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With over 700,000 Android devices being activated per day and 3.7 million activated over Christmas alone, it should be pretty old news by now that our favorite OS is taking over. And as with most fanboys, loyalty to the Android OS runs deep - many who purchase one Android product fall in love with it, and are likely to purchase more (and Google's syncing capabilities certainly don't hurt!)

So, how many Android devices have you owned? For the purposes of this poll, let's exclude devices that run heavily customized, virtually proprietary builds of Android such as the Kindle(s) and Nook(s). Also, if you needed a replacement device (for example, your carrier insurance replaced your Droid X with another Droid X), only count it as 1. However, if you purchased 4 EVOs for 4 different family members, count that as 4.

Sound off below, then share your experiences via the comments.

How Many Android Devices Have You Owned?

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Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is a geek who has always had a passion for technology. When not working or writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing a game, or watching a movie.

  • OFI

    Just received my second, a SGSII up from the previous Desire.

    • http://mobile.twitter.com/dextersgenius dex

      Oh wow, exactly same with me as well!

  • http://www.thepixelpuse.com aj

    Hero, Evo, NS4G, and Gtab10.1

  • http://blog.ravrahn.net Ravrahn

    I've had three Android phones, but I once loaded Android onto my computer... does that count as 4? :P

  • Matt

    T-Mobile G1, HTC Desire and now a very shiny Nexus S.

  • Jaymoon

    As a (happy) Sprint customer, I have pretty much followed in the upgrade path they allow for...

    HTC Hero, HTC Evo, Samsung Nexus S, HTC Evo 3D, and now Samsung Epic 4G Touch.

  • Dan

    I feel the need to list the 8 devices I've owned, for no other reason that to prove my fanboyism.

    G1, Motorola Cliq, Nexus One, Thunderbolt, Galaxy Nexus, Xoom, Logitech Revue, Philips Android Connect.

    • reala

      Evo 4g, Evo 3d, Motorola Photon, Samsung E4gT, Samsung Epic, and I ran android on my HTC Touch Pro, and Touch Pro 2. I also flashed android on my Nokia N810. Not sure if the last few count though.

  • Brian

    Atrix -> Inspire 4G -> Thunderbolt -> Rezound -> Galaxy Nexus

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    9 so far I think:
    EVO 4G
    Epic Touch
    XOOM Wi-Fi
    Transformer TF101
    Galaxy Tab 10.1
    Transformer Prime
    2x Revues

    • Xeed

      But the Revues don't run on Android...

      Or I am missing something here?

      • Jaz

        They do now with the latest update.

    • Deltaechoe

      I have had 9 as well:
      OG Droid (got me hooked)
      SGS (verizon)
      Galaxy Nexus
      Iconia A500
      Transformer TF201

  • Gr8Danes

    Lets see....where to begin.
    Samsung Captivate (technically 2)
    Motorola Atrix
    LG Thrill
    Huawei Tablet
    2 el-cheapo tabs that got returned from being junk
    Asus Transformers (2)
    Google TV

    Can't wait for my next victim.

  • NCC1941

    Droid 1 until the keyboard disintegrated; now I'm happy with my Droid X.

  • Rob

    On the 1st of Jan 2011 I bought an ZTE Blade, then in October I "upgraded"(and I use that term loosely) to a Samsung Galaxy Ace and then in November I upgraded to a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.

    • hugobosslives

      no offence. but that's a downgrade in my eyes. please say you didn't pay for the "upgrade"

  • XT69

    LG Optimus 2x for 6 months, then got refunded, and bought SGSII :)

  • Tommy

    Moment, Evo, Epic 4G, Nexus S 4G, Epic Touch, Galaxy Tab 10.1

  • afox1208

    OG Droid, D2 D3 DX Razr Nexus Charge Thunderbolt Bionic Incredible Transformer Galaxy Tab and Finally Xoom. Soon to have D4 Maxx

  • Stevedroid

    Three so far:
    - Nexus One
    - Sensation
    - Galaxy S2

    ...with a fourth to come in the next month or two, either Xperia S or Galaxy S3!

  • Bas

    2, an ASUS Tf101 and an HTC Wildfire.

    But who the hell owns/owned 10+ devices?

  • Tyler C

    I voted based on the number of Android devices in my immediate family.

