120215-173941

Excellent. Let's see if TI finds a reason to have Graph89 taken down this time. Until then - hurry up and download it before it's too late.

And now for dessert:


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  • Mathew

    I had a TI-89 in High School back in 1999. Funny that is is about the same price today as it was then...

    • Jeffrey

      Even funnier that they're still a requirement for some math classes... Glad I just saved myself at least a hundred bucks.

      • ViggsPR

        Doubt they'll let people use a smartphone during the actual exam, tho.

        • Qurtyslyn

          My professor has given me permission to use mine as my calculator. Just depends on the professor.

  • Joe

    Hey, one question, (stupid one by the way)... I installed the app, got the .rom, where do I have to paste it for it to properly work?

    • Joe

      Forget it! Thanks!

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Start the app, press Menu, press Load ROM, and then find the location where you dropped it on your phone. Voila.

  • sriracha

    makes a nice companion to my TI-81 (still working, love it). and goodbye Panecal!

    thanks AP!

  • Jamison England

    when you first open the emulator it will give you the option to browse for it

  • Duuuuude

    Thanks for the legit ROM link! Memories...

  • Nexus

    "Download It While You Still Can" He is not distributing any code that he doesnt have a right to. No reason it wouldnt be able to stay up indefinitely. Texas Instruments might have a case against him if he was charging for the app though.

  • sdrsd

    Too bad the TI-83 isnt up and running. Thats what I used to use and I have no clue how to use thing new fangled thing!

    • leadersandfollowers

      Download Andigraph for the TI-83

  • samuel

    amazing this app is amazing. is there a way i can get the calculator screen to be bigger. is it big enough for your galaxy note users?

  • eleazar

    Very nice, thanks for the heads up!

  • Paulo Tavares
  • Andrew – Des Moines

    Droid48 is a perfect rendition of the HP48G that needs no ROM. Unlike TI, which should concentrate on making mobile chips, HP has historically been more friendly to emulator developers.

    • Abraham Rodriguez

      While this is true, people do like TI calculators better than HP's, I know this from experience, had both TI-89 and HP 49G in college. I know that the HP calcs are more popular in Europe, thou.

  • Justin

    Not compatible with a Samsung Fascinate. WTF?!

  • ocdtrekkie

    TI could make a killing if they offered an official TI app for Android and iOS that worked like these emulators for $30 or so. No real production cost, pure income.

    It'd still be overpriced, but people would likely buy it.

  • http://www.swehes.com Hans-Erik (@swehes)

    The problem I see is that the teachers/professors won't allow you to use the android device during tests the way you can use your stand alone calculator. Awesome choice applied to work though.

  • Falconator

    In case others have issues, I downloaded from the legal method through my DInc2 and it was saved as a .txt file. After renaming to .89u the app loaded it up correctly. Hope that helps others.

  • ChumbleSpuzz

    Doug's "Andie Graph" TI calculators are available again from the marketplace. You just need the ROMs for them to work. See his website for details and location.

  • Armus

    We still use these in college, they are awesome for EE work. Please change letter color from purple to something easier to read. And add way to turn haptec feedback off.

  • nexas.one

    How to upload programs/files to the calculator?
    as to emulate Send/Receive via Link

    It is not shown in the settings or any menu options

    • IllHops

      Good question. This is the only way it will be worth it to me. Currently lugging both phone and calculator around. No way am I re-keying all these programs.

      • casey stallings

        Has anyone found and answer to this question? How do you Load external programs into the emulator?

        • matt

          Download the app you want. Then open graph 89 hit the menu button then send file then find the app file you want and click on it. Your done!

          • Daniel

            Awesome! Thanks!

          • Daniel

            Just installed fast keyboard! hahaha, great, felt like in high school again

  • Abraham Rodriguez

    My wife and I are both engineering students, she's an undergrad, I'm a PhD student. She had been using my TI-89 T for a long time because she needed it more than I did and we did't have the money for a new one.  This is great, now I can use this on my kindle fire while she work on the real thing!

  • Shane Steigman

    is there a way to intsll programs and games????

  • Andri Andriansah

    Great!, nice emulator but the question is it legal?

  • sy

    Je demande de l' aide j'ai installé graph 89 version payante mai sa ne marche pas dand mon tel je ne comprends pas pourquoi j'ai galaxi s3 merci de m'aider

  • Bryan Erickson

    Stupid question... Where is the .rom? How do I get it? Is it the OS download?