Last Updated: February 17th, 2012

At the end of January, a leaked Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 build IMM26 for the Sprint Nexus S 4G ended up online, indicating that a possible official release wasn't too far off. We heard this leak caused quite a bit of commotion within the companies involved, which may have had something to do with the XDA post getting wiped clean shortly after (although the poster did state he would only keep it going for a few days).

Two weeks passed without any news, but the situation changed just a few minutes ago when we received a screenshot of one of Sprint's internal systems which clearly shows that this highly desired upgrade should finally be available February 16th. For those without a calendar handy, that's tomorrow. As in, go buy some balloons and throw a party (do you really have to ask what kind of party? An Ice Cream social, duh).


The source of this information has always been reliable in the past, so unless Sprint is playing games with its employees, we should see the first OTAs firing up at some point tomorrow. As always, if we hear anything more concrete, we'll be sure to let you know as well.

Update: Apparently, Sprint enjoys playing with its own employees, and the update was still not ready to roll out despite the message posted on the internal site. A Sprint employee over at Sprint forums provided the following update:


I posted an update on page 3 of this discussion about Sprint partnering with Samsung & Google working on ICS for the Nexus S. I did not provide a date then because ICS was not ready for release. Once I receive the date (most likely it will be the week of the release), I will update everyone here.

I am sorry someone posted information that made it look like ICS was being released 2/16/12. We will post here in our Nexus S forum when the release is officially available.



Back to the waiting room we go.

Thanks, Captain Anonymous.

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  • Evan

    Meh, already running cm9 and have been for awhile now, so ICS is fairly old news for my nexus s

    • http://www.Gplus.to/EddieDiaz PHADE

      Hope I don't get banned here but I have to say it.


      People that don't root (A HIGH %) are happy to see that the OFFICIAL update is around the corner.

      Even I that FLASHED my Epic Touch 4G to Boost, ROOTED and Installed a custom Rom am happy for this!

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        Nope, not getting banned for voicing your thoughts.

      • Raphael

        Did u really have to call him an idiot??? Was that really necessary? It is sad that this is just now coming out considering this is supposed to be a "Nexus" phone that gets quick updates

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          Welcome to the Internets. :-/

      • kamaira

        i think you said that pretty well....

    • Eric

      Hey evan did you know that CM9 and all ICS mods and roms dont come in full, everything included in the true copy of a legit ICS you cannot find in a ROM. every rom has flaws and things that dont function or are left out. i'm sorry but nothing will be the same as the full fledge ICS from the provider itself people that do not Root their devices are very excited to see the real deal and not another rom thats "just like it". im sorry but "just like it" isn't IT.

    • Eric

      how did my comment get deleted???? that was border line same as the guy below?

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        No comments were deleted - I see a comment from you right above.

  • esgar

    Took 2 months , not bad at all ! Some don't even get gingerbread
    So be happy !

  • Mike

    If this news is true, then this is the second best article I've ever read on AP (second to the news that the Galaxy Nexus was coming to Sprint), especially as an everyday reader.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      The news is true, but whether Sprint chooses to toy with our emotions remains to be seen. That'll be some fine trolling on their part if so, as that page is seen by many of their employees, who could now advise it to customers, you see where I am going with this? Doubt Sprint would post that without a solid plan.

      • Brad Ganley

        True, and the banner is still live when I log into Dara and ISC, so it seems Sprint plans to flip the switch at some point today: http://i.imgur.com/9sXZB.png

        • GL

          hhmm....to put my phone back to stock and get it or not....i saw the leak and it seemed to run smother than a 4.0.3 AOSP rom i had...hhmm..

  • AEF

    Can you photshop out the word iP*ne. It's disgraceful.

    Excuse me while I go puke

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      (rolls eyes). Seriously? What's with the childish fanboyism? It's a phone, it exists. It's not a mortal enemy.

      • AEF

        lol - I was kidding - I'm just overly excited that my NS4G is getting ICS finally

        I am no fanboy

  • J.C.

    Old news. Been through 7 stable 4.0.3 roms and 2 4.0.4 already. Call me whatever but at the day the idiots are the ones sitting on their hands whining about Android 4.0 handouts that are already behind the curve compared to what's already available.

    • Blah

      Maybe so, but we'll only go through ONE stable ROM and not have to worry about crappy user-made ROMs. ;)

      You can be "ahead of the curve" and be our guinea pig while we get the ACTUAL stable stuff.

  • jdm4u

    Finally an official update. Will revert back to 2.3 for this.

  • Shane

    Regarding the OTA update, will my phone retain all my info, do I need to perform a backup, etc?
    This is why i got the Nexus, So excited for this to finally be happening!

    • Keisha

      Its not different than previous updates... your data will remain as it is.

      • Brad Ganley

        That said, I'm sure not hard resetting will make the system buggy as hell. It happens to pretty much every phone that gets an update of this magnitude. A fresh start is the way to go.

