Last Updated: February 17th, 2012

If you've ever lost a device or had one stolen, then you know what a gut-wrenching feeling that can be. All of your personal data, contacts, e-mail, social networking, photos, and more in the hands of a stranger or thief? The very thought of it is sickening.

If you want a better chance of retrieving your lost or stolen device, then you have to be proactive about the matter. One of the top apps on the Market for hunting your down missing device is, of course, SeekDroid. We've taken an in-depth look at SeekDroid once before, but here's the quick-and-dirty rundown.

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  • Brian
  • Andrew
  • Kurt
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  • Chinna Rao
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SeekDroid is, in a nutshell, location tracking software. It can tell you where your device is at any time, in any place. Unlike many other anti-theft apps, SeekDroid has an awesome web interface so you can remotely check on your device. There are two versions of SD: lite and premium; the former of which provides location tracking, remote GPS toggle, and SMS support; while the latter expands that functionality and adds a ton of useful features, like alarm, remote wipe, and much more.

What You Get

2012-02-14 17h25_20

On top of the app's standalone functionality, SeekDroid also offers three tiers of plans that offers even more coverage, including "Breadcrumbs," which checks the device location routinely; Location History, which does exactly what it says; and Geofencing, which will send an email alert if the devices leaves a user-defined area.

For this giveaway, we have 20 lifetimes codes for the 'Special Agent' license, which will allow you to use breadcrumbs, location history, and location tracking on up to five devices. This plan will work with either SeekDroid Lite or SeekDroid Premium, so there's no need to upgrade if you don't want to (though I recommend it considering all that the premium version offers).

How To Win

To enter, you need only leave a comment letting us know which Special Agent feature appeals to you the most. Any relevant answer will do, and we'll randomly pick the winners in two days' time.

This contest begins immediately, will run until Thursday, February 16th at 11:59PM PST, and is eligible for entrants around the globe.

Good luck!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Igor Bessa

    The most apealling is the breadcrumbs, because in case of theft it allows you to know the routine of the thief, wich certanly helps in getting the device back.


    The nifty time slider seems pretty BA.

  • Yudi

    Special agent appeals me the most.

  • Long Nguyen

    Awesome app. I like most Wipe remotely feature. Have this app will be great.

  • rrjp

    Definitely the tracking. Good to have if it got stolen.

  • Steve

    Bread crumbs would be a great feature for me!

  • http://kevlargibs.net Brandon Knapp

    The biggest feature to me is support multiple devices.
    I know I could make a new account for each device, but that is a pain. I've been a user of Seekdroid for a long time, and i'm a huge fan. I recommend it to everyone.

  • Guy

    Love the web interface......

  • scott

    I Love SeekDroid!
    The best part is the multiple devices and breadcrumb! Great for keeping tabs on your kids

  • Nina

    I like SeekDroid, great app!

  • Harsha Raj

    Having to for more than one device is a good thing.

  • jordanjay29

    SeekDroid would be a great deterrent against the fear of losing my phone and giving all its data to some stranger. Count me in!

  • http://www.sleepless-tech.com Robert deJuana-Matthews

    The location features are insanely awesome

  • Kevin Liske

    Bread crumbs! I want to be able to track my device.

  • 0mie

    I NEED this for my brother/sister, they have each lost their device once too many times :/ lol

  • AK

    Location fencing

  • Brian

    Remote lock / wipe is a must have awesome feature. Thanks SeekDroid!

  • Dan Van

    Im vulnerable to loosing phones! hahah on my 3rd one already

  • Eoin

    I like the zone creation function. That looks pretty neat.

  • rAy

    I want the Seekdroid account so that I can track my cat with the 'breadcrumbs' feature... I'm pretty sure he participates in subversive terrorist activities and I'll finally have the goods to put the punk away!!

  • Jonathan Unicorn

    Breadcrumbs. It sounds like I'll be able to find it if someone steals it, or say I left it on a bus!

    I'll follow that bus around forever until I get my beloved Android back.

  • Julius

    The most useful feature for me (which was not actually mentioned in your review) is the ability to view multiple devices from a single log in.

  • Steve

    The controlled area's feature sounds really good (i.e. who let the dogs out).

