Acer ANZ just announced a distant April timeline for the Ice Cream Sandwich update to float all the way to Australia and New Zealand. Unfortunately, this doesn't tell us anything about the rest of the world, but unless they're delivering it by pigeon mail, I see it as a pretty good indicator of when it will hit the States, Europe, and other continents as well. Unfortunately,

Great news, everyone! We’ve just got confirmation from HQ that the Iconia Tab A500 will be getting Ice Cream Sandwich in April. No exact date yet, but we’ll let you know when we have it. What are you looking forward to most in ICS?

Apparently, numerous (and quite vocal) Acer A500 owners aren't as close to the top of the upgrade list as the A200 ones, whose tablets just started receiving ICS a couple of days ago. A 6-month upgrade cycle, while pretty lengthy, is still not such a bad deal (remember, some tablets won't ever see it officially) and will make Android 4.0 that much sweeter when it arrives.


Thanks, Joseph John!

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  • Chahk

    Are we getting it in the U.S. too?

  • Scott M

    I'm still waiting on the 3.2.1 update to fix the headphone issue on the A100.

  • ek

    If past experience is anything to go by, then padda few months to whatever Acer says.

  • http://www.twitter.com/stuartkbrown Foo

    Well, I'm in NZ but I got my A500 in the US. Guess that means I am on the US release date rather than NZ?

  • Bloodflame

    I've already got ICS on my A500 thanks to the dev community, but April is still very late and disappointing. It's about time Acer has finally said something though, but I'd still be more comfortable with a proper announcement (let's say a press release on their website) rather than just a Facebook post. Us A500 owners need to put the pressure on Acer to elaborate on the details of the impending ICS release, and ask for an official annoucement. We've already paid for our tabs, and according to the 18-month support cycle promised by Google at I/O last year, we are entitled to answers NOW!

  • Falconator

    Finally! This is definitely something a lot of a a 500 owners have wanted.

  • jan

    Anything about the PB Liberty Tab? It is practicly the same device.

  • Glen

    So much phail. a month or two after that JellyBean is out.

  • JaToMa

    What about the A501?

    I'm waiting desperately to get rid of all those bugs like frequent reboots and bad indeed very bad battery (without doing anything the battery is dead after 9 hours)!

    • Foo

      Could it be an app or game running in the background causing that?

      • JaToMa

        As there are quite frequent reboots, most apps should not be running. All apps, that I would usually like to update automatically (like eMail) are configured to only update manually.
        I guess it is rather a problem with the radio. Switching into airplane-mode helps to improve the battery.
        However, I don't understand why the iPad makes it so long on just one load and the A501 just sucks.

  • BigBossSnake

    Please don't place any USB devices on the USB port. Use it only when needed as that drains the battery life in 9 hours. I have experienced this before. Esp the Nano MicroSD card reader. And fark, April for ICS? Really Acer? Fark this..im so pissed off

    • JaToMa

      There is nothing plugged in. The Tab is just lying in my bag waiting for my trip back home.

  • JAf

    Anything about Packard bell liberty tab g100? It is practicly the same device.

  • alien

    acer ANZ is now advising through support enquiries that ics has been delayed until april. Acer continues to drop the ball

  • ravc
  • Pablito

    PB g100 tab con ics 4.0.3 acer
    , work ok.