If we could take a universal count across all platforms asking users what more they want out of their devices, we would probably hear better battery life pretty frequently. As something that many users (myself included) obsess over, we're always looking for ways to get more juice from our devices and find out what processes are keeping us from the illustrious all-day charge. Enter a new app that should somewhat help on the war against bad battery life: My Battery Drain Analyser.

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My Battery Drain Analyzer (or BatteryDrain as it shows in the app tray) keeps an eye on your battery, tracking how much it drops (percentage-wise) hour-over-hour. It sleeps in the background most of the time, only waking when the battery drops by one percent in order to record the current battery state at the time. After the battery drops two percent, the app begins calculating the battery drain.

While the app is still quite simple in nature, one thing that I absolutely love about it is the fact that the dev chose to embrace the ICS style guide. This means that the app is completely ICS-ready, which includes the swiping between pages (yes, it even works in Gingerbread). Thus, not only is it functional and informative, but it looks good in doing so.

The app is completely free, so hit the widget below to give it a shot.

Cameron Summerson
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  • Anand

    Battery Snap is another great app that's been around for a long time with similar functionality:


    One thing I like about Battery Snap is you can add a widget that'll estimate your remaining run time based on your current usage. It'll also estimate how long it'll take to get to 100% when you're on the charger.

    • LaFlamme

      I really just want to know how many percentage points I'm losing per hour without breaking out a calculator. This app is the only one that can do it, that I know of. Other apps give a more complete breakdown with some pretty complicated charts, but percent-per-hour? You just can't find that anywhere. Kind of amazing, since it's such a useful stat and everybody broods over their battery life, at least some of the time. Five battery notches up for this app for doing what nothing else can, apparently.

  • Christopher Heuer

    You say he embraced the ICS style guide, yet I still see a legacy menu button showing...

    • WazaBe

      Yes, Christopher,

      I had the choice to add an ActionBar for just one button, or a use of the Menu button, still there on 99% of android devices in the world...

      I have read the great entry blog of Google "Say goodbye to menu button" But I am not convinced at all...

  • salle

    Holy cow! This is just THE functionality I've been looking for since I became obsessed with battery! Percentage per hour!


  • Ignacio armijo

    Will definitely get it, kinda obsessed with battery and this app seems to do the job and even more

  • Pordroid

    It is one more app to drain your battery

  • sriracha
    • sriracha

      tag fail. BetterBatteryStats does it better.. just click my screwup..

  • dbareis

    I'm guessing it doesn't alert on overuse for example when phone isn't sleeping, thats what I'm looking for. Ideally it would also identify the cause of the drain. I'll have a look at it anyway.

  • Spydie

    Not really of any value until it names the culprits that keep using the battery. I don't need to see use without seeing what's causing the problem.

    • BeDammit

      Battery use over time isn't too useful unless you know what you were doing at that time.