Earlier today, the EU gave the OK on the pending Google-Motorola deal, even if it did so with a bit of hesitation. The U.S. has now followed suit and approved the deal, leaving only the Chinese to put the stamp of approval on before El Goog will fully own Motorola Mobility.

Google first announced its plans to purchase Motorola Mobility back in August of 2011. The proposal was met with skepticism from many companies, though Google has vowed to control Motorola as a separate entity and keep the playing field level for companies that wish to participate in the Nexus program.

Once this deal goes through, it will strengthen Google's patent portfolio, potentially allowing it to better defend Android in the courtroom.


Cameron Summerson
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  • Arben

    I just thought of this, somehow: Motorola hardware with stock Android, unlocked bootloader, and timely updates would be pretty goddamned nice.

    • duplissi

      with my two most recent phones being motorolas (photon, atrix 2) yeah i goddamn hope so! at the very least officially unlock the bootloaders....

  • http://twitter.com/Foamer_Simpson kayos

    Why would China and mine EU have to approve this.... Neither company is native to either place...

    • arrowrand

      Because Google is acquiring a multi national corporation with business interests in those countries.

      • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

        Actually, more specifically, Motorola owns manufacturing facilities in China (and a couple of other places that technically still need to give the nod). Even if Motorola weren't physically located in those countries and was merely selling products there, due to the nature of the products and that there is regulatory oversight involved (yes, even in China :), the government has to approve it.

        It's worth noting, while Google/Moto has the option to go ahead with the deal without the blessing of China (disregarding the manufacturing facilities), it would effectively destroy their relationship with China and would require effectively starting from scratch and having a very bad mark following everything they did in the country for years to come. In short, it's worth waiting on them (for what can't be more than a few weeks) than to piss them off.

    • Adrian

      Google floats on the Frankfurt stock exchange

  • Nate

    Yeah, that would be nice. Motorola's phones are decent, but I've never been a big fan (granted, my last Motorola phone was a V557 on Cingular, so I'm not the best judge). It's good to hear that other companies can still participate in the Nexus program. I love my Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and I would really love to see another HTC Nexus phone.

  • TJ

    The Google takeover has begun!! Who will be next? Amazon anyone?!?!?!

    • Adrian

      I have a feeling they're just a little too big to be possible, to be a majority shareholder, it'd take over Google's entire yearly revenue http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/amzn

  • YK Wan

    Motorola makes great hardware, but crappy software and UI makes it too complicated and frustrating to use. With Android, Motorola is on the way up again, and hopefully MotoGoogle can live up to the hype surrounding it now!

    • http://androidpandora.blogspot.com/ Myself

      i would say motorola does shitt hardware too, at least design wise

  • Dirt Burrito

    I hope Google fires all Moto's management.

  • http://gadgetstip.com aatif

    I thought that google already have MOTO . It is still to be approved !!