    • the1who

      Agreed! I'm excited to see it coming, glad I didn't have to deal with the headaches of other past phones of is it coming, is it not...etc

    • techguy378

      This update will wipe every last piece of data off of your phone. You will lose everything except the data you have stored in the cloud. Android 4.0 is such a major upgrade it's like going from Windows 1.0 to Windows 7 on a desktop computer. That's how different Android 4.0 is from Android 2.3.7.

      • http://prodigy.jigsoar.com/ Ian

        Stop spreading FUD!

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        No OTA would do that. Only updates that reflash the whole system and specifically warn you about it would. It's possible that Sprint will choose this method, but chances of that are very slim.

  • Ashwin

    To be honest, atleast the Nexus S 4g is getting an update. Thats good news for the US 4g's/Sprint users. I really hope that we GSM Nexus S owners would get our proper 4.0.3/ 4.0.4 or 4.0.5 asap. I have a strong feeling that since this is coming out for the US NS4g phones, there is a possibility that it will hit the GSM Nexus S phones by the end of the month of 15th of Next month. Really hoping :)

    • techguy378

      The Ice Cream Sandwich update for the GSM Nexus S has been delayed indefinitely due to unusually slow performance and high battery drain. Even though these issues happened on the GSM variant of the Nexus S with Android 4.0.3 they never occurred on the Sprint Nexus S 4G phone with pure stock AOSP builds of Android 4.0.3. Google says they tentatively hope to have the issues on the GSM Nexus S build fixed by late Q3 2012, but it's a very big maybe.

      • Robert

        Where did you read that?

        • Blah

          He has no source for it. He's been claiming on the Sprint forums that the leaked 4.0.4 NS4G update bricked 60% of phones that were flashed to it but no one on XDA has mentioned it at all.

          If no one on XDA has mentioned it, then it most likely is a lie because they found it first and have been using it long before anyone else has.

          Also, he claims that this update is for Sprint employees only and that Sprint will give the NS4G an update "later" publicly.

          Put it simply, this guy is making wild claims and never backs them up.

      • Justified

        And your proof of this is?

        You have also stated in the Sprint forums:

        "So far more than 60% of phones that were flashed with this unstable IMM26 build have been bricked and had to be sent in for out of warranty repair."

        "It's well knows that the CPU used in the Nexus S has serious defects. Samsung couldn't get Android to work on the Captivate at all which uses the same CPU as the Nexus S 4G. They ran in to a serious bug that would cause the phone to power off after putting it to sleep. The problem would get progressively worse over time eventually getting so bad that the power off would occur within 2-3 minutes of the phone going to sleep. To this very day Samsung has never figured out exactly what the problem was and has absolutely no idea how to fix it."

        These are some wild claims. Without any source information to back these statements up, it just looks like you are lying. Your silence on these issues will be taken as proof of your lying.

  • Deante F.

    According to this sprint thread the update is only a beta for sprint employees to test...and the official release date will be made public. Please Sprint say it aint so!!! I really hope this is untrue. Anyone know better?? On GTalk d.man28401. http://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/82092?start=45&tstart=0

  • J.C,

    I'll be the guinea pig but I can say i've had stable ICS since December. I hope for the sake of the whiners and those who know it all the update drops today or I'm gonna be laughing harder than any Iphone fanboy or troll at how you all are still waiting for this update. Trust me you don't want to compare that bare-bones update to any ROM I run. We can take it to Youtube and I promise anyone who watches both videos, mine versus the "official" update will then start complaining about why the official version is lagging behind. To those who haven't tried it the official version is a great update no doubt. But honestly you're gonna be waiting a long time if ever to get even half the features custom roms are running. Stability is a non-issue when you're running Sprints OTA kernels and radio on the 4.0.3 and 4.0.4 roms already released in stock version. I've made over $4000 on rooting and flashing ICS roms alone. A true guinea pig waits to be tested on as the majority of people waiting on this update. See me at the end of the day when you're still waiting and you still don't have 4.0.4

    • Blah

      Yeah sure. The fan made roms ALWAYS have bugs and little fuck ups until the official release hits. Always.

      You can claim its not true all you want but when people always flash roms to find the "best" one, you know it's got some truth to it.

  • mm

    What a great almost valentines day gift.

    Can't wait!!!

  • J.C,

    I guess I can start laughing now. A Sprint rep at Sprint forums has stated there will be no release today as it is a beta being released for Sprint employees. Go see for yourselves :-)

    • Blah

      Hes no sprint rep. You ARE retarded though for thinking he is.

    • Brad Ganley

      You think Sprint has a way to differentiate between consumer and employee lines? Also, what percentage of Sprint employees do you think own a nexus? I am the only Sprint employee I've met that owns one.

  • J.C,

    Actually my silence was to give some dumbass the opportunity to make a fool of themselves. Here you go chump.

