Last Updated: February 17th, 2012

If you've ever lost a device or had one stolen, then you know what a gut-wrenching feeling that can be. All of your personal data, contacts, e-mail, social networking, photos, and more in the hands of a stranger or thief? The very thought of it is sickening.

If you want a better chance of retrieving your lost or stolen device, then you have to be proactive about the matter. One of the top apps on the Market for hunting your down missing device is, of course, SeekDroid. We've taken an in-depth look at SeekDroid once before, but here's the quick-and-dirty rundown.

This contest is now over. Here are our winners, selected at random:
  • Chris W
  • Rob MacDonald
  • Brian
  • Andrew
  • Kurt
  • Russ Luce
  • AzN
  • MattB5
  • Bilgin Ozkan
  • Will H
  • Chinna Rao
  • Mike
  • George Stratton
  • Jack G
  • papoose34328
  • Art Vandelay
  • Zepplin76
  • Morenicano
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SeekDroid is, in a nutshell, location tracking software. It can tell you where your device is at any time, in any place. Unlike many other anti-theft apps, SeekDroid has an awesome web interface so you can remotely check on your device. There are two versions of SD: lite and premium; the former of which provides location tracking, remote GPS toggle, and SMS support; while the latter expands that functionality and adds a ton of useful features, like alarm, remote wipe, and much more.

What You Get

2012-02-14 17h25_20

On top of the app's standalone functionality, SeekDroid also offers three tiers of plans that offers even more coverage, including "Breadcrumbs," which checks the device location routinely; Location History, which does exactly what it says; and Geofencing, which will send an email alert if the devices leaves a user-defined area.

For this giveaway, we have 20 lifetimes codes for the 'Special Agent' license, which will allow you to use breadcrumbs, location history, and location tracking on up to five devices. This plan will work with either SeekDroid Lite or SeekDroid Premium, so there's no need to upgrade if you don't want to (though I recommend it considering all that the premium version offers).

How To Win

To enter, you need only leave a comment letting us know which Special Agent feature appeals to you the most. Any relevant answer will do, and we'll randomly pick the winners in two days' time.

This contest begins immediately, will run until Thursday, February 16th at 11:59PM PST, and is eligible for entrants around the globe.

Good luck!

Cameron Summerson
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  • Luke

    They all look pretty sweet, have to go with location fencing though...

  • http://www.therotn.com Steven

    The anti-theft features would alone make this a great app to have a lifetime membership of!

  • Aaron

    It all appeals to me. All of it!

  • steve leger

    Really love that geo boundry feature. If I win, i'd tape my Galaxy to my cat's collar so he'd never get lost. Please pick me. An orange tomcat's quality of 1/9th his lives depends on this!

  • Andrew

    I like the sound of all the features, but breadcrumbs sounds like a good way to keep track of your phone.

  • Deantwon

    location history so i can stalker the mo fo that jacked me. id know where they go day to day! muhahahaha!

  • http://www.androidhubnetwork.com Alex

    i like the idea that i can find the asshat who stole my device :P

  • rick

    Geofencing looks most useful to me. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Nick

    Breadcrumbs and fencing seems really amazing. If I don't win, I'm definitely buying this.

  • Tomas – University Place, WA

    Tracking and remote GPS trigger are the two features that attract me the most. The ability to remote wipe is also nice, But I suspect that whoever has the device will either already have grabbed any info they might want, or ignored and wiped it by the time I could wipe it. :o)

  • moin sheriff

    breadcrumbs is the best feature

  • Ryan c

    Tracking, breadcrumbs and a phone locating product that works extremely well

  • Samuel

    Location fencing and remote GPS trigger are definitely my favorite features of the app.

  • Ivan92116

    location history FTW

  • Colby

    More than 5 devices on a license is what appeals to me the most!
    Owning 6 Android devices, it's hard to find a balance between several tracking apps that only allow 2 or maybe 3 devices, but now with the ability to have 25 devices, I no longer would have to juggle which tracking software I have to install and maintain.

  • Colby

    5 devices on a license is what appeals to me the most!
    Owning 6 Android devices, it's hard to find a balance between several tracking apps that only allow 2 or maybe 3 devices, but now with the ability to have 5 devices on a single license, I no longer would have to juggle which tracking software I have to install and maintain.

  • Trenton

    I like the breadcrumb one. It's simple and not for business owners. I have two other devices I would like to keep track of.

  • AzN

    Premium cause of the breadcrumbs.. Easy and I like to track my stuff.

  • Taraneh

    I love that it has location history. this is so cool!

  • La

    Special Agent feature appeals to me most are Breadcrumbs & fencing.

  • keegs

    I really enjoy the fact I can just grab a friends phone and with an SMS communicate with my phone.

  • Jack

    location fencing would be an amazing feature to have.

  • Stuart Arnott

    I think location fencing is a really good feature.

  • J Hill

    I liek the remote wipe feature

  • Andrew

    Breadcrumbs would be really useful for finding out who has your phone in the case you were to loose it

  • Ben

    SMS support is definitely a cool and very useful feature. That and tracking by web interface in case I lose my phone.

  • LV23

    Location tracking software

  • eli gee

    I like the Breadcrumbs feature, and also the remote wipe, both of those are great features

  • NCC1941

    Having mistakenly left my phone behind in the past, the phone location and remote wipe features are both appealing.

  • Luka

    I love the Breadcrumbs feature. I really like the product as a whole.

  • Ken R

    Remote wipe and location history are awesome.

  • Alex C

    I really dig the breadcrumbs feature. Also nice is the multiple devices...this is not a one Android household!

  • Zach B

    Most of the features are on other programs. The exception is location fencing. Definitely worth using this app for that alone.

  • http://twitter.com/TheSean_Hughes Sean Hughes

    Location history appeals to me, with this feature i have a better idea of where my device was taken at, and what direction it is headed to.

  • Schnitzer

    The breadcrumbing feature really appeals to me, geofencing is pretty awesome too!

  • http://www.sebrasil.net Davi Alves

    The fencing feature is perfect for me, i always leave my phone on my work's desk, so if someone take it i'll know when and where :)

  • angermeans

    Location fencing

  • AJ

    breadcrumbs is the best feature

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Winners posted!

    • http://www.twitter.com/Morenicano Morenicano

      Thank you SO MUCH! I was so seeing what I was gonna do for my Galaxy Tab since I was so scared of it being stolen and now I'm OK. This is very much appreciated! :-)

  • Lloyd De Francs

    I like the breadcrumbs function.

  • Shelby

    i really want the special agent pack!! Have lots of theft is SA and this app seems perfect for me! the fencing part will be extremely useful in the office space and the fact that the "thief" can remove my sim and wipe my phone and i can still track him is AMAAAZING!! Just had my phone swiped off my office table 2weeks ago and my lowzy tracker i had installed proved useless!! But i have alot of hope in this app and seems to be the apex of trackers!! GOOD WORK GUYS!!!