    My Thunderbolt is my first and only Android device.
    My brother's first was the Droid Eris and he now has a Bionic, as well as an Acer A500
    We got an Acer A100 for my mom.
    And since December, my dad has gotten a Kindle Fire, Galaxytab 10.1, and a Galaxy Nexus.
    So, 8.

    • Tyler C

      And yes, I voted before reading "dont include the Kindle" oops, but Android is still Android.
      My next will likely be an Asus tablet

      • E.Graul

        I just got the kindle for my kids. I didn't include it knowing its Android! But must say. Its still a good little tablet!

        • E.Graul

          Kindle Fire that is...

    • ifonephag

      Awesome. I commend your family! I love hearing when not one of a family have fallen to the iCurse.

      • Bas

        Haha, I'll remember that name... iCurse ;)

        • E.Graul

          Yea thats funny! Never been iCurse in my life...lol

  • Claudio

    x10mini, Omnia ii (Androided it), Desire z, sensation and Galaxy Nexus :)

  • http://Blog.moortaube.de/ moortaube

    HTC Hero
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus

  • PeePay

    Previously Desire, now Sensation & Transformer Prime; business phone Optimus 3D.

  • anon

    commtiva z71
    motorola droid1
    advent vega

    sis has a Huawei U8110

  • Stephen

    well, i had a droid 1, 2 droid 2's, 3 lg revolutions, a droid charge, and now a galaxy nexus. so thats 8, but if you include my asus transformer (yeah i know its not a phone) i got 9

  • ifonephag

    10+ I loves me sum Androids!

  • http://www.efetech.com.ar Federico

    Well, Im from Argentina. The invasion of Android devices started the last year. However, I've already bought 4 Android devices:

    - Motorola Spice
    - Motorola Defy
    - Motorola Xoom (bought it in the US, the Wifi GED version)
    - Galaxy SII.

    I wish Nexus devices were available here, but Samsung decided to focus on the S2 and the Note :(

  • http://google.se sliddjur

    Just one.
    ZTE Blade :-)
    Its good enough for a while, while Im thinking of wich one to get as my expensive one. Im overall really happy with android, and I will buy a tablet too.
    I was thinking Transformer Prime, but since it don't have 3G or GPS, Ill wait. I saw the other tablet with a keyboard, it looked intresting. Or Ill have to wait for transformer prime 700 or whatever its called.

  • Kyle

    Droid 2, Galxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Nexus.

  • JoeyisHUGE

    G1, Cliq, MyTouch3G Slide, MyTouch4G, Sensation, Galaxy Nexus. Everything from pre-cupcake to ICS

  • Dom

    I've owned a Motorola Atrix (dropped and spiderweb cracked the screen), an HTC Inspire (volume control shorted out and would only boot into safe mode with no way to control it), and most recently, the GSM Galaxy Nexus. I love my Android phones, I just wish I didn't have such shitty luck!

  • Zomby2D

    My Galaxy S II is my first actual android device, though I had tried it on my HTC Touch before that (too underpowered, was an horrible experience) and under VirtualBox (Android x86). My GF got a GS2 at the same time as I did, and I got a 4" Android talet for my 8 yr old daughter.

  • Anjie

    g1, g1, nexus one, g2, atrix, vibrant, vibrant, hd2, oh god, too many to remember

  • Marcus T

    Nexus One, Nexus S, Sensation, and Galaxy Nexus

  • SK

    G1, Nexus One, G2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9. Holding out for an ICS device on T-Mobile. Hopefully the Galaxy Nexus will arrive before it becomes an outdated phone.

  • Kree

    og droid, droid x, and now the galaxy nexus. Looking to get a prime once i get some spare change lol

  • AlternNocturn

    I've had two. My last one was a Samsung Intercept and my current one is a massive step up to a Galaxy Nexus. I'm assuming you won't count devices hacked to run Android, so I'm ignoring the HP Touchpad with CM9.

  • sk102704

    OG Droid, Bionic, GTab 10.1. Love all 3.

  • theonlymikeg

    wow, just counted them up. 2xG2, Cliq, MT3G, A500, A100, SGT7 and IdeaPad K1. Plus 2xCR48's <--did not count these

  • Jimmy King

    OG Droid. Droid X. Thunderbolt. Droid Bionic. My current Android devices Galaxy Tab 10.1. Kindle Fire for the girlfriend. 2 Galaxy Nexus'

  • Cristian Ruiz

    I've owned 6 devices thus far.