    41 posts since
    Jun 18, 2011
    52. Feb 16, 2012 2:42 AM (in
    to Archon810)
    *System OTA Update Thread*
    Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
    Nexus S 4G
    That release date is totally wrong. The
    update rolling out on the 16th is a beta
    version for Sprint employees only.
    has set an official release date of
    eventually at some point in the future
    for the general public. This is subject
    change at a moments notice
    on how the beta test goes.
    Report Abuse Like (0) Reply
    ~friggin' killjoy~

    • Justified

      What is this supposed to be?

  • J.C,

    Techguy379 works for Sprint. I thought Apple fanboys were the desperate ones. At the end of today we'll see who's right and who's going off unsubstantiated rumors :-)

    • Justified

      And you know he works for Sprint how?

      On a side note you do know my comment about silence was in reply to techguy379 and not you.

    • Brad Ganley

      I work for Sprint, too, and techguy379 is full of shit.

  • J.C,

    I really feel bad that one person started the rumor mill and publications have put it out without verification. For the ones who patiently wait and get false hopes it just isn't right. Did everyone forget how articles were published saying ICS was out for the Nexus S because a Google employee stated on Google+ that he got the OTA which turned out to be for Google employees ONLY at the time.

    • Brad Ganley

      This isn't a rumor. Here is a screenshot from when I logged into DARA and ISCportal today in the Sprint store that I work at: http://i.imgur.com/9sXZB.png

  • smz7

    There have been plenty of people who used the leaked ics 4.04 and have had no problems with it. Why can someone in their mothers basement make more progress than google

  • J.C,

    I live next to Techguy379 and I know he works for Sprint. As for the last comment I totally agree that it shouldn't be that way but quite a few of us who compile roms live in condos not basements :-) Blame the carriers for the red tape because Google did their job

    • Justified

      You live next to him. Sure you do.

      What this looks like is you are him.

      Go troll somewhere else.

  • Mike Rowes

    Hopefully they drop another radio than the one that came out last month. It sucks major ass. Signal real blotchy since this one. Been running Pete's Buglessbeast IMM26 since it came out last month. No real issues to speak for myself.

  • J.C,

    How about 7pm whatever time zone you choose we check back in to see who really is Justified. I own an NS4G like all of you but I also know better than to put myself on a limb on something I don't know about. To the rest of the forum cast your vote on who's right....J.C. or Justified? By tonight we'll see whose the liar who thinks they know what they're talking about. By the way my name is Juan Collins so I won't be hiding screen names at 7pm tonight. Care to put your name behind your claims so-called Justified :-)

    • Justified

      You might want to look back but I never stated whether the update would roll today or any other day. I was calling out techguy378 for making wild claims that never have any proof behind them. Why you replied "Actually my silence was to give some dumbass the opportunity to make a fool of themselves. Here you go chump." to a comment I made to someone else is very confusing, almost as if you forgot what screen name you were logged in as and made a reply that was meant for the other screen name. Then you go on to state that techguy379 is a Sprit rep. Yet when you go to his profile here: http://community.sprint.com/baw/people/techguy379?view=overview he is not listed as a Sprint employee and when looking through his recent posts ask's questions an employee in the know would not ask. Proving he is not a Sprint rep. Yet you go on to claim he is and you know it because he lives next to you. Man you are really reaching.

      • Brad Ganley

        Good detective work. As a Sprint employee, I would like to (to the best of my knowledge) say techguy is full of shit.

        • Justified

          Thanks. It was getting annoying seeing these stupid posts from techguy and J.C,. It's good to see someone who actually works for Sprint chime in. Now if only the update would start rolling out. :)

      • Brad Ganley

        I'm excited to see the update but, to be honest, if it's the same build as the leak that came out, a much better experience will be ascertained from Peter Alfonso's rom. Hopefully it's a different build and developers can grab useful things out of it, though.

        • Justified

          I hope it is not the same as the leak as well. 4.0.4. was very buggy on my NS4g. I just loaded up pete's new update 2-16-2012 and it is working pretty good. The added kernel overclocking is very welcome. Hopefully bld and bln will be added soon as well.

        • Brad Ganley

          I just flashed it as well. The flashlight status bar toggle crashed my phone :(. I hope it was a fluke kernel panic.

  • J.C,

    Mike has the idea. Bugless Beast is one of the more stable roms out there. I personally like the Elite Mid series.

  • J.C,

    Mike has the idea. Bugless Beast is one of the more stable roms out there. I personally like the Elite Mod series.

  • J.C,

    The 4.0.4 OTA radio kernel has proximity sensor issues. I use 4.0.3 radio kernels for the roms I flash. Thats exactly why its in beta for Sprint employees only. 4.0.4 is almost finished but not quite.

    • Justified

      And now you are making claims just like techguy378, further strengthening my belief you are one and the same.

      Yet again I ask for PROOF. You know this information HOW?

