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Last Updated: February 24th, 2012

Let's say that you are touring a new city with your family. You stop in front of a famous monument and gather all the kids to take a picture, but because it's a popular spot, there are tons of people walking around in the background. Kind of ruins the picture, doesn't it? Short of some serious Photoshop talent, there isn't really a good way to get around this problem. But now, a company called Scalado has revealed software they call "Remove" which allows you to do just that - remove unwanted moving objects from an image.

Still not clear on what I mean? Check out the video demo (33-seconds):

I can't help but yell "THE FUTURE IS NOW" to myself when I see this.

There aren't a ton of details on how it works, but presumably it takes 2 pictures, and determines what's moving and what stays stationary. It then presents you to remove the objects that were moving, leaving behind only what's stationary - posing people included.

Update: Scalado emailed us and clarified that depending on the device, Remove takes between 5 and 10 pictures rather than 2.

At the moment, the company hasn't announced when (or where) we can expect to see devices with the Remove software on-board hit store shelves, but they will have live demos of Remove in action during MWC later this month.

For more images and other information, hit up the source link below.

[Source: Scalado]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • http://twitter.com/mikeGsays GarciaM25

    With tech like that, who wants to take bets on who will be buying them out to keep it for themselves? Google? Apple? KODAK??? Okay, the last one may have been too soon......

    • mastermind26

      Well, incorporated into ICS, it'd sure make a sweeter deal.

    • Jonathan K. Wong

      I hope no one buys it. I don't want one platform having all the nice stuff.

  • DeafLEGO

    I think its got to take more than just 2 pictures to perform this... maybe even a short video clip.

  • JohnSmith

    The only thing that's stuck into my mind from that video is the fact that the HTC Desire HD doesn't have a dedicated camera button, as opposed to what is assumed in the video.

  • http://nelsdzyre.com Nels

    I believe the idea behind this is something like Roto Brush from Adobe After Effect CS5. But the background layer to replace the lasso one...sounds like a magic. Even if it possible the point of capture will be longer for maybe around 4-5 seconds (like a burst) but if somehow those 'people' that you wish to remove does not move, they can never capture the actual background. So yeh this video is kinda overkill but we'll see.

    • zach voss

      i'd say its more like content aware on photoshop.


    • Nick Coad

      It looks as though there might be some intelligence built into it to auto-fill areas where the background was never removed. Check out the dude standing behind the girl that gets removed, despite the fact he hardly moved during the whole thing (the background behind him was never revealed).

      Photoshop has a feature called a "Content-aware fill" which does something like this.

  • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

    Funny, I wrote about this idea years ago (suddenly occurs to me that I should have filed a patent back then), but it's not actually a hard thing to do. A series of pictures, comparing all of them to determine the things that change and stay the same.

    When the iPhone came out with touch-to-focus I envisioned using it to pick the thing to keep and the camera would simply keep the focal object while everything else slowly disappears.

    • Jonathan K. Wong

      A person could easily do the same thing manually but it'll be harder.

  • Nexuz-Uno

    I want this so badly! Have you seen an app called "Touch Retouch"? It's pretty sick. Check it out.

  • Adondo

    "I can't help but yell "THE FUTURE IS NOW" to myself when I see this."

    Really? My Fujifilm HS10 has this feature, and it's a several year old "prosumer" dSLR.

    Is about time this function gets put onto an Android phone, and that is pretty nice.

  • Eric G

    It's a good idea, but that is Rewind also. Still after months no Rewind, so will be with Remove. It seems to me that Scalado can only make nice movies about ideas. Now these ideas will never see the daylight, because if someone else wants to make it, they probably have to pay Scalado.