  • Dis McCarthy

    Definitely the remote wipe.evff

  • Jacob

    Remote GPS toggle/tracking and remote wipe are the most appealing features to me.

  • Dewind

    Geofencing for sure. It's the best way to automatically check if your device has been stolen

  • Graham S

    I think the breadcrumbs feature is pretty sweet. That combined with location fencing makes this a pretty nify sounding app.

  • http://www.firstdove.com Christian

    The Location History feature will be of most interest to me as it provides easy tracking of up to 30 days of breadcrumbs - which will be of great use to law enforcement agents in tracking down my stolen devices.

  • Matt

    Being able to use it on 10 devices rocks.

  • Chris

    The fact that I can have 5 on it, the wife loses her phone on a constant.

  • Brant

    Yes! I'm in! I love Seekdroid!

  • Mgamerz

    I'd love to track where my phone goes if it is stolen. Also, Friday is the 17th, not the 16th.

  • Reuben

    I've been using SeekDroid since the Amazon Free App of the day. Would LOVE to use the secret agent version to increase my chances of finding my devices!

  • Johnatton

    Breadcrumbs for sure!

  • mark

    breadcrumbs, om nom nom

  • Vladimir

    Love the location tracking. Hope this wins me a license. Good luck to you all !

  • puterdoc

    I like the idea of remote wipe

  • Rob Butler

    I love the idea of breadcrumbs and multiple device support. Seekdroid is a pretty powerful app.

  • TheTruthSquad

    I can then put the phone in my girlfriend's purse and find out where she goes.

  • Jon

    Location Fencing for the win!

    What a great proactive alert/security method when it may be too late to notice that your device is missing.

  • slurms mckenzie

    i like that it has location tracking and remote wipe

  • jak3072

    following the breadcrumbs is a seriously nice feature & will be quite handy too in case i lose my S2!!!!!!

  • Chris A

    Location fencing is probably the most useful since you can have latitudes do the breadcrumbs for you. I use this app all the time and a lifetime subscription would be amazing.

  • Badwolf456

    Love the breadcrumbs feature - always hungry for food.

  • David Riley

    I really like the time machine so I can look back and check out the bread crumbs. If I don't know my phone was stolen or lost til later I am going to want to know where all it went so I can bust heads equally.

  • NetWrkGamr

    I love AndroidPolice.com and already use Seekdroid light.

  • chris

    really would like the location history feature

  • Vishal

    I would like to use the Special Agent feature so I can give my daughter the freedom to travel with her friends but unobtrusively monitor her location to ensure that she is not at a "bad place".

  • William N.

    Breadcrumbs for sure. be able to find out where its been is awesome. also if the battery dies you should be able to get the last of the breadcrumbs and figure out where it might be. Best of luck everyone!

  • Ev

    I like Location history and Geofencing.

  • Sanjeet Kumar

    Location fencing appeals to me the most, and also the ability to track multiple devices with one license.

  • Jaz

    A feature I really like is location fencing. This is an awesome feature.

  • Kaspar E.

    Breadcrumbs & fencing. Been using a free alternative from the day I got my first Android device, but it's lacking all these features. This would be a perfect upgrade.

  • keysneptune

    I like the remote wipe as a last resort to secure my data if I can't recover the device using the other tools.

  • Felicia McIntosh

    Breadcrumbs feature intrests me the most.

  • Steve

    tracking multiple devices will help manage my family's devices

  • Douglas Lin

    location history is pretty sweet

  • karan anand

    Works without a SIM Card

    a must have. because the first thing a thief does is remove the SIM card

  • AJ

    Location Fencing is most definitely a very appealing feature for me.

  • Hector E. Gaxiola

    Special Agent because 5 devices are more than enough for me..

  • Viken

    It's the location tracking I love, especially if it can track multiple devices. I'm usually pretty good (except an occasional lapse) but my wife is forever losing her phone around the house and can't find it. It would be amazing to find it quickly for her so I'm not waiting around all the time to go out while she backtracks through the house.

  • vibhor

    geo fencing is the feature which i want to have in my phone

  • lostinstowe

    I've always felt SeekDroid out in front of it's competitors.