    • Brad Ganley

      Now it sounds like you're claiming to know the internal development state. How high up is your neighbor, Techguy379? And how often do you guys discuss this? What are the terms of his disclosure agreement being on the development team?

  • J.C,

    I gave the whole forum my real name. I'm not one to keep arguments with fools. Whoever Techguy378 is he's getting his info from the same sources. I know Techguy379. I have no clue who Techguy378 is. Once again at 7pm lets check back in. Haven't heard anything from Sprint yet have you? Hold your breath and see how long you make it. You can't villianize me on this. Tonight we'll see who has the more reliable sources....the rumor mill publications or the sources I have.

    • Justified

      I could care less what your name is. What that has to do with anything is beyond me.

      I have a very hard time believing that techguy378 and techguy379 are 2 different people. And that 379 works for Sprint and is your neighbor.

      Yet again I must state that I never said whether the update would roll today or any other day. My qualm was with techguy378 and 379 making wild claims with no proof. Just as you did two post's up. All three of you seem to know what no one else knows, yet have no proof of what you say is true.

    • rsbnexus

      "I know Techguy379. I have no clue who Techguy378 is"

      You sound confused!

  • J.C,

    The proximity sensor issues were brought to me by people who I flashed Sprint's official "leak" to. At first I thought it was the flashing until I saw others with the same issues which is why I switched back to 4.0.3 radio kernel. Why do you think Google openly stated that 4.0.3 is the base source code and not 4.0.4? All I'm telling everyone is until you hear it from Sprint its not happening. Trust me I'm the most unhappy at how Sprint and Verizon put a chokehold on our Google phones timely updates but I chose to go the custom route. 4.0 is worth the hype believe me but its not worth frustrating our fellow NS4G owners with unverified info. This whole article is unsubstantiated and pulled from other articles using the exact same words. Is it negative to give false hope with a sweet lie or to expose that lie with brutally honest truth? By the end of today either I will be proven to be a liar or the publications who took leaked info in the wrong context will be the liars. If its me feel free to gmail me at [email protected] and let me have it. That's how confident I am in my sources.

  • http://www.thepixelpuse.com aj

    Badass! Now I'm just waiting for a rooted version to flash! :D

    • Brad Ganley

      You can install the update and flash superuser into it with a custom recovery. The nexus devices are crazy easy to do it on :)

      • http://www.thepixelpuse.com aj

        Yeah, but that's just one extra step I'd like to cut out. I'm REALLY lazy.

      • http://www.thepixelpuse.com aj

        Although I'm sure that's what I'll end up doing anyway.

  • GL

    I hate to say it JC but both could be liars. Those who said it will start rolling out today and you unless you give up your source and or memo etc you also can be seen as a liar because you have not give us your "evidence" of what your saying. Just playing devils advocate here....so either give up your source/memo or your just as guilty as being a liar as anyone else.

  • mattw

    Go Justified!!! JC/techguy/whoever he is is a dumbass. Justified basically just called you out, and whether the update rolls out tonight or not will not matter.

  • J.C,

    You guys got me laughing. Are we upset because our poor little Android 4.0.4 release is being exposed as a rumor as I said. You want proof it isn't being released but none of you lanes have given proof it is. What matters is my point is being proven as the day goes by. You can't call me out I put my name and gmail out for everyone to see. I've got my 4.0.4 so the jokes are on the dumbasses sitting waiting on that update today. Have fun waiting :-)

    • Justified

      This is your fourth comment you have made about the update not being released today. No one other than you is talking about that. Why you continue to emphasize a point no one questioned in the first place is just a horrible attempt to change the subject.

      What everyone wants to know is where you are getting your "information". A question you still have not answered. Considering your false statements about knowing techguy379 and that he is a Sprint rep. that lives next to you, it is hard to take your comments as anything other than drivel.

  • J.C,

    As for GL I will be a proven liar if Sprint announces that update today. If you want the real estimated release date I was told hit my gmail after 7pm tonight. I have no qualms with any of you but you get upset because I gave you the correct information? Get mad at the Sprint employee that got everyone's hopes up. .

    • Justified

      Unless you have some proof to finally show us on "your sources", then you have already been proven a liar.

  • J.C,

    I stand corrected as to the writer of this article. Its stated that the memo was on Sprint's internal servers i.e. FOR EMPLOYEES ONLY.

    • Blah

      You're still a liar, dude. Just go away.

  • smz7

    either way,

    If sprint employees are getting it today that means the general update isn't far away.

    Personally I'm not getting my hopes up for ICS today. Just doesn't seem likely.

  • LucidDemonSpit

    Maybe I'm a troll, ok fine. I wouldn't trust a Sprint employee with knowing which was was north while holding a compass and facing the north pole. When I was having troubles with Google Wallet the employees at the only Sprint corporate store in town had no idea what it was, what it did, what NFC was or that those little doohickies on their credit card terminals were NFC payment devices. Seriously, their eyes got big and jaws dropped as I told them how I pay for my gas and coffee each morning with them and even got free lunch at McD's thanks to Google's free $10.

