An update to the Facebook app just hit the Market, and looking at the changelog, you'd think it's a major update:

What's in this version:

  1. Navigate anywhere, fast: Get to your groups, apps, pages, and settings with a single press
  2. Search and you will discover: Look through friends, subscribers, apps, and pages
  3. See your friends tags on pictures and zoom: New photo viewing experience
  4. Faster notifications: Get alerted in real time with new push notifications
  5. Games & Apps: Play games and access your favorite apps on the go
  6. Access to mobile timeline (If you already have a timeline)
  7. Access to friend lists and subscriptions

Huge, right? Well, not exactly. See, the last version was 1.8.2, and today's update brings things up to 1.8.3 - a major hint that not a lot has changed. But an even bigger hint is looking through old posts, like one about an update in early December with... the exact same changelog, despite being a few versions previous. Similarly, the update that rolled out 2 weeks ago also didn't come with a new changelog.

So, what does the update bring? Who knows, but probably nothing more than a few minor bug fixes. It's hard to be sure, but then again... how surprising can a lack of communication be from a company that puts out an app that has pretty much been sub-par since release, even releasing an update that ran GPS 100% of the time?

Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is a geek who has always had a passion for technology. When not working or writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing a game, or watching a movie.

  • rathalos

    Well, never used facebook app... huge battery drainer and CPU eater on my SGS2 running ICS 4.0.3 (leak)... going ahead with mobile version of the site works 10,000 times better and less problems...

  • rrjp

    Yup. Tried an older version. Saw my GPS running nonstop. Uninstalled it. Why does FB need to know where I am at all times? Screw that!

  • Caleb B

    Maybe it's not completely broken now? Doubtful.

  • http://www.theshanksclub.com Sammy

    Meh what a Joke.. No Bugs fixed that I can Tell on ICS.. They havent even fixed the Menu Fonts being cut off on ICS.. Its simple stuff like that, that irritates the piss outta me that they wont fix. id pay a few bucks if they made it a pay app. cause atleast then id know they'd support it more offten.

  • Ryan B

    Was listening to a TWIT podcast last week, and one of the hosts posited that Facebook could very well be allowing their apps to suck in an effort to drive traffic to their mobile website, which would enable them to bypass giving Google or Apple a cut of future transactions. I believe it a little more with this update.

  • jerry

    I was able to access the timeline with the old version. You're right there is no huge difference.

  • mkln

    so true, so true. It's weird tho that a so called multi-billion software company can't develop a decent app for android even after years it's been released.

  • sugar0

    A trillion dollar company can do a crappy app for his service only on porpouse

  • Marco

    The only difference I can see is that my news feed us now messed up. Even with the recent stories option selected, I'm seeing things from 2-3 days ago at the top of my list.

  • George Cordos

    I still can't get access to Timeline on my HTC Flyer running stock HC. On my Desire Z, with a custom ROM, I do see the Timeline, but with the stock ROM I never did and I also had the "zooming" problem.

    What's with these things?

  • http://riteshtripathy.wordpress.com Rits

    This ever-crappy app is going to stay crappy. They're doing this on purpose to push users to the web app or use the main website. They still don't believe that mobile is the way to go.. Zuck & his morons will pay dearly!

  • Naomi

    I'd like to see a FB notification app, I have no problem using the mobile site but I do also like getting notifications.

  • wackadroid

    It says acces to games. Is this new? And by games does that mean all that farmville and cityville crap?

  • Allen Goldstein

    Several versions ago, we could browse to the gallery, select a photo and then upload it to Facebook, and Choose the Album.

    The ability to Choose the Album directly from the gallery then vanished.

    The only way to upload to a particular album is go from the Facebook app. This makes it more cumbersome when uploading a bunch of photos at once.

    I hope they bring back the upload from Gallery with Choose the Album soon.

  • Chris

    Maybe they have sneaked the in line adds?

  • Paul Atreides

    Honestly wish I could uninstall this crap. Maybe they added mobile ads? Could someone recommend a way to disable it completely without root?

  • Hiram Lester

    The "What's New" in the Market hasn't been updated in several releases... probably 1.8.0.

  • Chris W

    All these problems are averted by putting a link on your Facebook page to your Google+ profile and not bothering to go back on to Facebook ever again :)

    Everyone who still wants to talk to you can and those who don't probably weren't that close friends anyway...

    • Marco

      I like this idea. I'm gonna steal it.

  • Skillit

    I'm only using Facebook on the desktop no, the app is just to horrendous. But that's ok since I'm migrating to G+ for most of my social needs. I only really use FB now to troll for sex ...

  • Andrew L.

    I'm unable to see News Feed story older than a couple of days. It just sits there and says "Loading" forever. I tried closing out and re-opening, rebooting my phone, uninstalling/re-installing the app, clearing cache, etc. Nothing will make my news feed load. What a joke!

    (Moto Atrix)