Though it has yet to be officially acknowledged on the CyanogenMod blog (and Cyanogen himself posted an official progress update on CM9 just a few days ago), it appears that CM7.2 Release Candidate (RC) 1 is nearly here - an official changelog has been posted to the CM source review.

The official changelog, courtesy of redditor MikeEx:

  • New devices: Samsung Galaxy Ace, Mini, and Epic 4G (slider). LGE Optimus Black, 3D, Hub, Pro, Sol, and One. Motorola Atrix. Sony Ericsson Xperia Live, Pro, and Active. Huawei U8150

  • Common: ICS telephony fix backports - Spencer Oliver

  • Common: ICS Transition effects backport - Russ Underhill

  • Common: ICS Rotation effects backport - Tanguy Pruvot

  • Common: Lockscreen updates and new styles - Andrew Sutherland, Danny Baumann, Danesh M, Sven Dawitz

  • Common: Fix color banding in Gallery while displaying 32bpp images - Sang Tae Park

  • Common: T9 predictive Phone dialer - Danesh M, Pawit Pornkitprasan

  • Common: ADB over network

  • Common: Updated translations - (everyone)

  • Common: Media player and recorder fixes for a number of corner cases - CAF, Danny Baumann

  • Common: Profile resets - Ladios Jonquil

  • Common: Assorted Wifi fixes

  • Common: Control haptic in quiet hours - Danesh M

  • Common: Bluetooth MAP support - Jonathan Bensen

  • Common: Support for Bluetooth GPS dongles - Cuong Bui

  • Common: Better support for mouse and usb keyboards - Emilio Lopez, Tanguy Pruvot

  • Common: Fix timezone detection in Hawaii - Warren Togami

  • Common: Allow photo storage selection when possible - Greg Kochaniak

  • Common: Improved Calendar reminder options - Danny Baumann

  • Common: Improved AVRCP 1.3 compatibility

  • Common: Improved external keyboard and mouse behaviour on some corner cases - Tanguy Pruvot

  • Common: Status bar battery icon configuration - Simon Davie

  • OMAP Common: Support for recent OMAP3/OMAP4 devices - omapzoom

  • p990: Add FM Radio support

  • p990/p999: fix background calls, fix HDMI output in 1080p

  • zeppelin, morrison, motus: Fixed camera zooming issues

  • Samsung Galaxy S devices: Add tv-out

  • Samsung Galaxy S devices: Device specific settings section

  • Samsung Galaxy S GSM devices: Fix emergency dialing

  • Several devices: Fix device identification on Android Market: crespo, jordan, blade, v9

Nothing especially groundbreaking, though there are plenty of nice features in there - likely enough so to hold those more cautious users who are uncomfortable flashing kanged CM9 builds in lieu of the real thing.

[via reddit]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Germian

    Well, I hope the Samsung Galaxy S2 version will be better than the current one...

    • devilEYE

      Why you just not install latest stock ICS rom on your S2? Im using it and everything working really good :)

      • http://twitter.com/#!/dextersgenius Shiv

        Because not every app is updated for ICS yet. :(

  • http://aSpaceforRants.blogspot.com Shawn

    Can't wait for it to go live!

  • calin2k

    cant you fix the "yahoo api is down" s#&%?

  • nk

    "Common: ADB over network"


    • PacoBell

      There had better be decent security on this feature, otherwise I see remote pwnage in the near future.

  • blackroseMD1

    I'm just hoping that there's eventually an official CM7/CM9 build for SGS2 Epic Touch.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Similarly, in for a build for the Galaxy R.

      • Umang

        Yeah, Need it for Galaxy R. Little Bro of Galaxy S2

  • Tashlan

    Wait! Am I reading that correctly? Does this mean the Vibrant 911 situation is going to be resolved?

    • Saifur Rob

      I think that doesn't include the Vibrant, just the OG Galaxy S.

      • DeafMute

        It says GSM version, so that would be the regular/AT&T/Tmobile/etc version of the device.

    • http://www.cyanogenmod.com ciwrl

      Our official position? "Vibrant is officially unresolved"

      In non-snark terms, e911 on Vibrant is fixed, and we tentatively have a maintainer. So...the possibility of it being made stable is plausible...maybe ;p

  • DeafMute

    Finally a stable Atrix build.

  • tentoys

    XT720, battery improved, reboot every 5-7 minutes, still no 19x9 pix (wishlist?)
    2 wipes after install...

  • http://www.teamrou.com Phil Oakley

    Nothing for the HTC Sensation yet :(

    • Tenoch77

      no love for the Sensation??? I need a new phone...

  • Gooch

    Hopefully we Skyrocket owners get some CM love soon. Is it true that Cyanogen himself owns a Skyrocket? if so then I wouldn't doubt we will have support.

  • Paul Johnson

    Doesn't seem to be available for the Backflip yet?

  • tekrhino

    Sweet, gonna give this update a spin.
    I'm liking the FM radio fixes because my car stereo is toast! Only the CD player works..haha

  • http://www.techxe.com dasche

    Very nice features. Waiting 4 it.

  • Rob

    Dare I ask how this all affects the HTC EVO 4G? (I'm afraid to ask).

  • jani

    when is release date?

    • PacoBell

      I sincerely hope you're just trolling...

      • AndrewD

        No! When is the release date? Simple question, simple answer.

    • Matt

      I've been running 7.2 on my evo 4G now for a few hours, it's running good so far!