    G1, Nexus One, G2, Nexus S, Xoom, and Galaxy Nexus (GSM). All stock Android devices. And I've never been happier.

    • angermeans

      Now you sir know what you are doing. Android just isn't Android unless it's vanilla!

      • E.Graul

        Yea love vanilla!!! But I just got my first non vanilla phone SGSII Epic...

  • Scott Oldfield

    Motorola Cliq (I know! Shut up!) --> Nexus S --> GSM Galaxy Nexus (Arrives tomorrow!!!)

  • GergS

    G1, N1, G2, Nook Color, G2X, Galaxy Nexus(GSM)

    I just kept giving them away as hand-me-downs to siblings and the wife :P

  • SparklingCyaNide

    G1, Nexus One, myTouch 4G, Sensation 4G, Galaxy tab 10.1

  • crazifyngers

    g1, n1 (tmob 3g), n1 (att 3g), inc, evo, ns, gnex (gsm), gnex (vzw)

    xoom (vzw), transformer, gtab 8.9

  • Simon Belmont

    Three phones in my family so far: Sprint HTC Hero, Sprint HTC EVO 4G, and Sprint HTC EVO 3D.

    Not sure if you'll count these but here goes: B&N Nook Color on CM7 (CM9 soon), HP TouchPad on CM7 (CM9 soon).

  • http://www.androidurbano.com Walter

    This pool was good. It made me remember to ask one thing: How can we remove the devices we don´t have anymore from the market account?

    There are 2 devices I sold more than six months ago, and they are still appearing there, everytime I go to market in the web and try to install a app. Even if I hide them from the list, they came back after a while. I would like to remove them for good.

  • http://JaxWeather.net Bob Johnson

    2 Dell Streaks + 1 spare, 1 LG OPtimus, I LG Phoenix, 2 Nooks running CyanogenMod 7..

    No iStuff in this house ;)

  • Kenneth

    MyTouch 3G, Motorola Cliq, LG G2X, and Samsung Galaxy s2........ Memories

  • Dan

    I've owned 4, and I'm eligible for an upgrade. It'll likely be 5, when the SGSIII is released.

  • TechWings

    1. G1
    2. Nexus One
    3. Nexus One (for girlfriend #1)
    4. Galaxy Tab
    5. Galaxy Tab (for girlfriend #1)
    6. Nexus S
    7. Galaxy S (replaced girlfriend #1's broken N1)
    8. Motorola Xoom
    9. Motorola Xoom (for girlfriend #2)
    10. Asus Transformer (for girlfriend #1)
    11. Galaxy Nexus
    12. Galaxy Nexus (for girlfriend #1)
    13. Galaxy Nexus (for girlfriend #2)
    14. Toshiba Thrive (I'll probably give it to girlfriend #3 for V Day)

    • Justin Moore

      WTF bro, you're giving your XGFs devices after you're with a new girl, or are you just a mad playa?

    • Jimmy King

      You sound like a douche bag

      • Lisa Murphy

        Exactly, but he is a giver. lol

  • JT

    I'm on my 4th little green robot now. T-Mobile G1, Nexus One, Nexus S & Galaxy Nexus.

    • vanilla only

      I have the same phones! Got the first 3 all on launch day :)

  • Dustin

    OG Droid, Droid X. Looking to switch to a non- MOTO phone soon hopefully. Tired of waiting for the bootloaders to be unlocked.

  • L boogie

    Droid Incredible, broke my Android virginity with that one then briefly Droid X then back to the Incredible, followed by el cheapo tablet, galaxy tab 10.1 & galaxy nexus. Now waiting for MWC to shop for my future Android devices

    • angermeans

      Thats a great phone to start out with. Still one of my fav devices of all time and the only one I purchased twice and could stand that had an OEM skin [HTC Droid Incredible]

  • Matt

    OGD, D2G, Bionic, G-Nex, HTC View 4G, Xoom, Revue

  • Aimée

    Infuse, Galaxy SII, Xoom

  • Chris

    Started with a Nexus One, my first smartphone, right when it came out. Just switched to a Galaxy Nexus at the end of December (on T-Mobile, got it unlocked). So that's two that I've personally owned.

    My father and I got my mother a Samsung Vibrant, although after it broke three times, we replaced it with a Nexus S (which my father had bought for me but I had passed on).

    And this past Christmas my mother and I got my father a Galaxy S II on T-Mobile, to replace his Blackberry after Blackberry refused to help troubleshoot his account because he had more than 1,500 e-mails in his box.

