Earlier today, Ricardo Cerqueira (aka RC of the CM team) posted on Google+, teasing that a CM9 build for LG's Optimus 2x (P990) would be available soon. For some time now, the CM team has been keeping a spreadsheet on Google Docs, tracking the P990 build's progress, which indicates that, as of 2/9, ICS for the Optimus 2x is all but fully functional, carrying only "partial" functionality for the phone's camera and video playback capabilities.

About an hour ago, RC followed up with another post, linking users to download mirrors of the first CM9 builds for both LG's Optimus 2x and G2x (P999).

2012 - 1 image

As usual, RC advises users that any issues with the builds are known (so there's no need to report them), and goes on to warn that the builds are not supported, meaning updates may or may not come in the future.

Those interested can find the matching kernel source at CM's github. The builds' full source will be available there within about a week.

Without further ado, head over to RC's Google+ post to grab the downloads, and let your Optimus 2x or G2x enjoy some ICS goodness.

Thanks, Péter Teleki!

Liam Spradlin
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  • Juan G. Ovalles B.

    I shall wait a couple of months.

    For Now I´m using CM 7.1 Nightly 219

  • Art Nagy

    Tempting, very tempting... my 2X runs so smooth & fast under CM7, totally tweaked. Might wait for a day or two but I already know I won't be able to resist.

  • Jaymoon

    What I would give for a couple of those green Yes boxes for my Epic 4G Touch...

    Maybe one day... :(

  • Jonathan

    Using it, love the beauty that is Android 4.0

    • subho

      Are you facing any bugs/issues? When is the stable CM9 coming for the optimus 2x ? I'm having quite a few annoying bugs on the stable CM7.

      • http://www.theminddiaries.com Jonathan

        The only issues I personally have come across is video recording, and a quick depleting battery. Other than that, it's DD material. Also, not sure when the stable CM9 is coming out. I would suggest following RC on Google+ for any updates.

  • Justin Moore

    I wonder if this branch will be helpful to bringing it to the LG Revolution (despite the single core).

  • RC

    Thanks for the update.. but that spreadsheet isn't ours :-)
    That tracks another group's efforts, and whatever was accomplished there is entirely their merit

  • petikeke

    Sorry RC and community, it is my bad... I sent the news tip too fast and only realized after the sending that the spreadsheet is for Benee and Kiljacken's progress. :( However i think it is quite accurete for RC's build also. :)

  • Jeremy

    I can't get the gapps to work. It keeps saying that setup has quit unexpectedly and wont let me get through the account addition step.

  • Jerry

    I loaded the CM9 build into my G2X last night, very cool. But after it was up and running I couldn’t get on to the market or re-set up my Google accounts, don’t know if I did something wrong, don’t know much about this stuff other than how to load it into the phone. Had to unload it and go back to CM7 until I or its figured out.

  • Jerry

    Ok got the Android market working from goo inside me. every this works very cool no video on skype yet. YOU THE MAN RC Word!!

  • http://www.cashdailyvip.com Stephen Cook

    Could this build be modified to work on the G-slate perhaps since the chip set is the same? I would love to see some ics goodness on my tablet

  • j

    On my o2x, it's smoother than any other ROM I've tried... Everything is basically instant, I love it.
    It's also way more stable than I'm used to with CM7 or MIUI.
    Haven't experienced any issues, besides battery life not being too good. Not sure if it's because of the ROM, though.

  • Juan G. Ovalles B.

    There is a daily updated version based on CM9, published by Owain94 in XDA-developers!!!

    The links below are for P990 (O2X).

    ROM (03/31/12): http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?acjqmaa6bativdb
    Gapps (03/17/12): http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?xr6rhll2usa629d