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PowerAMP, one of the most popular and versatile music player apps available for Android, got updated today to Version 2.0.5-build-480 today, bringing a handful of handy improvements to an already stellar application.

Perhaps the most notable among these are ICS-related fixes, ICS lock screen controls (which strangely don't show up on ASUS' Transformer Prime), and notification bar controls for Android 3.0+ (which don't blend well with the Prime's ICS aesthetic), providing further practical and functional integration with Android Tablets and Ice Cream Sandwich-powered devices.


The update also brings support for multichannel FLAC playback, album art search based on title or filename, DSP features under the app's equalizer curve, and several other miscellaneous enhancements.

SC20120212-154413 SC20120212-154422 SC20120212-154454

If you haven't already, click through the market link below to see the full list of new features, grab the update, and keep listening to your favorite tunes in style.

Liam Spradlin
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  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Before this update I had no idea PowerAMP had an album downloader as it's not enabled by default.

    Just turned it on, and it found pretty much every album I have without album art. Freaking awesome.

  • Richard

    Does it download the album art and tag it with the song? Or does it download it to a cache folder? :0

  • Carlos Paixao

    I hope MaxMP fix the battery drain caused by media server when using poweramp in ICS. Its unusable.

  • Dr. Steve

    I'm a doubleTwist user. I don't need it for anything iTunes-wise as I don't use iTunes. Is this a better program?

  • maxmp

    ICS lock screen is disabled by default, can be enabled in settings => Lock Screen.
    As for gray notification background on prime - Asus devs "forgot" to add their customized black color into default android theme, this results all 3rd party apps to have invalid notification colors. We'll try to workaround this though.

    • maxmp

      "all 3rd party apps" - all these, which try to customize notification further, put controls into it, etc.

  • atonement

    So now it has notification controls so I can easily move on to the next song. However, I can't get to the previous one since there s no "rewind" button.
    What sense does that make?

  • K

    How to get lyrics to show directly in album art instead of going into menu? And how to set lyrics folder for songs w/o lyric tags?
    Other than that it's the no 1 player available :-)