Acer Iconia Tab A200 solo

It looks like owners of Acer's Iconia Tab A200 have something to celebrate today, as reports of an update (to Android 4.0.3) began rolling in early this morning. The update brings the A200's build number up to Acer_AV041_A200_1.037.00_PA_CUS1.


If the update hasn't hit your A200 just yet, you can check manually using the ever-familiar process: just go to Settings > About tablet > System update > Check now. It's worth mentioning that this build is different from the version that leaked several days ago (1.019.00), but there's no word yet on exactly what the differences are. 

Source: Acer Tablet Forum

Thanks, Charlie Collin!

Liam Spradlin
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  • Mitchell

    But what about my Transformer?

  • Lachlan

    @ mitchell - really? the transformer that's made by ASUS, NOT ACER?

    more importantly, what about my a500?

    • Mitchell

      Well Asus said they would have it out by early Feb and Acer said mid Feb so I thought for sure I would be getting my update first

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        ASUS then pushed their estimates to mid-Feb. Acer lapped ARCHOS too who said beginning of Feb.

  • Scott Abramczyk

    Yea, I want to update my a500

  • Rotech

    Its awesome.. got my update around 4:15 this morning...

  • RustyM

    Yea, not to begrudge anyone and kudos to Acer but Asus was known to brag that both Transformers were to be the first ICS tablets.

    • http://www.xda-developers.com Crossix

      I'd rather have an unlocked bootloader for the a100....

  • falconator

    Oh, A500 ICS, where are thou?

  • Tyler C

    Ditto, where's the ICS love for the A500 and A100? Hopefully they're not far behind.

  • Himmat

    I am growing impatient. What with all the rave reviews ICS has been getting on the Xoom WiFi (so much better speed and reduced lag in general), I really hope my Galaxy Tab 10.1 gets an update soon. I really look forward to having a lag-free tablet (homescreen, browser, typing and app changing) just like the iPads.

  • Lachlan

    I just want chrome on ICS on my a500 so my bookmarks sync!


    This now makes things interesting for me, which of my devices will receive ICS OTA first.. My NEXUS S or ICONIA A500 ???? Either way I'm getting ICS within a month and can't wait, Woooo whoooo no more checking for updates soon.

    • http://www.jmgnole.com JMGNole

      A500 and Nexus owner here, too. Can't wait until everything syncs into one experience.

  • Mugurel

    You forgot to say the most important thing:
    this is a stepping stone regarding ics on harmony based devices (first harmony based device with official, fully working ics => at last we have some drivers we can work with for a platform abandoned by nvidia but used in tens of thousands of devices across the world) because of this a lot of people are celebrating!

  • Nathan Curtis

    One more for waiting on the a500

  • battousai

    anyone know when the UK wifi xoom will get ICS?
    why is it taking so long to get to the UK, just how much different than the US version can it be??

  • Kevin

    I upgraded my A200 to ICS and now it doesn't play flash. I bought it to show virtual tours for my work, but need flash to show it. I hate it. I wish I knew how to go back to Gingerbread

  • JW

    I was told by the Best Buy sales person that a500 was NOT ICS compatible?
    Only a200. What's the big deal anyway? I see no differences in the new ICS update other than my a200 wheel shortcuts have vanished. BOOOO technology. this is 2012.

  • Juan Carlos Mesias

    Compre una y a los tres días dejo de funcionar no se prende espero que no les pase lo mismo a otras personas