    Sure NFC is new, only available on a couple phones in the US, but if I was a store selling two of the very few devices that had this new technology, I would sure as hell be schooled on what it was. They also tried to tell me the WiMax radio in my Nexus S4G would be compatible with their future LTE roll out.

    So I wouldn't trust anyone at Sprint with knowing what the hell is going on. If you want ICS the leak from a couple weeks ago is probably as stock and close to what will be the official release, as you're going to find. Plus many custom ROM's exist as well. It looks prettier, has a few minor nice additions, but IMHO it's not the second coming of the Android Christ. In face my radio is weaker and it takes much longer to turn on than before. I like it overall but if you don't have it, your not missing out.

  • http://jax.in Tony Antony

    Finally a phone officially got updated to ICS. It is just pathetic that it took 4 months after ICS release for the first phone to get official update to ICS. iOS and WP gets these in days...not months

  • Justified

    This is not some rumor started by some employee. There are real screenshot's taken from Sprint's employee website that clearly state the release is today. Whether or not this will actually happen is yet to be seen.

    The problem with installing the 4.0.3 custom Rom's or the 4.0.4 leak is that they all have bugs. So there is no real option for a fully 100 percent working ICS on the NS4G. Peter Alfanso's custom Rom coming the closest, but with it being 4.0.3 based it still has the Android OS reporting bug. That is why this hopeful release is very welcome news.

  • http://djallyn.org DJ Allyn

    I am not holding my breath on a release now or anytime in the near future. If it happens, then I will be happy. But I am not going to get my hopes up for nothing.

    I am already mad at Sprint because when I bought this phone I was told that this was the first droid that would get the ICS upgrade and that it was only a "matter of a week or two" That was months ago.

    So I have resigned myself to the fact that whatever Sprint says or does, wait an hour. It will likely change.

    I never was this cynical until I dealt with Sprint.

  • Ryley

    This ICS OTA update for my NS4G is awesome....... not.

  • http://djallyn.org DJ Allyn

    Meanwhile, hours later, still no Ice Cream Sandwich.

    Why am I not surprised?

  • Seedy

    I'm honestly tired of waiting. I been given so many different excuses for this, that, and the other, but no one from sprint or samsung can answer any questions. smh

  • http://djallyn.org DJ Allyn

    Yup. Just another baseless rumor.

    I will probably dump my Sprint phone and go with Verizon anyways.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Baseless? Really?

      • http://djallyn.org DJ Allyn

        Yes, baseless.

        Do you have ICS rolled out to your phone from Sprint yet? Today is pretty much over. It has come and gone and nary a change.

        I stopped by my local Sprint store this afternoon and they told me this was nothing more than another rumor, and that Sprint would make a public announcement in advance to tell us when they were ready to deploy.

        When I mentioned the screenshot that everyone seems to be relying heavily on here, I was shown the same screen that DIDN'T have that message on it.

        So yes, "baseless".

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          The screen was there yesterday and this morning for all Sprint employees to ogle at. This was also confirmed by another Sprint employee in the comments here - the source is legitimate.

          So, we have an announcement that Sprint posts for its employees, that's a base (as in the opposite of baseless) right there. We reported reliable information from an internal system. If Sprint then decides to toy with us and confuse us further, then it's on them. Baseless would be me making shit up based on hearsay with no proof to offer.

          Again, the screenshot is real. The day is not over. If the update doesn't go out today, then I refer you to the part of the post that says, "The source of this information has always been reliable in the past, so unless Sprint is playing games with its employees, we'll see the first OTAs firing up at some point tomorrow."

  • James Compher

    Nexus S 4G Ice Cream Sandwich Update Starts Feb. 16th

  • Blah

    Sounds like AP is jumping the gun and posting news without checking the facts. Again. Ah well.

    We all know they'll do it again later when an Android "virus" pops up.

    Or when ONE person claims to get an ICS update on a phone but has no proof.

    Or when ONE website claims Jelly Bean is coming.

    Or when ONE person on a forum says Sprint "said something".

    AP honestly lost some credibility with this and replaced with gullibility. Considering a LOT of people referenced this article and it's not out, nor has anyone gotten it, I'd say Artem is in "PR protection mode".

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      I love how you pile on all these accusations, yet AP picks the reliability of rumors and sources far more carefully than most other sites.

      Did AP cover the story about the "virus" that Symantec blew out of proportion and later apologized for? No.

      Did AP cover the Jelly Bean story from today? No, for that same reason.

      I don't even know what you're talking about referring to the ICS update from someone's phone.

      I am also not sure why you bring up ONE person on a forum - that's not where the information came from, and the person on the forum you're talking about (what are you talking about?) was the one claiming the opposite.

