Shortly after CES ended, we heard word of a new phone from LG that would be the first to sport NVIDIA's impressive new quad-core CPU, the Tegra 3. Other specs were rumored to include a 4.7" 1280x720 display, 16GB on-board storage (plus a microSD slot), a 2000mAh battery (!), an 8MP camera in the rear, and a 1.2MP front-facer.

Now, the extremely reliable Paul O'Brien of Modaco has word from a source that those specs are correct - the sole exception is that the front-facing camera is 1.3MP (not 1.2). The build used in the shots sent to him runs Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.3) and the latest kernel from NVIDIA, and suggests little UI customization by LG. He also mentions that the 8MP shooter around back has an "ultra-fast shutter" - presumably much like the Galaxy Nexus.

x3-1 x3-3 x3-2

Finally, judging by the Quadrant benchmark above, the X3 should be every bit the monster we expected, scoring more than double that of the Galaxy Nexus. To those who have used a device rocking a Tegra 3 (read: Transformer Prime) before, that should come as no surprise.

Expect to see the X3 - and the Tegra 3-powered HTC Edge/Endeavor - at MWC later this month.

One last closing note: many will remember that LG was first to the Tegra 2 game with the G2x - but thanks to slow updates and poor support, has left many owners and Android fans with a bitter taste in their mouth. O'Brien asked his contact about the ICS update for the G2x, and the update is indeed in progress, but not ready yet.

[Source: MoDaCo]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • http://gadgetstip.com aatif

    After looking at the benchmark points i was shocked !! Its double of galaxy nexus !!

    • Chris

      And since it's quadrant, it's very unreliable.

  • Gustav
    • reala

      Dude quadrant is screwed up. I was actually thinking the same thing. I get 3500 stock on my E4GT without overclocking. With overclocking to 1.6 or 1.7 I can probably squeeze out 4000 or a little more. Quadrant is garbage theses days. Antutu seems like a more accurate representation.

      • Joshua

        Quadrant was updated very recently to account for 3.0+ and multiple cores, but they were very late to the party and it still doesn't work as well as AnTuTu or CFBench.

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        I got 3176 on my E4GT, so Quadrant is definitely fucked.

        As a side note, the above benches are done using the new Quadrant, with support for multicore devices. Clearly, it needs work.

    • ArK

      With a fully functional device? You can reach around 5.400 with a modded kernel, but it freezes constantly.

    • vochdun

      Modding your kernel to rocket up quadrant scores shows how pointless it really is as a benchmark across devices...

  • Dave

    Gustav are you serious?

    You are comparing a rooted and probably overclocked phone to a stock phone.

    C'mon man.

    • Gustav

      It's not rooted, just a beta ics ROM leaked from Samsung.

      • Joshua

        It's still a ridiculous comparison, made even more ridiculous that you point out it has "half the cores." That is going to have little effect on benchmarks across different SoCs entirely. The Mali-400 GPU in the SGSII is going to bring its benchmark way higher than 2 extra A9s so you won't see much of a difference, but in real performance, there will be far greater variation.

    • http://euandroid.com.br Tsuharesu

      I reached 3478 on my S II with a stock ROM... This score is not so awesome... maybe theres something wrong with the new Quadrant...

      Total: 3478
      CPU: 4720 (they really shined here)
      Mem: 3839
      I/O: 6114 (a lot faster)
      2D: 971 (lot lot faster xD)
      3D: 1747

    • reala

      Im calling foul and I have the GS2 on stock el29. No overclocking. If this is what we have to look forward to in new phones its pathetic. Antutu has the GalNex with a hair shy higher benchmark than the GS2. Giving the Galaxy Nex a benchmark score of 2000 is wrong. Quadrant is to inaccurate. I dont know what Galaxy tab that is, but its not the new one the benchmarks are in the 3000+ area.

  • Aatif Sumar

    2000mAh wont be enough :(

    • reala

      Dont take it literally its wrong.

  • nyc dave

    And what do all those e-pen benchmarks benefit anyone in real world usage? I'd rather better optimized software and battery life than all these dodecacore processors...
    Slapping on more cores doesn't make the UXperience better. Where are the optimized apps for all these gigacores?

    • bob

      In kindergarten, I bet you ran around during Christmas yelling to kids that there was no Santa Claus.

      • Dannyjayfuller

        Oooh, burn! But seriously. Have an imagination! Think about the gaming, web-browsing and multi-tasking capabilities. Not to mention hacks. x86? Sure! Dreamcast? Sure! Full Linux distros? You got it! Mind-blowing T3 games? Guaranteed. I'm personally waiting on PSP, PS2, DC, GC, XBOX, and DS emus. Call me a gamer geek, I'll proudly demonstrate, with this kind of power at hand. Also, as far as UI goes, ICS is buttery smooth on dual cores. Quad will make it flawless. Let's face facts; Android, being such an ambitious project, is now and probably will forever be lacking in the software optimization department. This mind-blowing hardware is a band-aid, yes, but it's an AWESOME band-aid. If you want soft optimizations, then root. It sucks, but Android is a great, flawed OS. I, for one, welcome our new Google overlords and their potential-laden cash cow of an OS.

    • joel

      Hardware has to come first. There's no use writing code that's not going to be used unless you have a lot of time to waste.

  • Syd

    They should be able to reach above 5k. That I/O is really lacking. I can reach 4487 on my Atrix right now with a custom ROM. CPU 8852 (only up 4k from Terga2) /MEM 3305 / I/O 8993 /2D 482 /3D 805

  • Chris A

    After purchasing the G2x I would never purchase another LG phone, especially one that will be the first to utilize a processor. They screwed me over once and I'll never fall for that again. Look to Samsung or Motorola.

  • kruglovus

    "...many will remember that LG was first to the Tegra 2 game with the" Optimus 2X, which had a T-Mobile USA variant several months later - T-Mobile G2x.

  • Marco

    *WARNING: Burned G2x user rant is approaching.*

    Bought my G2x on launch day and was lucky enough not to have major issues (screen bleed), but I swear to God it was a horrible device.

    It's stability was so bad it made my CliqXT seem like an amazing accomplishment. So many random reboots and wipes were needed just to keep it chugging along.

    But the final straw, the thing that made me want to make my own "will it blend?" video was the day it decided to reboot itself while the SD card was in the process of being mounted.

    This caused an SD card error, and it took several wipes, mountings, and reboots to get it to read properly again. I was livid! Stupid p.o.s nearly cost me my brand new SD card, and I wasn't gonna take it anymore.

    Never again LG. Never again.

    From here on out I'll only buy Nexus devices. I don't care how pretty the hardware on other phones is - if it's not specifically made to play nicely with stock Android then I'm not using it.

    BTW - I realize I could've installed a custom ROM and gotten a better experience. But somehow I think that spending a couple hundred dollars on a device should mean that it "just works" right out of the box. I shouldn't be forced to use a custom ROM just to get a decent user experience from a device.

  • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Aaron

    FYI, even custom ROMs aren't perfect. One of the first things I did with my G2x was install CM9, and it still locks up and reboots occasionally, and GPS performance is very bipolar (lock will either be acquired in <10 seconds or not at all, even 3 hours later).

    LG's drivers need work more than the ROM on top of them.