    So in all, five.

    • Justin Moore

      "Blackberry refused to help troubleshoot his account because he had more than 1,500 e-mails in his box."

      For real? Jeez, no wonder RIM has sunk like a brick.

    • angermeans

      If I had known what I would deal with the 7 phones between getting the Nexus One and now the Galaxy Nexus I would have done the same. No phone (until now) could come even close to the experience I had with my Nexus One. It was also my first Android device and I still miss that phone.

  • Aaron

    1. HTC MyTouch 3g
    2. Samsung Vibrant x2
    3. LG G-Slate

  • wes

    Droid 1, droid incredibleX2, Droid 2 global, droid bionic, Droid 3, htc Rezound, Logitech revue, Asus transformer.

  • tekrhino

    Nexus One,
    ViewSonic G-Tab 10.1
    T-Mobile G2x
    HP Touchpad 32G 32GB

    Yes I'm including the Touchpad...

  • Justin Moore

    2x OG Moto Droids, 1x Notion Ink Adam and 1x Galaxy Nexus

  • Vicky

    Had a X10 mini pro, Optimus One and the Atrix now. Expect to get an Galaxy Nexus soon

  • Nick

    2 MT3G's, 2 Motorola Cliq, 2 Nexus One, HD2 (does that count?), Vibrant, 2 Nexus S, 2 MT4G, Sensation 4G, Amaze 4G, SGSII, GSM Galaxy Nexus, 2 7" GTabs, Gtab 10.1, I think that's it.... :)

  • Hooman

    - Nexus One
    - Motorola Xoom WIFI
    - Galaxy Nexus

    these are the ones the I bought for myself :D

  • BlackOmega

    1 motorola miletone (still using)
    2 Defy (gifts for my brothers)
    1 tablet ZTE V9 - Got as gift for subscribing to a magazine, my mom uses it a lot
    1 Galaxy S2 - My main phone.

  • bassman418

    HTC Incredible, HTC Thunderbolt and now my LTE Samsung Galaxy Nexus. :-)

  • Matt

    2 G1's, Behold II, Vibrant, G2, SGS 4g, Notion Ink Adam, Exhibit 4g, Nexus S, Touchpad (?), Revue

    The sad part is I think I'm forgetting some

  • Frankenstein

    6 for me.

    mytouch 3g, nexus 1, (tmobile)
    samsung intercept, lg optimus v, motorola triumph (virgin mobile)

  • marshall

    G1, EVO 4G, Samsung Galaxy Tab(the original 7-inch), EEE Pad Transformer w/dock, and Galaxy Nexus.

  • copolii

    HTC Dream
    Nexus 1 (GSM)
    Nexus 1 (AWS)
    Nexus S (GSM)
    HTC MT3G Slide
    LG G2x
    Galaxy Nexus

  • Tim KH

    1. HTC Magic that I unlocked and ran on at&t
    2. HTC EVO 4G
    3. 2x Acer Iconia a500 tabs

  • Micah

    What if our Kindle Fire is running ICS though??? :D

  • http://fc1032.blogspot.com Brian

    ._. I've owned:
    * Nexus One
    * Galaxy Tab 7
    * Galaxy Nexus

    I missed the part about other family members (so I voted 3 only). In the family we also have:
    * Galaxy S
    * Archos 70 (NEVER AGAIN)

  • http://cafe-ti.blog.br Alroger Jr

    1 good choice made at the end of 2010.
    The Galaxy Tab 7". A dream come true.

  • Dan

    OG Droid
    Motorola Xoom

  • http://buenojoe.com Chris

    Hmm, lets see...

    T-Mobile G1
    MyTouch 3G
    Nexus One
    MyTouch 4G
    HTC Sensation
    HTC Flyer
    Galaxy Nexus

    Yep, that's 7.

  • Jason

    OG Droid, Archos 1-1 tab, D4 and, (even though it don't count), a kindle fire.

  • Jon Garrett

    Galaxy Tab 10.1
    Galaxy S II
    Galaxy Player 4
    Acer Iconia Tab 7"
    Kindle Fire
    LG Thrill 4G

    *Galaxy Note in a few days with AT&T.

