The original Sims was the last Sim game I played. It had two expansions and didn't extend very far beyond a single neighborhood, but the things you could create and play around with in it were fantastic. The Sims Free Play has stuck to its roots with a similarly engaging and surprisingly powerful game for a mobile platform.

The Sim games are, at their heart, about creativity. The Sims for Android packs a lot of the same creativity tools from earlier Sim games. I was surprised to find that all of the same functions from the first game—character creation, house design, landscaping and architecture toys—were not only present, but have a huge library of options to choose from.

sims1 sims2 sims3

The game also has a series of objectives and goals to get you started, if you've never played a Sims game before. It does require an internet connection, though it's a little unclear why. It doesn't appear that your Sims live online with your friends' Sims, so it's not an MMO. The Market listing, unfortunately, doesn't offer any insight into why an internet connection is required, either.

The Sims Free Play comes in two flavors, North America and Everyone Else, so be sure to get the right one for your region. We've got both available for your clicking pleasure below.

Thanks, Daniel!

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • george

    doesnt work on Galaxy Nexus

    • Eliyah

      It tells me to go to http://www.eamobile.com then it tells me to get disconnect wifi and get 3g but don't have 3g.

  • george

    there were far more than 2 expacs for the orginal Sims

  • ZRod

    This game does NOT stick to roots and instead is now a farmville type game. You have to wait for actions to complete and there is no fast forward buttons either. You can pay absurd amounts of real money of course but I'm not one to spend a fortune for fake goods. I'd rather pay up front for a real game and am extremely sick of this in game purchase trend that can be extremely costly
    especially since if you ever change devices, you literally just gave EA or whoever the developer is, money and got nothing in return.
    I've only played for an hour but can tell you, as a Sims addict nonetheless, that this game is ruined by it's farmville roots. Since it has only been an hour, correct me if I am wrong.

    • sriracha

      thanks bud. saves me a 13MB download just to be disappointed. in-app purchases FTL. lately i've been highly suspect of free high-profile games because of this crazy trend. moving along, happily.

    • gogakhan

      Thanks man you saved myself from this plague as well. If I want to play Sims, I would rather play it on my PC than on any mobile device. These games, as you said, are just a way to match FB successes of FarmVille and other Zynga crap!

  • Bunie

    Can i get the APK? says its incompatible with my phone. would bet money thats not true

  • Dandmcd

    It's definitely influenced by all the Zynga, Glu Mobile and other companies who try to cough up money with the freemium model. If I try to play casually I might not have to spend money, but typically if I have to wait to play, I'll never come back to the game.

    Graphics and controls were well done, unfortunately it crashed to desktop just now. Probably will get boring once I hit the pay or wait wall, but early on it is entertaining.

  • Chris

    Galaxy Nexus doesn't seem to be supported...

  • http://twitter.com/john_ehret John Ehret

    Works well on the HTC Amaze. The game runs well. 380Mb download after the apk install.

    • http://twitter.com/john_ehret John Ehret

      All that being said.. it's unclear how to exit the game other than pressing the home button and killing it in the task manager. DISAPPOINTED :(

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000236261308 Jheanell Douglas

      i have an amaze as well i'm trying to get it to transfer to my tablet though and it wont

  • Dajanae Emegokwue

    My galaxy nexus isnt compatiable with sims freeplay. Will it ever be compatiable?

  • Avery

    I'm a little sad. I love Sim games but when I downloaded it on Vizio tablet and try to play it, it doesn't let me play. It goes to something that says server error and to go to the ea website to confirm what country you're in but it won't even open. :'(

    • Dzerafa67

      I'm havin the same issue, did you solve the problem

  • Coco

    why does it require internet? can u play without internet? like i have internet but i really dont wanna use it since i only have 200 mg and i hate going over my limit...

  • naura

    I need help..
    I just make a baby..but how to complete the bladder needs for him?
    It complete by himself or not?

  • Guest

    Why isn't this game available on Motorola Droid RAZR?

  • http://www.theandroidgalaxy.com/ SharonLewis

    when is this game going to be available?

  • Adam_ward14

    Does not work on the panteck poccket

  • Jonny7

    How come i cant get it on droid bionic furious!!

  • Cappa

    it doesnt work on Hauwei Blaze ahh

  • cococheeks

    Cant get it on my droid Bionic ?? Does it work for any phone?

  • http://www.facebook.com/KimanSECRET Kiman Maxis


  • Whitney van der Woude

    Make a update for HTC Desire c so I can play the sims freeplay on my mobile

  • lamlamthabam

    wcant my acer tablet work with thisgame i played it and its very very VERY fun so if electronicarts can hear me please make it compaditbile with acer a200 tablets

  • zachy247

    every time i try to get it i press start new and it goes black and goes to my home screen.

  • James O Anelehtos

    can anyone share a saved game with me? takes a century to connect with the shop (even if my connection is good) and i have stuck at tutorial