  • Afzal

    hello i like GEO fencing feature and time machine feature

  • Dan F

    I like the Location Fencing feature.

  • Austin

    My wife is forever setting her phone down places, this would help us to find it in the event that she loses it and someone else picks it up.

  • BigJay517

    I like the idea of using the breadcrumb feature if the phone is stolen. Knowing its direction is a huge help in the process of recovering it. I hope I win!

  • http://wyldtek.samsession.com Sam

    Tracking multiple devices.

  • Cameron

    I like the ability to track multiple devices.

  • john meinke

    I like that I can use it on multiple devices I have an HTC amaze and a Motorola zoom both need protection

  • William

    I like bread crumbs feature.

  • mrwolf85

    Very good app!!

  • spathi

    i'd say that multiple devices feature is appealing

  • Jared

    I like the location history the most.

  • Bryson

    The breadcrumb feature would be cool...

  • Cristina

    Location fencing sounds awesome to me!
    Thank AP!

  • ivan

    location fencing for sure!

  • Kent

    Geofencing for sure. Sounds like an amazing idea when you're a student living in a major city!

  • http://theillicitconspiracy.com JJ Dangerously

    I like the ability to track multiple devices.

  • Igor Farago

    Location history looks great to me. I'd be able to fill my monthly gas expenses report to my boss without worrying that I forgot some place I went.

  • Craig

    The breadcrumbs! it will always provide me with my alibi...

  • Sukumar Patel

    love the geo fencing the most

  • http://www.twitter.com/Morenicano Morenicano

    I really like the Breadcrumb feature so if I do lose my tablet I an guestimate where it is by seeing where i've been and the Geofencing in case it's away from where I normally have it I'd know (in case some family tries to "borrow" without permission)

  • Kurt

    Location fencing sounds very cool

  • Román Ochoa

    Location history. Hope to never need it.

  • Arthur Mendes

    For me breadcrumbs and location fencing are the most interesting features, really awesome. Hoping to getting it!!

  • Robert Walters

    Breadcrumbs feature intrigues me the most. Would love a lifetime subscription.

  • ZRod

    I of course love the device tracking just in case!

  • Colton Mack

    The data backup and Phone location taker help out tremendously because it allows peace of mind in a cruel unforgiven world

  • Andrew Do

    Remote locking, and being able to track your phone incase you lost it

  • js

    I like the breadcrumbs feature.

  • jordan

    I like location fencing.

  • Danny

    Saves the day better than Superman!

  • Elden W

    Breadcrumbs feature looks pretty dang cool

  • HF

    All the features are actually very appealing. But if I had to choose only 1 it would be location history.

  • the1who

    In combination with the SeekDroid Premium I currently have, the feature I would most enjoy is the Location Fencing. The reasoning is that having three devices, if one happens to get outside of the defined area, I will be more alert to the incidence rather than finding out later that we are missing the phone and it isn't under the pillow, the cushion or blanket, "it is on its way to where!?" alert would be great! Then I could use the other features of the SeekDroid to initiate the protective features and lock it down. Special Agent would be just fine with the 3 devices we have, and leaves room for a future hopeful event of getting a tablet.

  • chris

    Breadcrumbs are an awesome idea,

  • Michael M

    I like the breadcrumbs feature. It could also be used to prove you were not at a certain place at the wrong time...

  • meatHead

    I like location fencing, so if someone steals my phone and them bread crumbs leave out of my zone I can warp back in time; show up at their house and give them a Judy Chop!

  • Cristian

    I like the special agent feature.
    it allows you everything u can need from your phone.
    best regards from ROMANIA :) ( thats why i need special agent)

  • Molly

    I like the online interface, especially the way it links to Maps

  • Raviteja

    I like the remote wipe feature a lot

  • Sriram

    Simply put- If you have an Android phone, you should have Seek Droid. Simple. I own an android phone and I think this is a great tool to track down your phone whether you have misplaced it in a bar or just left it at work!

  • trong

    Location fencing is what I'm looking for.

  • Keith

    I love the fact that you can remotely turn on your gps if it is off, which is an awesome feature if you turn it off to save your battery.