      The information published in this article was credible. This memo was posted. For employees. Sprint employees. Whether the update doesn't pan out for today or not is beyond our control. I reported it for what it was - credible evidence of an update. And how are we supposed to verify this exactly? Ask Sprint? They won't tell us. Wait until the day passes, so it's too late? Not everything ends up going according to plan every time, that's the nature of the industry.

      • Blah

        Yes, you DID lose credibility.

        As previously stated, all articles mentioning this link back to this very website.

        Instead of saying it MAY happen today, you say it WILL happen today. No questions asked.

        Now it hasn't happened and you're floundering to find some shred of proof that your article is correct.

        I'm not saying those trolls up there were correct, but you are worse than they are posting this article claiming it WILL happen instead of MAY.

        Artem, we've been through this before with other NS4G updates, I thought you'd have learned your lesson by now.

        Is the ICS update coming? For sure. Today? No. No it isn't.

        • devin

          Haha do you know what it means to break a story? AP is trying to be the first to this story because they have reliable sources that other sites dont have.

          Why arent other sites breaking this news? Because they dont have a credible source like AP does...

          Is it possible that AP's source is wrong? Absolutely. Their job is to publish what their sources tell them.

          If you dont want to read about things before they happen dont read the news and wait til an icon pops up to update your phone... hopefully thats tonight!

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          Ah, I should have known it's you, Ryuuie (why did you change it to Blah? Hiding?). You still around? I thought you moved on already.

    • http://djallyn.org DJ Allyn

      The funny thing is that virtually EVERY mention of this news points back HERE. There is absolutely zero corroboration from any other source.

      That isn't to say ICS isn't on the verge of release OTA, just that it probably won't happen before March sometime.

      Sorry, but all of this excitement over nothing.

      • Blah

        Yeah. AC lost some respect with people over this. Maybe not with the rooting crowd because most of them don't care, but for people who DON'T root or don't know what rooting is (aka, the "general public")...

      • Brad Ganley

        I'm a collaborating source. The reason no other news sources posted about it is because I and whoever else works for sprint and sent this image sent it directly to AP, not posted on a blog. If you want a screencast of me logging into my dealer systems, eticket, getting your MSL, or whatever, I'll provide it. This is a legitimate story that no other website has because, technically, this site IS the source.

  • sprinty owl

    It's official, I just got screen pop up asking me to update.
    I gotta backup my phone first....awesome!!!

    spread the word!!!

    • sprinty owl

      Oh yea.....michigan here, not sure if that matters

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        Please tell me you got a screenshot.

    • Ryley

      is this serious? or a joke? lol be honest

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        It was a troll, as far as I can tell.

  • Rblacula

    Pics or it didn't happen. What proof is there? If it IS indeed true and you aren't being a troll, then you could try and pull the OTA package for those of us w/out the update.

  • smz7

    Can't find the source right now but I saw a message from a confirmed sprint employee saying that the update would be bled over 3 days. If you didn't get it today, it should be coming this weekend hopefully

  • taandrews

    Do we need to do anything but check for updates?

  • brain li

    haha owl is right........I just got the update too

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      OK, now you're just trolling. From the same IP as sprinty owl. Come on, at least try harder.

      • Justified

        Could you do a favor and check that IP against J.C, and techguy378?

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          None of them match. They're 3 different IPs not even close in ranges. The only commons IPs belong to owl and brain.

  • Ramy

    Please tell me u peeps that are getting update are catching screenshots!!! If ur not, do it now or its a rumor...come on help us out.

  • Seedy

    What state are you from and can you provide a screen shot plz?

  • http://djallyn.org DJ Allyn

    I am not "blaming" anyone. As I said earlier, when it comes to Sprint and ICS, I cannot help but be cynical. Sprint hasn't given me any reason to feel otherwise.

    When I went to see some Sprint employees, I was told it was all "baseless". (their assessment, not mine, btw)

    We WANT to believe it's true, that the wait is finally over, but I don't see it. Sprint has always put a notice out before on this kind of stuff -- especially something of this magnitude -- and they haven't yet.

    The two different people I talked to at Sprint today both told me that they would have been notified prior to this kind of release because they would need to know how to field possible customer issues related to the release. So far they haven't been told, therefore it probably isn't going to happen.

  • Seedy

    This makes me not want to buy another Nexus phone again. How can a company advertise something and not stick to its promise. Smh it's absolutely ridiculous that we have to wait so long. The fact there is a rumor about android 5.0 coming out soon is crazy because ICS hasn't even been released. Google, Sprint and Samsung are not even on the same page with their information. These people are unreliable and it's a waste of time they have us waiting for so long for something that has been out since last year. This is just to much for us as paying customers. The people at sprint some have no idea what ICS is, some tried to push the update but some weird way the call was "disconnected". Their service is trash to. smh I'm so over samsung and sprint to the fullest!

