HTC has added added a handful of devices to the list of those supported by the Taiwanese manufacturer's bootloader unlock tool. The newly-added devices include the Hero, Legend, both the myTouch 3G and 4G, and the aged Droid Eris. The announcement came via Twitter earlier today:

As always, HTC warns that unlocking a bootloader is not for the faint of heart, and may preclude users from warranty coverage. If you've been waiting to unlock your bootloader, head over to HTC's  bootloader unlock page. The manufacturer seems to be on a roll right now, making good on their promise to unlock bootloaders everywhere, which is good news for users looking to tweak their device to its maximum potential.

Via Twitter

Liam Spradlin
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  • Matt

    this is some crazy stuff. htc is looking really good right now.

  • jon

    I fail to see why they call it a "bootloader unlock" when the boot partition is still locked. On my Evo 3D, I am unfortunate enough to have hboot version 1.5 where my only option to root is to use HTC unlock and while I can flash whatever ROM I want, I have to jump through hoops to flash a custom kernel, which is located on the boot partition and is still LOCKED. Yes we have the flash image GUI app, but try jumping from a Sense ROM to an AOSP ROM. I have to do a fresh install every time going either way, having to load the recovery.img using adb on my computer.

    • William

      I also have an EVO 3D. I installed MIUI and despite eventually hating it, I've found that keeping it is easier on my nerves than trying to figure out how to flash something else.

  • Ben

    Good on HTC.
    I rooted a friend's Legend two days ago the XDA way which worked perfectly (of course).
    Still nice to see HTC going back over two years.

  • gosa

    Still waiting for Wilfire S for Orange Spain to end up on the list...

    Don't know what's taking so long.

  • Levi

    I'm a little confused. What is the difference between unlocking the bootloader and rooting? I've always been able to root my HTC Hero and even change the partition sizes, etc. Not a big deal now that I'm on an E4GT, but still confusing nonetheless.

    • Simon Belmont

      That's because back during the Android days of yore with HTC bootloaders they did not sign the /boot and /recovery partitions. So, you could root and flash a custom recovery and go on your merry way.

      The bootloaders of today are cryptographically signed so that they are nigh onto impossible to unlock unless you snag a developer's version somehow. Even back in the olden days there were advantages to getting S-OFF, though, because you could flash any unsigned file from HBOOT.

  • http://www.kevinbarrier.com Kevin

    HTC Amaze. Truly Great hardware but the T-Mo "My Account" halts tethering, off and on so its unusable, even when you paid for it and its a bonafide feature. Solution, remove bloatware. But you can't unless you replace the rom. (adb disable doesn't do it). Well, as above "unlocked bootloader" doesn't mean S-Off, so you can't simply flash a new Kernel with the new rom in one easy step the way CM does. The phone still isn't yours yet. The xda devs have work arounds that are amazing but it shouldn't be necessary. Its like buying a Jeep and having the dealership say you can paint it but no new tires or lift kits. We bought your phones don't disable them!!!! Why do you think Google got in to the hardware business HTC??? Do you really want to compete with them?

  • Simon Belmont

    I think this only covers the GSM Hero and not the Sprint HTC Hero. Flashing ROMs, recoveries, and kernels were never a problem even with S-OFF on that handset anyway.

    It is cool to see HTC stepping up even on the golden oldies though. I like it.

  • Gunnar

    Motorola where are you???

  • mariolover8

    if i have already rooted and installed a custom rom (miui) on the mt4g, what other benefits are there to unlocking my bootloader?