When an app comes out that not-so-subtly takes inspiration from major motion pictures, we're tempted to look the other way. The exception, of course, is if they're good. Dojo Madness is one of those exceptions. You play as a ninja raccoon that must defend his dojo from evil wolves, gorillas, and turtles. Also, you shoot blue laser balls.

dojo1 dojo2 dojo3

The app has a very Fruit Ninja feel to it, with the dojo aesthetic and the fast-paced gameplay. You, the Ninja Raccoon, stand in the middle of a room while enemies come at you from eight different tracks. You use a combination of close range physical attacks and long-range magic attacks to fend off the invasion.

The graphics are impressive and gameplay is very smooth. The only annoyance is the full-screen ad that pops up between rounds. You can remove the ads via a one-time in-app purchase, though, if you're impatient. That minor annoyance aside, if you're looking for yet another time waster after finishing whatever level pack Angry Birds has released this week, check out Dojo Madness.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • mark

    Nice-looking game. Looks like most of the complaints are about ICS compatibility.

  • Alan

    Having a video demo which is blatantly warez is pretty bad form for a review site.

    • hassan

      warez ?? the game is free on the android market

      • Alan

        Look at his other videos

        • http://mobile.twitter.com/dextersgenius dex

          You do realize that some of the videos are linked straight from YouTube and have nothing to do with the author or the website? Even the Android market does that...

  • Spydie

    ya know, with "Screencast" you could video record your screen without using a second video recorder! Lot more clear and cleaner. Rooted phone required.

  • android news

    awesome !!!