    • Blah

      Hey, this isn't anyone's fault but Android Police. They claimed it'd be here today when they should've known better to double-check their sources.

      For all we know, this is a simple Photoshop job that Artem fell for. They can't offer much proof than IT WILL COME WE KNOW IT.

      Well, it sure isn't here.

      Sprint promised us nothing, AP promised us everything and now they're scrambling for proof now rather than when they should have.

      • http://djallyn.org DJ Allyn

        C'mon, it is silly to blame the messenger here. He acted on what he claims was a "reliable source in the past" and passed that information along to us, who are already frustrated that this hasn't happened already.

        But I do think that in an effort to be the one to "scoop" the news, he might have gotten a bit enthusiastic in his reporting.

        As I said earlier, a look out across the Intertubes and all related stories appear to point back to this one as its nexus. (Pardon the pun)

        Let's just go back to cursing Sprint and Google.

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        Ryuuie, I know you're stubborn as fuck, but I'm telling you the source is 100% legit. The picture is not photoshopped, but I'm sure you know that as you're the head of all troll masters.

        • http://djallyn.org DJ Allyn

          Who, ME? Head of all troll masters? Seriously?

          I am giving you the benefit of the doubt. Your source may be 100% legit, but is also appears to be 100% wrong. The rank and file customer is NOT getting ICS today.

          From a conversation I had this afternoon, it probably won't be until the middle of March -- which is what has been the speculation for a while now.

          But hey, it is nice to be hopeful. Let's just hope that Android 5.0 doesn't come out before we are upgraded to ICS....

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          DJ Allyn,

          My reply was for Blah (aka Ryuuie, a master troll I already banned from G+ a while ago), not you.

  • I_Don’t_Root

    All this anticipation and excitement will surely be missed when the 4.0 update does go OTA

  • SirDerp

    Hey Artem, any news from your source? Has he/she downloaded ICS, or is it also a bust on that end?

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      No news, unfortunately. They know as much as we do - just what the employee site tells them. And it tells them that message you see at the top of the page.

      • SirDerp

        Thanks for the quick reply. Another question, though, are they still seeing the same page? Has it been taken down/edited?

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          That message is still up in the internal Sprint system, apparently.

  • smz7

    As someone hesitant to root, I was excited for an ota update.

    Looks like it will be hard to trust AP in the future about such things

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      You can't rely on any source 100% every time - some things are out of our control. Even carriers and OEMs can't be trusted and continuously miss their own deadlines. Just look at ASUS, Archos, and pretty much every phone manufacturer.

  • xJU1C3x

    Alright.....I've got 11:37pm, anyone got any news yet? I still got nothing.

  • sam

    I think in the future getting responses back from Sprint / Google to either confirm or deny the report would go a long way in establishing credibility here. I get that someone took a screenshot of an internal company page on their intranet site, and if they exposed more of the screen it could reveal their identity and put their job at risk.

    If Google or Sprint make the announcement that the update is coming this weekend or in the next 2-3 weeks, I'll buy into that more because after all they are going to be the authority. I know from the Droid Eris that you cannot count on just one source for confirmation. I'm just curious what lead you to believe that this one screenshot was proof the update was coming on the 16th?

    • http://prodigy.jigsoar.com/ Ian

      Neither Google nor Sprint ever give any information until the OTA is already rolling out. It would be great, but it won't happen, and you can't blame AP for it.

  • PaulMan

    Hey Artem, let the complainers complain, that's what they are going to do anyway. I for one, am thankful for the renewed hope that the NS4G will actually get the update sometime soon.

    In the future, I hope you continue to publish stuff like this from your sources, this is a fun website about shared interests, and anytime my phone is mentioned on here, I get excited. So it didn't work out exactly the way you thought it would this time - Next time, maybe it will - and the complainers will probably still be there to complain...it's in their nature.

    • sam

      Renewed hope? The Nexus S was always going to be updated to ICS. There are bugs, as evident by the build that was leaked previously. If there are issues with the deployment of ICS to the Nexus S (GSM and CDMA), Google needs to address these first. Sprint can't afford to have an ICS update go bust on the heels of them announcing the Galaxy Nexus w/ LTE is on the way.

      His sources may be just fine 80% of the time, but without a nibble from Sprint or Google on the subject it's questionable whether or not this should be reported on without some solid verification to back it up.

      • http://djallyn.org DJ Allyn

        I'm not against it being reported. There just should have been more emphasis on the fact that was not official, or indicative of an actual roll out.

        A lot of us got our hopes up -- which frankly isn't hard to do given the fact that both Sprint and Google have treated us like second-class citizens these past few months.

        Buy another Nexus or "Google" phone? Probably not. At least with a Windows phone you know what you are getting and when.

        • http://prodigy.jigsoar.com/ Ian

          It *was* as official as anything could have been. Sprint's system was telling their employees that it would be happening yesterday. This has been corroborated by a second source.