  • Ted Lovejoy

    The ability to locate the phone is key. My daughter's Samsung Fascinate grew legs and ran away one day and it was a major pain. We tried a different solution to find it but no luck. I'm going to grab the lite version at any rate and check it out.

  • aj34

    Location fencing is very interesting to me. Can't wait to try it out!

  • http://control-break.net/ Raptor567

    I think the breadcrumbs feature would be the best. This would finally give me a sense of security...

  • http://thekonietzkystrain.tumblr.com/ NeuroMan42

    Breadcrumbs & fencing. This app was recommend to me by an IT professional.

  • Adam

    I think a nice web interface is very important, so that's one of the features that appeals to me most.

  • BuddyDog

    Location fencing appeals the most to me.....

  • Jay

    Breadcrumbs FTW!

  • Rob

    The breadcrumbs feature is most interesting to me. There have been quite a few times that I wanted to retrace my steps, only to have forgotten the path. This will let me more carefully chart how far I walk each day and where all I have been.

  • Josh

    Awesome web interface for remote tracking!

  • Thorben

    I like the Location Fencing feature!

  • LordSparhawk

    I would use the breadcrumb feature to make see where my kids have been.

  • Phil Fernandez

    Tracking multiple devices is a great feature!

  • Johnforamerica

    Location history, no doubt!

  • sriracha

    breadcrumb for sure. would make finding a lost device easier.

  • http://tkware.info TK

    Very interested in the breadcrumbs feature, though geofencing is a close second.

  • rivman20

    Love the multiple device tracking and wipe!

  • Joel

    Can't say no to breadcrumbs :D ....that's my favorite feature.

  • Marcus

    I like breadcrumbs!

  • Robert

    special works for me

  • Chris Martin

    I really like the idea of the Geofencing because I recently started a new job that requires me to set my phone down from time to time and I'm constantly worried it will Sprout legs and Disappear...

  • Tane

    Multiple devices is for me the biggest plus, means I can track both my tablet and phone at the same time and also the fact that it even tracks once the sim card is removed is an upside (having experienced having a device stolen in the past)

  • George L

    I'm going to go with multiple devices. I have several Android OS devices and this would cover them all.

  • wolfkabal

    can't wait to try this out.

  • Sean

    I really love the breadcrumb feature, it seems real cool that you can track your phone down that way.

  • Art Vandelay

    Definitely the Bread Crumb feature!

  • Mike

    Multiple device support would be great and the safe zone feature sounds unique.

  • LayZee

    I'd like to see how the virtual fence works :)

  • Mark S

    Breadcrumps sounds pretty cool.

  • QuickSurfer

    The fact that the app can run completely hidden is the best feature in my mind. The average phone bandit will have no idea that it is even there.

  • joe

    All the features appeal to me. I can see myself using all of them. Thank You.....

  • George Heymann

    Hope to never need it, but the "breadcrumbs" and "geofencing" would be great tools to have in a pinch!

  • Christopher Green

    Geofencing and breadcrumbs are both awesome features.

  • Pete

    Hey, what more can you ask for when its free.

  • maxkobi

    gotta say the location fencing is very unique to this app. ive used it since the beginning and just cant see the need to opt into paid service... but this would be a good option!

  • Woof

    Location fencing is the carrot for me. Be so nice to keep the dog in the yard, or at least know when he decides to go running around the neighborhood.

  • Jean

    I like the remote wipe feature because I access everything on my phone. This will help keep my info secure/

  • Vitorio

    A web user interface and also being able to track devices.

  • Ryan

    Love the remote wipe!

  • http://www.nextgengeek.com Collin LeGault

    Location fencing is what I find the most interesting.

  • Tom K.

    I like the remote wipe

  • Liam Vain

    Geofencing is going to be my feature. I need a feature like that just in case someone takes one of my tablets without me knowing.

  • @jaywk

    That breadcrumbs option sounds delicious!

  • Marlon

    Protection for multiple devices, ex. my girl and my mother who both need it lol

  • Mike Gauley

    I'm with the majority here, breadcrumbs . Been using the basic version for a year now and really like it

  • Hector

    My favorite features have to be the remote wipe, and the Tracking. It just adds a level of safety that is necessary. Especially with the cost of the Devices these days. Plus with all the personal information that is stored on your Device it's a must.