  • Yue

    1 Nexus One
    2 Nook Color
    3 Google TV
    4 Transformer TF101

  • teddy3

    1 Galaxy S2
    2 Galaxy Tab 10.1
    3 Galaxy Tab 10.1 (my wifes one ;-))

  • Ryan B

    Original Droid-> Droid X -> Galaxy Nexus

  • Ryan B

    Original Droid -> Droid X -> Galaxy Nexus. All are great devices.

  • Yan

    Captivate, Droid Charge, Iconia A500 (ended up returning it), now Galaxy Nexus. Waiting for a decent tegra 3 tablet to come out to finally get an android tablet again.

  • B2L

    Let's see I've owned a Mytouch 3g, Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, and now I'm currently using the Galaxy Note.

  • reala

    1 Evo 4g (Sold)
    2 Evo 3d (Sold)
    3 Samsung Moment (Sold)
    4 Samsung Intercept (Bought for Mom)
    5 Motorola Photon (Current)
    6 Motorola Triumph (Wifey)
    7 Lenovo Idea Pad A1 ( Wife Tablet)
    8 TF101(Wish it was a Prime)
    9 Samsung Epic (current for cm9 ICS)
    10 Samsung Epic 4g Touch (Current)

    Unofficial Ran Android on
    1 Touch Pro (Android)
    2 Touch Pro 2 (Android)
    3 Nokia n810 (Android)

    I buy and sell quick or I would have a freaking museum. I keep them in excellent condition so selling is easy.

  • http://www.google.com loranz

    Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy S i9000, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note. So far. And I still have them all. Just can't seem to let go of the collection. haha.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/psycho_maniac_ Jerry Lange

    htc incredible
    htc thunderbolt
    gtab 10.1
    galaxy nexus
    sony bluray player google tv

  • angermeans

    I've had ten in the past 2 years and 2 months:

    HTC Nexus One-->Samsung Captivate-->HTC Droid Incredible (AMOLED)-->Motorola Droid 2-->Motorola Droid X-->HTC Droid Incredible (SLCD)-->Motorola Xoom 3G/4G-->HTC Thunderbolt-->Samsung Galaxy Nexus

  • Astria

    Myself: Magic, Hero, Desire, GSII, TF201
    Dad: OG Galaxy Tab Wildfire S
    Mum: Xperia X8

  • E.Graul

    1st phone was the Motorola i1 for Boost Mobile, then I sold that for $200.0 7 months after getting it. Used the money to by the LG Optimus V witch is a Good prepaid phone! Got that for $150.0... And a week ago I just got the SGSII Epic... LOVING IT!!! Thank good the disappointment that was the Motorola i1 didn't reroute me from Android! so it goes..
    1# Motorola i1
    2# LG Optimus V
    3# SGSII Epic

  • duplissi

    htc hero
    samsung epic 4g
    motorola photon 4g
    motorola atrix 2
    asus eee pad transformer

    and briefly i had the iconia before returning itl.

  • Freak4Dell

    I've had 10, or 11, depending on how you count. I carried an Evo for a bit, but returned it. Then I picked up 2 Transforms and 2 Intercepts for me and the family. Then I got a Droid Pro for international use. Then, I got tired of my Transform, and picked up a Replenish. When I later switched to T-Mobile, I bought an G2x and an Aria for members of my family. I also have an HTC Evo View, and I had a HTC Flyer for a few weeks, though I didn't even take it out of the box it was shipped in until the day I sold it.

  • Hidroid

    Samsung moment, Evo 4g, Evo 3d, Evo view tablet. Next up is the galaxy nexus or SGS3.

  • Scott M

    HTC EVO Shift
    Acer A500
    Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0
    Acer A100

  • Scott M

    HTC EVO Shift
    EAcer A500
    Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0
    Acer A100

  • Kevin M.

    Started with a CDMA Desire, then I got a Xoom, which I ended up selling to my father (for every penny I paid) and then later buying a new Xoom (which happened to be $200 less). Now I have a Galaxy Nexus on VZW. So I put my total at 4, but it is more like three. Not counted is my first Desire which I ended up dropping from about 30 feet on just the 5th day of having it.

  • David w

    G1, Desire, Wildfire, Desire HD, Scroll Options Excel l 3d and a Hannspree Hannspad. Got them all here between the family, three rooted. Very proudly a non iFamily. :-)

  • Laurence

    HTC Magic
    HTC Desire

    Planned next upgrade: Galaxy Nexus. Sorry HTC, but Sense has become a dealbreaker for me :(

  • Bonerp

    1st HTC Desire
    2nd HTC Desire HD
    3rd SGS2

    Previously to android a Nokia N900. Shame maemo os never got developed.

