Just like we thought, Google had a problem with GrooVe IP's title in the Market listing. The GIP devs have agreed to change the title, so it is now back in the Market.

GrooVe IP, a VoIP client that utilizes Google Voice for its calling feature, was pulled from the Market on Saturday evening by Big Daddy Goog. At first glance, it's not clear why Google would pull this app, but after doing a bit of research, we're fairly confident that it has something do with the way GrooVe IP was listed in the Android Market: "GrooVe IP - Google Voice VOIP."

Labeling an app with a title that suggests it has Google affiliation is a direct violation of Market terms; therefore, putting 'Google Voice VOIP' in the title of the app resulted in Google breaking out the ban hammer. As of right now, GrooVe IP developers have contacted Google to "find out what the issue is" and will be "working to resolve [it] ASAP."

The keep up with the latest in this saga, check out GrooVe IP's Facebook page.

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • http://twitter.com/mikeGsays GarciaM25

    That's too bad, it was a great app and anyone who didn't have it and uses Google Voice certainly needs it! I'm sure there are ways of finding the apk online though....

  • Ronny

    So...what happens if they don't come to any resolution, and it ends off of the market?

    What are the rights of people who bought it?

    • Nathan

      That's between the publisher and customers. The Market is simply that, a marketplace.

      If KMart chooses to stop carrying CapriSun, then it's up to the company to make it available in other stores, and the consumer to track it down.

  • Denbo

    Google == Apple

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Cool story, bro.

    • Nick Coad

      Hmm yes, I can see your confusion, but Google and Apple are actually two distinct companies. I hope this helps.

  • Nathan

    @Denbo Try again. Nowhere near the same thing.

    Google pulled it in a Trademark protection move (from what we can see), which means it will be back up quickly as soon as GrooVe IP corrects whatever issue Google has with it (most likely as described above).

    In other news, GrooVeIP is still available in the Amazon AppStore.

  • edaddy

    I had a concern about the fact that the app requires your google account and password to be entered by you before you can use it. Seems like there would be a better way to integrate this without giving the developer your google account and password. They say it's encrypted when you send it and that they can't see it but I'm skeptical.

    • Marco

      You could use Google's 2-step verification, which ties 1 password to 1 app/service, you don't have to ever give them your Google account password.

      • edaddy

        Thanks, I'm reading up on that again.

      • Joseph

        True - and that's what I've done. But do realize that with that 1 password that you generate for their app, GrooveIP can still access your entire google account (emails, voice, music, market, whatever) - it is like having duplicate keys made to your house handing the duplicate key over to another person.
        (well, a little different than that because you can revoke this password you generated for GroveIP if you suspect foul play)

        • Nick Coad

          The app developer never sees your actual password, the verification is handled by Google's servers. If you add the Google account to your device then you should be able to just select it in the app without ever having to type your password directly into the app.

      • Joseph

        Oh - and that feature is called "Authorizing applications & sites", not 2-step verification.
        Different features (both good ones)

  • http://www.itswordpress.com Geoffrey @ It’s WordPress

    I hope they find a resolution. This single app did more to make Google Voice useful to me on the Android platform than anything the Big G did in entirety of its existence.

  • http://ericcamil.com Eric

    Hope they get it fixed, I use it on my old EVO as a landline and its been the simplest way to get Google Voice up and running that I have found.

  • richard

    Huge bummer, I Actually don't use any carriers service. I run strictly off wifi, and rely heavily on google voice with Groove ip's integration. I hope they figure this out soon and get back on the market!

  • KANGarooo

    No one has mentioned that by posting the .apk, they are essentially giving away the application for free that is normally $5 lol

    • Dan

      Not unless you're willing to uninstall/reinstall every 24 hours. If you haven't purchased the app, it'll work fine for today, but it'll refuse to work tomorrow.

  • David

    Good luck to them actually getting a response from Google as to why it was removed. I had an app removed before Christmas, and despite several emails since trying to find out what the violation actually was they haven't responded once.

    • Norbert

      well, they just received a reply from google. google is asking to change the app name.

  • http://create1 Dextroz Asdj

    It's back in the market now.

  • http://jax.in Tony Antony

    How is this different from Google Voice app? This is only used for dialing out...right? Google voice can also be configured similarly using the normal phone dialer. right?

    • kaoruAngel

      If I understand what GrooVe IP is, it is a VoIP (Voice over IP) product that [ab]uses Google's Gmail voice-in-out gateway. So, basically, the difference is that with the Google Voice you are still making phone calls and will be charged for the cost of a local phone call by your carrier. GrooVe IP uses the internet to facilitate your call, so you are using *data* from your phone plan, instead of minutes (or if you're using Wifi, you're not using either).

  • danialjose

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