Remember the LG Phoenix? Yeah, the kind of lackluster little handset that hit AT&T back in April of 2011. Well, turns out that AT&T/LG didn't actually forget about this little guy - in fact, LG just announced an update that brings it up to Android 2.3. It's not coming in the same OTA fashion that we've all gotten spoiled to over the last couple of years, so you'll actually have to work for it if you're ready to say goodbye to Froyo forever.

2012-02-09 17h04_45

Fortunately, LG has all the details laid out pretty clear, so you shouldn't have much of an issue getting it to work. if you do, though, they've conveniently placed phone and live chat icons at the bottom of the update page so you can get a hold of LG and inform them of your quandary.

Good luck!

[NJTechReviews; Thanks, Jake!]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Dima Aryeh

    I don't have one, but I love that little phone. For its time, it was cheap and LIGHTNING fast.

  • KojiroAK

    The Phoenix looks like a rebranded Optimus one. Or did I miss any changes?

  • http://meow.com a-pow

    I have the Phoenix, and I just received the upgrade. It made my phone INCREDIBLY snappy. I love 2.3, happy I left Froyo. But, like the article says, I did have to work for it; I was expecting an over the air upgrade. Oh well, I'm happy!

    • Luis Garcia

      Did yours happen to get stuck at 4% for awhile? Mine is still there...

  • elijahblake

    So, my wife has the LGP506GO the pheonix (GO PHONE) and it's saying it's up to date.. so i take it they aren't supporting the update for it??? any work arounds?

  • asinine

    2.3 is nice and all but I already found some bugs in it... fb app isn't working, messaging widget isn't working, it occasionally adds an extra letter before words. is this happening to anybody else and where can I report bugs

  • sheldon

    Where is the gingerbread update for the thrive? (the prepay phoenix) it's the same phone and lg wont update it.

    is the upgrade bad for the phone?/prepay network?

  • j.d

    I downloaded support tool and drivers but when i try to upgrade to gingerbread it says phone is up to date already