    • Bonerp

      oh and my Galaxy Tab 10.1

  • Jose

    1.) HTC EVO Shift
    2.) T-Mobile G2X (horrible mistake)
    3.) Kindle Fire (somewhat Android)
    4.) Vizio 8 Tablet
    5.) Kindle Fire (again, wasnt sure if I liked it the first time, had to flavor it again)
    6.) ASUS Eee Pad Transformer (was somewhat disappointed)
    7.) Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.0 (awesome tablet) My FAV!!!!

    • Jose

      Correction: 10.1...

  • epitome

    In Chronological order...
    1) HTC Hero
    2) HTC Desire
    3) Nexus S
    4) Asus Transformer
    5) LG Optimus One (for family)
    6) Galaxy S2
    7) Galaxy Tab 10.1
    8) Galaxy Tab 7.7

  • Jason

    Currently on a Thunderbolt. Upgraded from an OG Droid.

    My wife is on a Droid Incredible.

    That said my mother is now on a Droid RAZR and my brother and his wife are both using EVO 4G's.

  • Steve

    Does the Nook Color or TouchPad count if I put CyanogenMod on it? I'll assume that would be a yes. So:

    1. OG Motorola Droid
    2,3,4. Motorola Droid 2 (3 of them)
    5. HTC Thunderbolt
    6. Samsung Stratosphere
    7. Viewsonic GTablet
    8. Asus Transformer TF101 w/Dock
    9. HP TouchPad (w/ CyanogenMod)
    10. Nook Color (w/ CyanogenMod)
    11. Sylvania 7" Tablet

    I feel like I'm forgetting one or two. Oh well.

  • Paul

    I've personally owned/used daily 3. But the wife has been through 4. The mother-in-law has been through 3, my brother has had one and my sister-n-law has had 2. I've setup my entire family with Android. Plus I work for a company that manufactures Android devices and develops crazy high-end custom software for them, so we have a huge variety of phones running around that I work on/with daily.

  • Slighter

    og droid, DX, Photon
    gf's samsung replenish
    asus transformer

  • Dylan

    Started out with an OG Droid back in 2009, then moved over to AT&T and bought my Atrix 4G.

  • djembeman

    5 if you don't count two factory warranty replacements. 3 for me, two for my wife. Just phones, no tablets.

  • enissay

    started with a galaxy pro, then a htc wildfire, then had a nexus S, a galaxy y pro, ha galaxy nexus for few weeks and now i own a GS2 and a G Note

  • DWR

    Five for me...2 OG Droid and 2 Moto Atrix and one Kindle Fire (debated counting that one).

    Soon to be six, though, as I'm upgrading my Atrix to the Galaxy note I've already pre-ordered.

  • mc

    HTC Magic
    HTC Nexus One
    HTC Incredible S
    Samsung Galaxy S Plus
    Asus Transformer Prime

  • brad

    I have three Android Phones. Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC Sensation 4G, and the original Nexus. Then I have a the ASUS Transformer and just bought a Kindle Fire.

    Should be purchasing the new ASUS transformer Prime shortly.

  • Bowtieduece

    HTC droid eris, HTC hero, Samsung transform, HTC Evo 4g, HTC Droid Incredible, Samsung fascinate, Droid 1, HTC thunderbolt,HTC rezound, Galaxy Nexus, Augen gentouch, Nook color, Acer A100, Hp touchpad

  • Bowtieduece

    eris,hero,transform,evo,incredible,fascinate,droid1,thunderbolt,rezound,galaxy nexus

    augen gentouch,nook color,a100,touchpad

  • Coffeebeard

    Still using my 1st generation Motorola Droid. Picked up an ASUS Transformer TF101 and a Nook Simple Touch over the holidays two months ago. All rooted, and all better for it. All but certain my next phone will be an Android phone (preferably Motorola again), unless I decide this whole smartphone bandwidth pricing and throttling nightmare isn't worth dealing with anymore. Tablet is awesome, as I've probably found more regular uses for it than most people bother to. Nook Simple touch once rooted is awesome, as you can install the vast majority of Android Market apps without issues.

  • equilni

    Droid Eris,
    Droid X (mine and the wife's)
    Droid Incredible (1)
    Droid Incredible 2
    Nook Color