          Short of Sprint coming out and saying "The Nexus S 4G will be updated to ICS today," this is as close as anything could have come. And we should all know that Sprint won't be doing any announcements like that, ever. Though they might announce it a week or two after the update starts rolling out.

  • Paulman

    I think it's time someone called the wahmbulance....

    • Justified

      Tell em to pick up some French Cries and a six pack of Weineken on the way.

  • Nick

    So we haven't gotten the update yet, who really cares? Android Police has given all of us a lot of quality scoops over time. Why is it that big of a deal if we have to wait another day or two for the update. This is very much "first world problems" if you ask me.

    • sam

      I think people who are still well into a two-year agreement chomping at the bit to get something new on their device wanted the update sooner rather than later.

  • sam

    I've been using ICS off and on for a while now. The official build will come out soon enough.

  • bigvee

    Still no update to ics just got off the phone with sprint they told me the update will come out the end of the month

  • jab

    I'm growing tired of Android how difficult it is to get updates in a timly fashion. By the time ICS is released Jelly Bean will be coming out. Google and their partners need to get a better process of keeping their eco system up to date.

    • http://djallyn.org DJ Allyn

      I think that is the problem with a supposedly "open source" OS. There are too many different cooks in the brew, and no two devices are the same either.

      It IS irritating for a company to sell you a product, promise you timely upgrades and then change their mind.

      That is what I suspect is happening here. They are trying to get an already buggy situation to work and they aren't having any luck at it. It would not surprise me in the least to hear that they will just end development for this on the Nexus S and move onto the next phone, leaving the Nexus S as an orphan.

  • slim wezzy

    I hope it comes out sometime before march. My Nexus S 4G is amazing as is, but i'd rather have the latest and greatest. Google is slowly turning into a money hungry corporation that cares little about customer satisfaction. Also, Sprint/Nextel seems to be following in big reds' (Verizon Wireless) footsteps; the lack of support, the miscellaneous texts that have nothing to do with an update. What I'm trying to say is if Sprint and Google care about customer satisfaction they would take the time and make a report about updates; especially when rumors are going around.

  • FirstOdin

    I installed the leaked IMM26 and I wasn't happy with what I had. Sprint is holding the update until they get their hands on the GNex and then we NS4G owners will finally see some form of an OTA pushed to our devices. Until then here we are in what I have come to know as The G2X GB Debacle 2. It will come but who knows in what shape or form. Just don't hold your breaths until then. We may be waiting for 4.0.5 folks.

  • Richard

    You're just punkin' us...

  • http://djallyn.org DJ Allyn

    So now, two weeks later, you can see that we STILL don't have our ICS.

    It just isn't going to happen for Sprint.

    • slim wezzy

      Can you please just shut the fuck up. DJ my nuts in your mouth.

      • http://djallyn.org DJ Allyn

        That's alright. I chewed them up and spit them out.

        Besides, I wanted a meal not a snack.

  • Bee

    Put the leaked 4.04 on my phone a few days ago. Works great and fixed some issues i was having with rooted 2.3.7. Had to re-root after install and lost all my data. Shoulda coulda woulda backed it all up first:( Does not and will not come with face unlock due to low quality front camera. Found an add on and put it on to try it. Doesnt work great, already stopped using it. If you were looking for face unlock, get a phone with a better front facing camera. Only thing i really have left to do is get a good overclock kernel again. I have better 3g/4g reception with this build and really enjoy the new features. I am certain as good as this build looks/works, the only delay to official release must be issues with preventing data loss to every 4gs owner during the update. If you truly cant wait like me, everything is out there already. will be glad to point out all the places I went to to get 4.04/face unlock/re-rooted if interested.

  • Bee

    Also, I also see alot of people talking about bugs with the leaked version. Can anyone tell me what they are? I cant seem to find them yet.

    • Odin

      The proximity sensor is a little buggy. The screen doesn't go dark during a phone call. The front facing camera isnt the greatest so the face unlock doesn't work that well. Other than that its OK but I would recommend waiting for the official OTA punch from sprint.

  • Gulrez

    my thoughts: face unlock works decently well but it's just a gimmick; completely impractical. after using it a few times it just gets annoying. proximity sensor works fine on my vhgomez36 sprint LOTA rom, i've tested it so many times and it behaves exactly like it did on GB....no bugs whatsoever in this device. it's very smooth although not QUITE as fast as gingerbread stock...but very very close. every time i go back to stock 2.3.7 i begin missing ICS features like touch to focus camera, swiping notifications, and significantly better stock browser. For some reason radio signals and wifi reception drops are non-existent on vhgomez36 ics rom that were fairly common in stock GB 2.3.7...overall i'm very pleased with my nexus s 4g and will only purchase nexus devices. regardless of when the official update hits i want access to the latest android OS version. i've been running stable ICS since november and it has improved significantly over time.

  • Jesus

    I invented the internet